November 30, 2009

Video Premiere - "Long Time"

The pursuit of passion is always running neck and neck with the cares of life. However, if you learn how to master diligence, ultimately you will see your dream come to fruition. "Long Time" is the newest single & video from Steffen Morrison. Beautiful song! 


I remember hearing this dude a while back on a podcast, but just recently followed up with the talent known as Olivierdaysoul. The Washington, D.C native dropped his debut, Kilowatt last year to a underwhelming audience (I even slept on him). His sultry edgy vocals clearly define his uncommon style which fares well over the solid bass driven and off centered production featured on his album. Think of George Clinton's bizarreness, Andre 3000's cool demeanor and the eroticism of Prince all wrapped up in one - Olivierdaysoul is shaping the next wave in sound while keeping your head in nod overdrive. Check the flavorful "Potion No.9" from Kilowatt and "The Walls" from an upcoming project entitled The Electrik. Continue to support the artist.

Olivierdaysoul - Potion No.9

Olivierdaysoul - The Walls

Along Comes A Genius

What does it take to make a musical genius? Look up Coultrain and you will uncover the blueprint. A prolific writer of poetry, this St. Louis native is the personification of vintage soul during modern times. His debut, The Adventures Of Seymor Liberty (2008) send you on a musical voyage through spacey soul sounds nestled between provocative & brilliant lyricism. Right away, his distinct voice sets him apart drawing no comparisons, and with every track he justly owns making this album an instant CLASSIC! Past reviews have claimed this masterpiece nothing but stellar. Jam music, mood music, timeless music...Coultrain dishes out the missing element not just to soul, but to music in its totality. Buy it here (it's worth every dollar), and if he's ever in your city by self or with PPP, please make sure to check this brother out. Support the artist.

Coultrain - Who R U?
Coultrain - Lost In Translation ft. Black Spade

November 29, 2009

A Brand Nu Puba

Legendary MC, Grand Puba of Brand Nubian fame dropped his unexpected fourth solo album Retroactive back in September. Known for his affinity with the "skinz", Puba keeps it real addressing the existing issues facing the black man and woman, speaking on today's drama and spitting straight up hip-hop the way it should be done. Peep one of my favorites below. The depictions can't be denied.

Grand Puba - How Long

And here's another. For the ladies in the game, who do what they do for the sake of a dollar.  

Grand Puba - It Is What It Is ft. Tiffani Davis

Support the artist, support Hip-Hop NOT Hip-Pop Presents: Ski ft. Mos Def - Taxi

Best known for his work with Jay Z (Dead Presidents, Feeling It...) and Camp Lo (Luchini, Uptown Saturday Night), Ski a.k.a. Ski-Beatz is in the studio crafting works for his upcoming project. I expect nothing short of the best given a glimpse of this natural vibe. Mos Def never fails me.

Tune in to for more. Dame Dash (Roc-a-fella Records) along with directors Coodi & Chike set a new trend in business with this online label devoted to fashion, music and the arts.  

Ski feat. Mos Def-Taxi from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Who is Lychee Lassi?

LL Nu Soul

Lychee Lassi | MySpace Music Videos

Wow! I'm in awe. Another great find, and what a display of musicianship. There's no way to describe this band hailing from Berlin, Germany, but  Lychee Lassi gets it in! Check them out!

An Overlooked Gem

During the winter of 1994, I worked for the now defunct, Block Buster Music Group. Being privy to a lot of promotional CDs, I was fortunate to receive this gem from Nu Soul Habits. Meant To Be, unfortunately is the only album by members, Tonye Hilmon and lead singer, Eddie Towns Jr. For me, this album was a journey back in time. Already accustomed to the great soul sounds of the 60's & 70's, at 23 years old, I was taken to a new high when I pushed this CD into the player of my car. Eddie's voice was so different from any other artist I'd heard. Sort of a nasal crooner, he sailed over tracks to create moments of euphoria during the almost hour long set. There's very little info about the group - definitely candidates for Where Are They Now? or Unsung. Maybe these good memories will conjure them back up again. In the meantime, I'll continue playing their CD. So, here's a treat for the ears, take a listen and judge for yourself.       

