December 31, 2009

Reflection Eternal - The Re:Union

Christmas is over, but the gifts keep coming in. This time, Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) release The Re:Union, mixed by one of the illest DJ's in hip hop - Statik Selektah. Readying cats for the their upcoming album, Revolutions Per Minute, this project features cuts from their past solo projects, their collaborative efforts, some unreleased gems, cuts from Kweli's Rawkus days and features he jumped on in 08' & 09'. This is a dope glimpse of what to look forward to in March 2010. Happy New Year, and thanks to RE for the early drop. Get it here. Support hip hop NOT hip pop!

Reflection Eternal - Hang Ups

Reflection Eternal - Come Around ft Termanology & Royce Da 5'9

The Soul Clap Podcast

Great things come as a result of being a part of twitter. As I listen to this smooth mix dropped by Kay Tee Kustum of NuVeyebz Production, I'm thankful for having the great taste in music I have. With gems from Vikter Duplaix, Erro, Rebekka and more, you can't afford to sleep on this. Download your copy here.

Track List
1. In The Middle Of You ( Freddie Joachim remix) / Vikter Duplaix
2. Dot Com / Usher
3. Can't Get Enough / Darrius Wilrich
4. What Would I Do Without You / KJM, Vikter Duplaix and MDCL
5. Howard Girls Feat. Brandon Hines, Geno Young & Eric Roberson / AB
6. J Dillalude / Robert Glasper
7. Outro / Outlines
8. Tea Leaf Dancers (Comfort Fit Remix) / Flying Lotus
9. Higher / Rebekka
10. Had No Idea / Melanie Rutherford
11. Mystery / Mabanua & Nicholas Ryan Gant
12. Blues Baby Feat. Jneiro Jarel / Rich Medina
13. U Don't Understand / Saint
14. One Conversation / Melanie Rutherford
15. Da Day / Dezaray Dawn
16. YerDaddy (Don-Ray's Tokyo Don Remix Dub Version) / Comfort Fit

Szjerdene - UK Songstress On The Rise

Don't worry about how her name is pronounced. Just allow her music to carry you through a moment where soft melodies peruse your inner self, and her dainty, jazzy vocals treat your ears in a delightful way. At age 21, London's, Szjerdene is soon to be a voice most will come to love. I discovered her just recently, and after listening to the 3 songs off her Collage - The Demo, I'm telling you, she's gonna win hearts with her music. Look out for her EP, Tailored releasing in 2010, but for now enjoy the bluesy rock funk of "Blue Lullaby." Get your free download of Collage - The Demo here. Continue to support real music.

Szjerdene - Blue Lullaby

December 30, 2009

Martin Luther - The Rebel Soul Rock Star

My memories of Rebel Soul Rock Star, Martin Luther date back to early 2005 while driving back to Orlando (home at the time) from Tampa. I cruised I4 while electric rock strings coupled with straight laced soul poured from the speakers of my Honda Accord. I listened intently as  Martin's dynamic vocal styles bended perfectly to the varied production on Rebel Soul Music (2004). On gems like "Home," he delivers insight about the streets where he grew up on in San Francisco. Things gets steamy on "Truth Or Dare" as he plays an erotic game of questions with a potential conquest, and on "Muse Sick Dreamz," he speaks about his battle between the woman in his life and his pursuit to become an accomplished musician. Martin is definitely not one to sleep on! Check out two of my favorites below, and peep the video for a classic in the making, hopefully off Love Is The Hero dropping Spring 2010. Invest your hard earned dollars on a talent that truly deserves it. Support real singers and quality music.

Martin Luther - Lust

Martin Luther - Ms. America

December 29, 2009

Darien Brockington - The Cold Case Files

It's here people! After 3 years off scene, D-Brock returns with his mixtape, The Cold Case Files. It's a collection of works beginning in February 2007 and ending here in December 2009. A lot of things kept Darien from the music during his absence, but his passion for the art was well rejuvenated while touring with The Foreign Exchange back in Dec of 2008. There's a few cut's (3 total) I'm not really feeling, but the rest are all heaters and overall the mixtape is solid. Glad to hear D-Brock again. His voice and style are truly a treat to the ears. Support the mixtape! It's only $5, and be on watch for his sophomore album Affected: The Story of John Doe coming in 2010!

