February 22, 2012

Adad - Slippin

Last week, on the way out to get some Indian cuisine, this joint came bumping through the speakers.  Slippin produced by Dibiase is the first single from All Natural Inc emcee, ADaD's  upcoming mixtape "P.S. I'm Next."Schedule to drop next month, and sponsored by All Natural Inc, RubyHornet, & KevinNottingham -  based on forward and thought provoking verses like this: "Until I realize what's important, and it ain't a pair of brand new jordans, or the handbag you've been sportin' - the insanity the youth absorbing, it's the bullshit you endorsing...) backed by hard hitting beats to match - one can only embrace this brother for being a speaker of truth. 

Adad - Slippin (produced by Dibiase)

February 14, 2012

Laid Back Presents: SD & Jus One Sexy Beast Vol. 6

Over two years now I've been waiting and just the other day I found the latest installment of the Sexy Beast series by Djs SD and Jus One. Sexy Beast Vol. 6 is back with the that ill dosage of new and old Nu-Soul, Hip Hop and Soul gems that make for pleasurable listening. This was just what I needed. These guys inspire me! Sorry, they didn't upload the mix for streaming, but ya man Mr. Wells gotcha covered. Respect to Laid Back, SD and Jus One for some great mixes.

SD and Jus One - Sexy Beast Vol. 6 

February 9, 2012

Robert Glasper - Move Love ft King (TBG rmx)

The date is drawing near (February 28th) for the release of the highly anticipated Black Radio by the Robert Glasper Experiment. I've heard about five tracks thus far and each one has confirmed for me how great this album is going to be once I get to experience the full disc. Currently, Robert Glasper and indabamusic are conducting a remix contest for the lead single "Move Love" ft King. I've heard several up to date - very dope ones at that, but the newest comes from non other than my dude, Tall Black Guy. With this remix, TBG blends elements of his singnature sound (bass heavy) along with some broken beat styled drums and some special effects to the vocals all perfectly arranged and executed easily bringing this remix to the forefront of the competition. I'm not quite sure how the winner will be selected; I didn't see anything regarding a voting process on the site. Whatever the case be, I wish all the best to TBG because I believe in his ability to create something magical. Listen below, and enjoy! 

Robert Glasper - Move Love ft King (TBG rmx)

February 3, 2012

Yung B Da Producer - BaCk At iT

New Jersey native, Yung B Da Producer continues to churn out joint after joint all leading up to his  debut release, The Last Poet. His latest "BaCk At iT", a self-produced gem places Yung B behind the mic - straight spittin'. He drops a few jewels throughout, but pay close attention to the last few bars where he speaks on 1 of hip hops biggest stars. Some may say it's all talk - even jealousy at the highest, but too much talk has some validity to it and I'm a true believer of that. Continue to speak the truth and bless your listeners sun. 

Yung B Da Producer - BaCk At iT

February 2, 2012

Esperanza Spalding - Black Gold ft Algebra Blesset (Video)

A quick stroll through twitter and look what greatness I came across. "Black Gold" is the first single and official video from the 2011 Best New Artist Grammy Winner, Esperanza Spalding. Featuring Atlanta native, Algebra Blesset "Black Gold" explores the rich history of African culture and black pride. The two compliment each others voice so well, and as the first single this is a great look for Algebra as well. I love how the video begins, reminds me of how I am when talking to my two youngest. This is definitely an exciting time for Esperanza and for the many new fans she's welcomed since the Grammys. I'm looking forward to the upcoming album, Radio Music Society due out March 20th. I'd heard Q-tip produced the album, then I heard he did produce some tracks, but will they make it is another question. Let's hope they do. Either way, support it when it drops.