Buy it here (the prices are UNBEATABLE)

Nu Soul Habits - I Got The Love

Nu Soul Habits - Meant To Be

The Soul Singer

Before Ledisi became the name that she is today, like many other talented artists, she started via the independent route. The New Orleans native dropped her debut, Soulsinger in 2001, courtesy of LeSun (Ledisi & Sun) Music. With Dusty Groove being a favorite source of mine for new artist to check for, she turned from an artist I knew nothing about to one of my all time favorites upon taking a chance. Soulsinger introduced me to jazzy R&B with a charismatic vocalist who possessed the ability to arouse & melt the toughest of hearts. I have to commend radio personalities, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden for showing her mad love these past two years over the airwaves. Support like theirs is what's needed to get more obscured treasures out to the masses!

Sure to claim her spot amongst the greats with her latest release Turn Me Loose, (Incredible album!) Ledisi is a name you won't dare think twice about whenever she releases something. Featured below are two of my favorites from the album. Continue to support good music and the artist creating it.

Ledisi - Hotel

Ledisi - Free Again

November 27, 2009


After nearly a decade of being off scene, Philly native, Shareese Ballard, b.k.a. Res returns with her 2nd LP, Black.Girls.Rock. The project consist of past unreleased songs written during her Geffen Records days and newly penned tracks that continue the story from her 2001 debut, How I Do. This woman of substance has a sound exclusively her own which takes soul felt rock tunes and fuses them with hip-hop, folk and reggae-dub. Constantly mixing it up, you can find Res vibing with her group, Idle Warship, introduced last year as a triple hot pairing of Talib Kweli and Graph Noble. Download Black.Girls.Rock. from Res' website and Party Robot from Idle Warship's myspace for free while they last.

Featured below are "Angry" from the current - a jewel of a track discussing the frustrated emotions caused by a mate's inconsiderate ways, and "700 Mile Situation" from her debut -  a slow dub track where Res tries to deal with the impulsive travels of a lover who's seemingly afraid to stay close by. Stay tuned for more to come from this spirited talent, and be sure to patronize Res' previous effort.

Res - Angry
Res - 700 Mile Situation

November 25, 2009

Pièce de Résistance

Always in search of something new, Youtube led me to the Netherlands again.  I follow the music scene pretty heavily, and was surprised to learn this video has been out for over a year, yet I hadn't seen nor heard the likes of Steffen Morrison.  From the moment Mr. Morrison sets his vocals on high it feels like you've been transported back in time to Otis Redding and Donny Hathaway, while possessing the modern stylings of Seal. What a combination! The polished ease of his baritone seizes your attention as he croons comfortably over the uptempo track. His debut has yet to be given a release date, but judging from the collection of songs on his website, it's not to far off. "Damn These Eyes," "Finally Here," and "Take Care Of  You" all lead me to believe a pièce de résistance is on the verge. Check him out. Support the artist.

Wait No More!

The highly anticipated return of the legendary group, SADE is soon within or reach. Soldier Of Love will be released on February 8, 2010 on Epic Records. This will be Sade's 1st official studio album since the multi-platinum release of Lovers Rock in 2000. Pre-sale in effect now! 

Sade - Sade ove Affair With Life (1984, UK single: B-side/Your Love Is King)

November 24, 2009

Production, Performance, Perfection

Detroit representatives, PPP (Platinum Pied Pipers) is back on the scene with a bigger and more expansive sound than their debut, Triple P (2005). Abundance (2009) is their new offering, and let me assure you - it knocks on all levels of musicianship.

Producer, Wajeed and multi-instrumentalist, Saadiq along with the commanding vocals of Karma Stewart and the soulful compositions of prolific singer/songwriter, Coultrain, weave electric, hip-hop, rock and soul harmonies to create a masterpiece of an album. From the 1st track "Angel" to the last, "Goodbye" - Abundance comes blasting through your speakers like an all out "live" show! To truly appreciate this album at optimal level you must remain open-minded. It's constant energy will have you partying all the way through. Definitely one of the best albums of 2009. Don't sleep on it! Support good music! Support the artists!

PPP - Sanctuary

PPP - Pigeon Hole

"The Cool Weirdo"

Newark, New Jersey native, Peter Hadar has been steadily building his career as an artist to watch for. Since the release of his debut, Memories of the Heart (2006) the road to success has been promising. He's opened shows for Mos Def, Questlove, Q-Tip, Musiq, Raheem DeVaughn, Carl Thomas, Joe, Bilal and Chrisette Michelle, just to name a few. That right there should tell you a lot about his caliber of artistry.