Darien Brockington - Addiction

Darien Brockington - I Know (You Know)

The Soul of Miles Bonny

Getting back into my daily after a quick, yet fun filled holiday is never easy in any regards for me. However, I have my duties of keeping my visitors up to date with the best in music beyond the radio. So, let's not waste anymore time. Prepare your ears for the soulful notes of Kansas City resident, Miles Bonny. At first glance, I'm sure you'd think he's everything opposite what a soul singer should look like. But what is the look truthfully? If it's all about name brand fashion and swag, then it's obviously not about the music. With Miles, it's all about the music. His laid back groove called "Words (I Love You)" which I came across yesterday via AJB immediately caught my attention and caused me to do some research about him. Miles has a few titles under his belt to include his solo debut: Smell Smoke (2006) & the critically acclaimed Closer Love EP (2007). Be sure to check this cat out. He'll be dropping 2 releases in 2010: Reggie B & Miles Bonny - Doing Our Thang on 1-08-10 & INcense & Wine in Feb, 2010. Support good music. Support the talents of the underground.

Miles Bonny - Bucktown v2.0

December 28, 2009

J*Davey - Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes

I waited up 'til 3 am Christmas morning, but Miss Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau b.k.a J*Davey, I guess were making us wait for the niceness that is Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes. I got a chance to listen to it before heading off to Orlando for the weekend, and it's a pretty short, but solid piece of work. This is the first of a 3 part series, so enjoy it, and thanks to J*Davey for granting us this project. And if you're new to the group, after checking this project, support last years The Beauty In Distortion/The Land of The Lost. Download Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes here.

J*Davey - Fight The Daylight

J*Davey - Outta The Window

December 24, 2009

Carlitta Durand & Vaughn Garcia: The Doug & Patty EP

NC resident, Carlitta Durand has been a very welcomed voice in my ear since the later part of 07'. It was Little Brother's - "Life Of The Party" that kicked off my beginnings to Carlita's rich and robust vocals. I became even more enchanted with Carlitta after hearing the self-gratifying single "Her." The bass heavy track with it's sensuous lyrics won me over upon first listen. I must've played that joint back to back for like the first 4 spins. She then followed up with the rugged, E-Jones produced "What If" - a tale about a past relationship that still longs to be, but another woman has taken her place. After a plethora of features on several projects throughout 08' and 09' (BuckShot & 9th Wonder, Nicolay, Zo! and my favorite, Roddy Rod's - "This Time Around.") She released her mixtape Carltta's Way (The Prelude) earlier this year, and now she's back alongside producer Vaughn Garcia (M1 Platoon) with The Doug & Patty EP. It's and early Christmas gift people. Get it here, and hit up her twitter to tell her thanks. Enjoy! "Doug's Funny Love" is my cut. Continue to support the talents of the underground!

Carlitta Durand - Super Nova

Carlitta Durand - Her

Vikter Duplaix - Electric Love: Nicolay Remix

I posted the original version of this earlier in the month. Now, producer and Grammy Nominee, Nicolay (The Foreign Exchange) blesses the track with a spacey kind of techno vibe remix. Still feeling the original more, but I'm a fan of Nicolay's production regardless. Get your free download here. Enjoy! Real music: Support it.

Vikter Duplaix - Electric Love (Nicolay rmx)

New Reflection Eternal - Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J Cole & Mos Def

The radio rip of this track has been floating around the internet for the past few days. Now the official cd quality version is provided thanks to YOTB. Talib KweliJay Electronica, J Cole & Mos Def all deliver lyrical niceness over a crisp & jazzy Hi Tek track. Keep your eyes and ears tuned to the new Reflection Eternal album Revolutions Per Minute dropping in 2010. Also, peep the official music video for their first single "Back Again" if you haven't seen it below. Support hip hop NOT hip pop. Peace!

