March 30, 2010

Aul Purpis - You Go To My Head

Blaak The 9th Man & Aul Purpis of 84 along with FATNICE (not shown) are bringing The Hip Hop Sound of Philadelphia to the masses. New to me, this super group of soulful brothers brought great delight to my ears upon first listen to their music. Classic hip hop inspired by the soul of James Brown and an era of great music, movies, literature and all things soul. The featured track "You Go To My Head" has Aul Purpis and Baby Blak cleverly delivering their odes to natures  high reaching green herb. Blaak provides the melodic backdrop, and Tanzania Lateef soothes the track with soft coos throughout. If you're a fan of the golden years of hip hop, then you won't be disappointed. 84 got that flavor! I'll definitely be on watch for these cats. Support dope indie music! Props to BB.

Aul Purpis - You Go To My Head ft. Baby Blak and Tanzania
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