With his second release, Well Dressed For The Art Show (2008), Peter delivers heavy bass, synths and sort of an electric disco vibe seasoned with fervid sensuality. Glam-Experimental best describes "The Cool Weirdo's"contributions to music's varied state, and ladies and gents alike love it. If you know him, then you're good; if not, then here's where you start. This has been out since Oct 26 to be exact. Prepare yourselves for the salacious sounds of Peter Hadar. Get it here. Below is a joint off his upcoming 3rd album entitled, Space Suit. Support this artist! Props to Qualitytimeonline

Peter Hadar - Party All Night ft. Naledge of Kidz In The Hall

The Full Crate Takeover

More heat from Amsterdamn, Netherlands - DJs/producers, Full Crate, love to share good music via their Full Crate & FS Green - Mixing Monthly Series. Their aim is to keep you up to date w/the best & latest in soul music. Enjoy the videos below, or just vibe if they make you a little motion sick. DL their latest mix here. Support the artists.

Full Crate - 80's Sugar ft. Mar from Full Crate .

Full Crate - She Was Fly (Ft. Mar) from Full Crate .

November 23, 2009

Funky White Soul

My adventures on itunes last night lead me to these four guys you see above. Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands - The Lefties Soul Connection are a raw funk band inspired by the likes of The JB's, The Meters and hip-hop acts like The Roots. Their sound is mainly instrumental, but are known to include vocals provided by guitar player, Onno Smit and others during their live shows. Their buzz is big amongst the international funk sound of Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. Now let's get familiar with them here on SLE Soundscape.

The mellow groove of "Cover My Eyes" coupled with Corrina Greyson's sultry vocals revives vintage tracks like James Brown's - "It's a Man's World" or even Glady's Knight and The Pips' - "Neither One of Us."  What do you think? Support this funky band!

Lefties Soul Connection - Cover My Eyes ft. Corrina Greyson

November 22, 2009

The Element of Freedom

I know she's not one of the less exposed talents you've been introduced to here @ SLE Soundscape, but Ms. Keys is definitely talented. Despite her pop appeal, she has always kept it funky, honest & soulful with her music. As long as she remains true to herself and her art, there's no stopping her staying power in the entertainment industry.  Featured below are two cuts from her upcoming album: Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom, dropping 12/15. Support the artist as always. Props to BIFK

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping w/a Broken Heart

Alicia Keys - Dreaming

Indie Soul Hustler

As I was driving, listening to Eric Roberson's latest cd, Music Fan First, I couldn't help but think of how he's the perfect blend of the Old school/New School. As the disc played, scenes reminiscent of house parties flashed through my mind - dim lights, a DJ caressing the vinyl and bodies intertwined and pressed against a wall, barley leaving room to breathe as they moved to the beat. Ahh, those were the days!

I've been a fan of the Rahway, New Jersey native ever since reading about him in an article featuring Spinderella of the legendary hip hop group Salt and Pepa. Eric has been cited as the face of indie soul music. Since his first release, The Esoteric Movement in 2001, he has gone on to work with Jill Scott and write songs for notables such as Musiq, Vivian Green, Dwele, Will Downing and Charlie Wilson. Still, despite his many accomplishments, he remains hidden in the shadows.

Now seven albums deep, he has certainly positioned himself as a great singer, songwriter and producer. From Music Fan First, I share with you one of my many favorites, "A Tale Of Two." As the story of boy meets girl unfolds, complexities arise and the unlikely affair begins. What could've been a great relationship takes a downward spiral leading to hurt feelings and ultimately a bad outcome for one. His flow on this song is like that of an MC. You'll have to listen to it a few times to follow, but you'll love it from the moment the beat drops. Check Eric's catalog here, and please make sure to support this brother. Props To Michael Baisden for showing Eric some love. UPDATE - Track is now available for download courtesy of Mr. Roberson.

November 21, 2009

Fi Di Black Queens Dem

My "Yard" family may want to "box me down" for my lack of knowledge on Reggae music. It's not that I'm not a fan. Being the progeny of Jamaican parentage, how could I not be. But I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y, early 70's, and at a very young age (around 9-10) hip-hop took control of my life. Still, reggae music is a part of my culture, and I honestly have to include more of it in my musical rotation. So with that said, I've included the video of a nice tune (She's Royal) I heard for the first time last Saturday, from Jamaican "singa", Tarrus Riley, from his 2006 sophomore cd Parables. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Sandra for putting me on to this one. Support the artist and conscious vibes music.