Reflection Eternal - Just Begun

Talib Kweli + Hi Tek-Reflection Eternal -Back Again-Vid Premiere


The Fembassy Presents: The Revival

This is really beautiful to see! A sisterhood of emcees & a dj: Roxanne Shante (New York), Bahamadia (Philly), Invincible (Detroit), Eternia (Toronto), Stacy Epps (Atlanta) & Shortee (California). The Revival is a brief look into Shante's and Bahamadia's very first meeting, where they discuss their stories about their new found faiths and their careers in the music industry. They also lend advice and pay respect to the rising femcees on the tour with them. You'll see show highlights of each ones performance while oversees in Europe. The 16 minute documenatary was filmed by Eternia and presented by Get to know these artists. Support the true ladies of hip hop music.

Invincible - Place Where We Dwell

Bahamadia - Real Love

Eternia - Foul Child

Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge

Stacy Epps - Falling Down

December 22, 2009

Escape With Sound Scapes

East London & Kent Coast UK representatives, Amede pronounced (AM-EDDIE) - the voice, and producer/engineer The Soundsmith are a deeply creative duo that's all about making good music. Together, they unite a collection of sounds stemming from soul break beats & hip hop samples, and reaching towards futuristic, ambient vibes with a lounge effect to bring their dream stage like music to the forefront. My beginings with the group are extremely new and came via Sexy Beast Vol 5 by DJ SD & Jus One. I liked what i heard, so off to their myspace I went to find out more about the group. I bought a joint off their Flat 17 - EP, and got a free download of a project entitled Sound Scapes via their website. Here's what Amede had to say about Sound Scapes:

"Sound Scapes is a 24 track album which in a nutshell, reveals all my ways of working and snippits of vocal work soon to come in 2010. The Sound Scapes touch on discrepant sampled based hip hop soul built on my mpc, sparse soulful and abstract vocals to some sonic sound studies to soak your mind in."

Give them a listen. Download the project here, and look out for new works to come in 2010. Support good music.

Amede & The Soundsmith - It Happening Brother

Amede & The Soundsmith - Tip Toe ft. Shanaz Dorsett

Detroit Is About To Have A Riot

Inspired by the city riots of 1967, Burn Rubber & Acapulco Gold join forces with 8 of Michigan's finest for the blazing "Detroit Riots." Bringing together T3 (Slum Village), Buff 1, Ro Spit, Fat Ray, One Be Lo, Marv Won, Phatboy Chef, Fatt Father and Black Milk on the beat, it's a posse cut that will go down in history. Would've been nice to have Guilty Simpson and Elzhi on this as well. The full project, Detroit Riots will release 12-26-09, and will speak upon the ills of society: high unemployment, the economy, police brutality and much more. Make sure to look out for it here. Props to my man MOSologist.

Detroit Riots

December 21, 2009

Ali Shaheed Muhammed & The Luv Bugz

It's been over 5 years now since Ali Shaheed Muhammed'sShaheedullah & Stereotypes (2004) hit stores. I remember driving all over Orlando to buy this cd, and finally found it at Best Buy. After popping it in the cd player and listening to the first 3 tracks, I quickly noticed a major difference in his production. Unlike the jazz influenced sound of his group A Tribe Called Quest, Ali's solo album showcased a more organic R&B/hip hop type of vibe, which proved to be more of his exclusive production style. The project also introduced me to then new artists, Kay & Sy Smithwho I'm a fan of both to this very day. Other featured artists were Chip from Fu Schnickens and Stokley Williams from Mint Condition. Not too many people I know have heard or even know about the album. In my opinion, S&S was sonically & lyrically out of the norm from what the industry was and is still putting out today. So in support of his upcoming second solo album, which the title has yet to be disclosed, I ready you with a pair of my favorite tracks off Shaheedullah and Stereotypes. Also, in the video below, peep a sample of the track "Be Like Luv Bugz" featuring The Luv Bugz from the forthcoming album. Another great year in music is ahead. Support good music as always.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Family ft. Kay Jay

Ali Shaheed Muhammed - Industry Life (background vocals, Sy Smith)

December 20, 2009

Amanda Diva - I Can See

It's been over 2 years now since my introduction to the multi-talented Amanda Diva. Her first offering, a joint called "40 MC's ft. Q-tip, had me bobbing my head from the onset of the piano riddled sample. The cut was so chill, and Amanda's storytelling lyrics were right on point with the slow knock of the track. I was proud to hear a female emcee spit sex free, fashion flow-less lyrics, and instead, kept it 100% hip hop. Since then, I really haven't stayed up to date with her. I'd see her pop up from time to time again on various hip hop websites, Mtv2 and most recently on features with Q-tip, The Kid Daytona and Rob Murat. Sorry Ms. Diva. I got you from here on out. On that note, the featured track below is from the Ruby Hornet Closed Sessions project out the Chi. It's a smooth showcase of Amanda's lyrical game as well as her gift of song. Cop her FreEp, "Spandex, Rhymes & Soul via her sites, and make sure to support this talented young lady. [RH]

Amanda Diva - I Can See

December 19, 2009

Eric Roberson ft. Lalah Hathaway - "Dealings" (video)

2010 Grammy Nominees, Eric Roberson & Lalah Hathaway deliver a stellar performance "Secret Lover's" style with the world premier of "Dealings" music video. Erro should have seen the eye jammie coming. Music Fan first in stores now. Pick it up via his website.

ERIC ROBERSON feat. Lalah Hathaway "DEALING" Music Video Directed by Impakt Studio's, Chris & Blaq

The SoulMonique Radio Show

I got the ok to post this two weeks ago. Don't ask me what happened. Just enjoy a cool mix of some old and new school flavors courtesy of Soulmonique. Download it here. Sorry it took me so long Monica. Respect.

SoulMonique Radio Show 12.4.09 by SoulMonique

Marvin Gaye & Soulpersona - Ain't That Peculiar (Neil Thompson & SoulP Summer Madness Mix)
Manzel & The Soul Syndicate - Can You Feel My Love
Allen Hoist - Inner City Blues (4 Hero Main Version)
Colonel Red - Holla
D'Angelo - Left & Right (Ishfaq Rework)
Soulparlor - Universe
Reel People - Star feat. Tony Momrelle (Rp's Club Mix)
Clyde - Roll of the Beast ()Atjazz Astro Remix
Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even
Jerry Knight - Nothing can hold us back
Dam-Funk - One Less Day (feat. G-Shaft)
Prince vs. Erik Rico - Dorothy Parker
Osunlade - Glide
The Terence Blanchard Group - Journey feat. Bilal
Build An Ark - Celebrate

Dam Funk – The Lone La Funksta

Here’s a 12 minute groove nicely laced by the The Ambassador of Boogie, Dam Funk. He posted it up yesterday via his twitter. Good lookin’ my dude. Toeachizown is available on itunes.

Dam Funk - The Lone La Funksta

December 18, 2009

Blitz The Ambassador of Hip Hop

Born and raised in Accra, Ghana now residing in Brooklyn, NY - Blitz The Ambassador is a name in hip hop you should not be sleeping on. Along with his band The Mighty Embassy EnsembleBlitz The Ambassador is sure to captivate your eardrums with subject driven matter over incredible live instrumentation. Think back to when The Roots hit the mark with their sophomore album Do You Want More. Well, Blitz is just that serious and then some! Today, I was listening to his, On My Mixtape Sh*t while at the gym, and I was thoroughly impressed by the overall project. Kept me pump throughout my workout. BTA is the truth and a testament to what hip hop was once known for - ORIGINALITY! Turn off the radio, and plug in to Blitz The Ambassador. Download the mixtape here. Featured below is is the poignant, "Dying To Live" off his album Stereotypes which is available on itunes now. Continue to support quality music.