G.A.M is Eclectic & Eccentric

For the past two days, I've been jamming to the recent drop from former Stones Throw recording artist and L.A. native, Georgia Anne Muldrow. Early is absolutely amazing! What began during her teenage years (17-19), the project formerly referred to as Young G, has been given a proper release, and it's a worthy showcase of a uniquely gifted artist on the rise. Her full-length debut, Olesi: Fragments of an Earth, I'll admit, went over my head when I heard it for the first time in 2007 (released in 2006), but it didn't shut her out of my ears. Since then, she's been putting in overtime, working with good friend Dudley Perkins, Erykah Badu, Jimmeta Rose and a host of other talented artists shaping the underground music scene.

G.A.M is credited from production to songwriting with SA-RA, J*Davey, PPP, and has so much product out on the market that it's nearly impossible to find something of hers you can't appreciate. She's easy for the eclectic & eccentric, but a little "weird" for the common ear. Either way, support good & innovative music! True artist deserve your hard earned dollars. Buy it here. I leave you with two of my personal faves - 1 from Early and the other from 2007's Beautiful Mindz by producer 2Tall. Thanks Carlos for the update.

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Let It Go 

2Tall - ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins

November 20, 2009

Bringing The Apple Back From The Juice

Earth Wind and Fire, Klymaxx, Parliment Funkadelic and Sly and The Family Stone: all these bands gave us timeless material we shall continue to love and play for years to come. Flash forward to the 21st century, Stone Mecca, a 9 piece band (5 musicians, 4 singers) arrive on the scene, and they're continuing in their predecessors steps of producing quality music.

The Los Angeles, Cali based group emerged in 2007 with the classic singles  "A Walk" and "Oh", both which featured on The RZA Presents: Afro Samurai Soundtrack. Their debut album, First Contact followed shortly after in the summer of that same year. Filled with pure and sensuous vocals that  blend beautiful medleys over funky drumming, sizzling guitar and bass strums - the album replicates an era when musicians relied on live instrumentation verses the tricky hands of technology that dominates today's music. Singer/songwriter and main producer of the group, Tru James' main mission in forming S.M. was to "Bring the apple back from the juice." Literal translation, "Putting substance back into the music." Mission accomplished my brotha! Listen to two of my favorites below, and please support this group.

Stone Mecca - A Walk

Stone Mecca - Beautiful

Keeping Hip Hop Alive

One of the illest lyricists in the game today is Los Angeles native, Diz Gibran. Yeah, you may not have heard of him, but he's definitely respected amongst true hip hoppers alike, and surely one to watch for in 2010 and beyond. His flow and vocal tone remind me of the legendary emcee, Lord Finesse when he first stepped on the scene circa late 89, early 90 - just more renewed amongst, and despite, the current barrage of nonsense polluting the art form.

My introduction to D.G. came via the "Run Around", a slow, bluesy head-nodder on which Diz tackles the track delivering a humble braggadocios flow. Then came "Calypso Flow", where again, Diz goes in effortlessly, gliding over the beautifully orchestrated steel pan Caribbean drum track courtesy of producer Moonshine. All in all, my dude is NICE! Check him for yourself. Crooks & Castles Presents: Soon You'll Understand. It's free, so don't stress, but next time you'll have to pay. Support Hip Hop NOT Hip Pop!

November 19, 2009

Charm City Soul

Baltimore's own J.S.O.U.L, has been making a name for himself over the past seven years on the independent R&B scene. I  personally got hip to him last year when he dropped his 2nd album, Love Soldier. The 12 track set (excluding the 5 second intro) consisted of well crafted mellow and uptempo soulful rhythms that had me on some chill type vibe whenever I plugged in. Now as he prepares for the release of his forthcoming album, entitled Black Sinatra, he drops off the latest single from it, Potential, featuring QN5 recording artist, Substantial and Singer/Song writer, Eric Roberson. This one is tough ya'll! Props to SB, and make sure to support the artist.

Strange Fruit Project

Crash - Strange Fruit Project feat. Thesis

The Waco, Texas based hip hop group, Strange Fruit Project is releasing their first group venture since their critically acclaimed 2006 album The Healing. Back with a new EP, The M.A.S.K.(Making Art Sound Kool), MCs Myth, Myone and S1 kick rhymes about life, self betterment, God and faith, and straight up hip hop. On this project, SFP bring along producers 9th Wonder, Picnic, newcomer Caleb and the groups very own S1. Get It Here, and please support the artist.