Blitz The Ambassador - Dying To Live ft. John Forte

December 17, 2009

New Mos Def & Ski - "24 Hour Karate School"

Ski blesses Dante with a dope break beat for him to get loose over. From Dame Dash's DD172 Situation. Peep the flavor. Props to XXL

Mos Def - 24 Hour Karate School (pro. by Ski)

The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Now what's with the 8 hippie looking cats in the pic above? I thought this blog was about soul, hip-hop, jazz & alternative music not some Rotary Connection (minus 2 black members) look a likes? Well, there's where you're wrong. My mission is to put you on as well as myself to some dope music no matter who it is, and the psychedelic sounds of The Phenomenal Handclap Band is no exception. Think of The Delfonics, Pink Floyd, ABBA, Earth Wind & Fire and other greats from the 60's and 70's culture coming together to create timeless works for people to enjoy. This is what you get from TPHB. Founded  by NewYork DJs, Daniel Collas & Sean Marquand, TPHB serves up crafty pieces of funk, disco, soul and experimental vibes to keep you on the dance floor all night. I'm not going to say they won me over with the whole project, but there's a good 7 of 12 tracks that I'm digging. Check out the two below and get your spin on the rest here. Try something new, and show your support for the love of forward thinking music. Thanks Kev.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Baby

The Phenomenal Handclap Band -You'll Disappear ft. Carol C

Chi Town's Secret Weapon

Before I started blogging, to keep up with the haps in music, I'd cruise through a few of my favorite sites for my regular fix of news and goods. During one of my quests, back in May, I came across an underground classic via WhenTheyReminice entitled Soon You'll Understand. Composed by Chicago native, Thaione Davis and produced entirely by the ever so slept on Rashid Hadee - Soon You'll Understand got me open from the onset of Thaione's spit game on "Still Hear." 'Ok, now situations at a stand still/ran those scheming it/like I ain't got nothing to lose/ not confused...' As I continued on through the album, I found myself nodding to every track and quite impressed by Thaione's lyrical dexterity. I was immediately brought back to the golden era of hip hop when duos like Pete Rock & C.L Smooth had you buzzing off the impeccable Mecca & The Soul Brother. Unfortunately, being signed to a small indie label (Jericho Lounge Music), one of the dopest releases in hip hop this year, flew below the radar not able to achieve its proper dues. Hopefully, he'll secure a better deal and guarantee another classic his second go round. Check out the unreleased "Notes In The Chamber" and one of my favorites off Soon You'll Understand - "Problems." Keep the art alive. Support hip hop NOT hip pop.

Thaione Davis - Notes In The Chamber

Thaione Davis - Problems ft. Rashid Hadee & Melatone

December 15, 2009

Full Crate & Mar - Conversations With Her

I can't remember exactly when I heard Full Crate's "She Was Fly" ft. Mar, but ever since that time, I'd been feigning for more music from them. With Mar's easy flowing vocals atop Full Crate's seamless blend of soul, house and hip hop, I get in the mood to just lounge on the couch in my robe and chill. Just yesterday, I was fortunate to have been on twitter when Full Crate tweeted "Flirtwitu" ft. Versis, and upon playing it, I shook my head. Another banger! Conversations With Her EP drops 1-15-10. I can't wait! Peep samples from the project on Amazon. "Surreal Moments" sounds like it's gonna be my track. Props to Moovmnt.

Full Crate & Mar - She Was Fly (right click & save file)

Full Crate & Mar ft Versis - Flirtwitu (right click & save file)

Aaron Abernathy - Student Of My Dream

Soon the masses will come to know the soulful falsetto of singer/songwriter... Aaron Abernathy. My first introduction to the LA representative came via his feature on Fat Ray and Black Milk's - The Set Up (2008), then again on A Work in Progress (2009) with producer Daru Jones. Affectionately known as "AB", Aaron is well accomplished having opened for Patti LaBelle, Dwele, The Whispers... and has composed works for Slum Village, Zo! and Green Tea. Get to know more about AB via his website, and also get your free dl of his Student of My Dream mixtape here. A star is on the rise! Give him a listen and continue to support good music.

Aaron Abernathy - Funk Box

Aaron Abernathy - Less Than Enough

The Foreign Exchange: Grammy Nominees

As a fan and owner of both Connected and Leave It All Behind, I'm extremely proud to know that quality music is finally getting its due at the Grammy's. Congrats to Nicolay and Phonte for a job well done. Leave It All Behind in stores now!