November 18, 2009

Let Us Begin

Soul Lessons Entertainment proudly presents SLE Soundscape - a blog committed to shedding light on a wealth of talented artists, who unfortunately don't get the proper exposure through radio. As founder of Soul Lessons Entertainment, we are gearing up to promote positive music, healthy living and going green specifically amongst urban communities. SLE Soundscape will be our first venture dedicated solely on showcasing the artists and their works. I begin this journey into blogosphere with hopes that the content provided will open your minds and ears and allow a new direction in your musical taste to come forth. For me, this music is not just something to listen to. It's more an experience of art that captivates my soul and stirs my emotions. This is what good music should do - provide you with more than something to nod your head and shake your butt to. Save the fashion show flow, oversexed and auto-tuned lyrics for pop culture. It's a soul revolution, and I'm ready to celebrate. So tell a friend, keep it moving and let's get into some good music.


David Williams

The New UK Soul

I'm new to the musical sounds of Brighton, Uk talent, Andreya Triana, but I'm so glad I discovered her. Take Norah Jones' humility mix in a little of Corrine Bailey's humility and end with a dose of Alicia Keys subtlety and the results are one incredible artist. Check out the very first single produced by Bonobo from Ninja Tune's latest signing courtesy of juslikemusic. This single is officially out on December 14th, and the b-side will feature a Flying Lotus remix. Taken from her forthcoming debut album, which will come out on Ninja Tune next Spring.

Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong

Take You Higher

It was love at first listen when Carmen Rodgers sang "Hands Of Time" and rejuvenated my weary mind that early morning five years ago. I had just left work. I must have played the song a good ten times cause it moved me immensely. Representing Dallas, Texas, Carmen by far has one of the loveliest voices emerging in soul music. On her 2004 debut, Free, Carmen boosts your soul with tender melodies and insightful songwriting that will inspire and have your heart rejoicing in a way you thought only gospel could. The album is incredible! Carmen's spirited singing will take you on a joy ride that will awaken and elevate your and mind and spirit. Unquestionably gifted, she has the ability to delight your ears and ignite your soul. Carmen without a doubt is one artist to keep your ear tuned into. From her debut Free, I share with you "Just Believe" - a remarkable song of sheer inspiration able to transform any moment of doubt. Please support this beautiful talent. Get your copy of Free and be on the lookout for her sophomore CD - Intermission/The Bitter coming 3-30-10.

Carmen Rodgers - Just Believe

Sexy Beast Vol 5

My man, Ed put me on to the Sexy Beast Series by DJs SD and Jus One back in late 07, and I've been knocking their joints faithfully ever since. A few misses, but mostly hits on Part 1, but Part 2 brings it with some of my favorite joints ("Dirty Peaches," "Neva," "The Way That I Live My Life"...) over the past year. Vibe here on the blog or download it here.

A Gift For You!

Unbeknownst to me, the incredibly talented one man band known as Zo! has been in my ears since 2003, but it wasn't until last summer when I truly got to know his name through the tribute album Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80's. His rendering of 80's classic such as "Africa," "Take On Me" and "I'm Only Human" had me reliving great moments of my high school years. Now he returns and gives to the fans a teaser to his upcoming full-length album, SunStorm dropping next summer on FE Music. Featured on the set are some of the best artists you may or may not have heard of (Sy Smith, Carlitta Durand, Yahzarah...) covering classic 70's and 80's cuts that you're sure to groove to. Enjoy

From Zo! - ...Just Visiting Too, for your listening pleasure.
Something Special ft. Yahzarah

A Message From Miracle

“This is my life, it is not a hobby. This is my one true love, not a one night stand" - Ayah.

How much truer can one's quote be when the proof is exhibited in her work. In April of 2008, I came to know Ayah via her track "Passing Me By 2008." Not really an answer record, instead a clever spin on The Pharchydes' 92 classic, "Passing Me By". Upon hearing other gems she dropped over classic hip hop joints of the past (Jay Z - Feelin' It and A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way) in addition to production from one of my favorite producers, Nicolay, I became an instant fan. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the 22 year old vocalist delivers insightful lyrics laced over an assortment of rhythmic and neck breaking beats for your pleasure. After one listen to her music, you too will become a fan. She is without a doubt passionate for what she does, and I highly recommend you get to know her if you don't already. Check her out, support the EP: 4:15 and prepare to hear something epic come 2010, when she drops her debut.

Not Your Average Artist

About a year ago through a podcast I was listening to, I became familiar with the sounds of Bilal Salaam. Now at first, I was confused when I read the track list. I knew Bilal from the classic single "Soul Sista," but I know his last name to be Oliver, but I thought it did sound kind of like him. So with the last name Salaam, I hit up the net in search of an answer. My conclusion became my inclusion of another dope soulful brotha to my music collection. Bilal Salaam's music is an amalgam of hip hop and old soul with an electric twist. He catches the ear dropping cleverly written sociopolitical topics driven through his sharp at times, yet emphatic tone. Those who have seen him in concert have said he's a one man band whose capable of letting his presence and talent bring you into his zone. Representing Washington, D.C, Bilal Salaam is sure to make his mark amongst the countless artists of good underground soul music. From the EP: Langue De Rasoir here is the title cut "Razor Tongue." Self explanatory so no need for me to explain. Please support this cool pure breed of talent.

Bilal Salaam - Langue de Rasoir (Razor Tongue)

I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman

I've been a fan of Canadian rapper/singer, k-os since I took a chance buying his debut Exit back in 2002. What I like about k-os is his ability to combine an assortment of musical genres as a backdrop to promote his conscious and positive lyrics. His music is mature and ever progressing, a contribution he can cite back to his Trinidadian upbringing by Jehovah Witness parents. In the video above he links up with fellow Canadian rapper, Saukrates and Nelly Furtado for the 3rd single off Yes!, his 4th album to date (which is finally being released in the states on November 17th). Give him a listen for yourself, and support good hip hop.

From Exit, for your listening pleasure.
k-os - Patience 

A Hidden Jewel

Imagine being out the loop on some good news by just one day. Now imagine coming to find out about it nearly four years later. Well, the seven member collective known as The Rebirth is that good news you've been missing. Hailing from Los Angeles, Ca, combining influences from traditional soul, hip-hop, jazz and funk, The Rebirth brings back the essence of quality that's been lacking from music since the 70's. When I first heard them, I immediately thought about another band I like - The Brand New Heavies, but unlike TBNH The Rebirth, in my opinion, deliver more of a subdued vibe throughout their music. Lead vocalist, Noell Scaggs' voice is so soothing - sometimes even exotic. From their debut: This Journey In, "Mark Of His Ways" tells the tale of a man surrendering to his past, but still living with the mark of his transgressions moving ahead now present day. I look forward to their sophomore release: "Being Through the Eyes of a Child" coming soon...Please tune in and support this phenomenal group.

The Rebirth - Mark Of His Ways

Soul Songstress

It was 2005 when I got my first taste of the beautiful, Conya Doss, and without hearing or even knowing much about her, I knew she was one artist I had to check for in the years to come. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Conya has continuously been blessing the underground soul scene since 2002. I can honestly say Ms. Doss does something to me with every listen. Sometimes I find myself feeling remorse for the wrongs I've committed in my own relationships, then there are times when I feel the pain women deal with when hurt by men, and I understand why some remain single. She sings about the ups and downs of relationships in a way that many of lovers have experienced. You can tell she's either been in love or has seen her fair share of what love is about. Either way, she brings her message backed by an organic style production that is the perfect canvas on which she can paint. Now, seven years later, she has put out four great albums - each one a display of what a true artist should strive for. From her debut: A Poem About Ms. Doss - I present to you my favorite joint off the album. "Meantime" is about the pain of a love gone wrong and a woman's quest to find healing during that time. Please tune in and support this amazing artist.

Conya Doss - Meantime

Rising Up

Remember when Anita Baker stepped on the scene with that deep sultry voice? She commanded our attention and shook up our eardrums, cementing her name and sound in R&B music. Now in 2009, Dallas, Texas native, N'dambi is igniting a new flame! Far from a newcomer to the scene, N'dambi takes the reins leading the path with a style all her own, and she does not disappoint. Since her 1999 debut, Little Lost Girl Blues, she's been putting in work, singing background for Erykah Badu in addition to crafting her own albums. On October 6th, she released her fourth album Pink Elephant, her first on the legendary Stax imprint giving listeners everything soul music done right should offer. Through crafty songwriting wrapped around mellow, funky soulful production, she sings sultry, warm and inviting vocals about life, love, disappointment and music. Add that to her striking natural beauty, one who is completely mesmerizing with her big, fluffy red 'fro and sexy legs akin to Tina Turner’s and powerful vocals to tote, you get one incredible powerhouse of an artist. From the album Pink Elephant, "What It Takes" is about a relationship where the woman has her man's back during life's stresses, letting him know that as long as we got each other, we got what it takes to endure. Simply Beautiful! Please tune in and support this phenomenal artist.

N'Dambi - What It Takes