The Foreign Exchange ft. Musinah - Daykeeper

The Foreign Exchange's Grammy nomination video from The Foreign Exchange

December 14, 2009

Nite Jewel & Dam Funk are Nite Funk

Ask me what I know about Nite Jewel, and I'll be quick to say "nothing really." However, after checking out her myspace, she seems to be on a cool type, funk vibe I can get down with. Now, Dam Funk on the other hand, dude is just fly with his style of boogie music (check previous post). Both artists rep the LA scene and are fans of each other, so XLR8R Online magazine decided to put the two somewhat similar but unique styles together and see what they come up with. I think the outcome is pretty solid. Maybe the start to something full length?

Morgan Heritage: True Rootz Music

Spanning an impressive 19 year career, reggae band Morgan Heritage has solidified their place in the continuous sound of rootz reggae & conscious vibes music. With 10 albums released to date (11th currently in the works), 5 of singer Denroy Heritage's 30 offspring have taken reggae music to the masses, achieving critically acclaimed status. Performing since their youth, Morgan Heritage - consisting of Gramps, Mr. Mojo, Una, Lukes and Jahpetes claimed my fan-ship back in 01' with their classic tune "Down By The River." The sweetness of the riddim and redemptive spiritual message caught my attention immediately, ultimately leading me to buy the worthy More Teachings album. Since then, I've been in and out of the loop with the group, but while considering my next post, they crossed my mind. Check out the video from 08's Mission In Progresspeep the exquisite "Your Best Friend" from Full Circle (2005), and keep your eye out for future group works. Solo projects by Gramps and Mr. Mojo available now, and Una soon come. Support positive music. Respect!

Morgan Heritage ft LMS - Your Best Friend


December 13, 2009

History Pt2 (pro. Daru Jones)

The pic above of drummer/producer, Daru Jones speaks volumes of a tireless beat junkie's passion. Lending his musical talents to remix J Dilla's "History," Daru crafts a tough, spacey kind of sonic boom to keep heads bouncing. Check it out below, and if you don't have Spirit and Soul-Hop Sampler 09', make sure to download it here.

Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli History Pt.2 (pro Daru)

December 12, 2009

DJ Decypher mixes DJ Premier

If you're a fan of the legendary producer DJ Premier, then you already know what time it is. DJ Decypher over at The Flow put together this tribute mix of some of Primo's greatest works to get your weekend going. Classics from Nas, Rakim, Royce Da 5'9, Jadakiss, Termanology, Gangstarr...and many more. DL it here and enjoy. Props to FWMJ for the find.

December 11, 2009

New Amerykah Pt 2: Return of The Ankh

I'm so amped right now! Just read an article about Eryka Badu's follow up to the incredible, New Amerykah Pt1: 4th World War (2008). New Amerykah Pt2: Return of The Ankh releases Feb 23, 2010 (finally) and will feature production by J Dilla, Madlib, James Posyer and notable others. Sounds like it's going to be another knockout for Ms. Badu. With Sade, Silhouette Brown, Jose James and others to drop, 2010 is going to be another great year in music. Read the article for yourself here. And for those of you who don't have Pt1, the track below will convince you to get it. Support the artist and mark your calendar for Return of The Ankh, 2-23-10.

Erykah Badu - That Hump

Remebering The King

If you've seen This Is It, you'd know that M.J was on the verge of putting on one hell of a concert before bowing out gracefully. I'm still a bit bothered by his passing. He will forever be missed. In light of that, Questlove of The Roots twitted this earlier. Enjoy it.

Putting In Work

Reppin' SD and LA, California - DJ/producer Freddie Joachim is a class act when it comes to laying down smooth & jazzy hip hop beats to keep you in a mellow spirited mood. His skills date back to 96' as a mobile DJ and turntabilist. In 2001 he delve deeper into the music, and eventually claimed his first production and recording credits in 06'. I personally got into Freddie, last year with his debut, In With Time. Now the kid is like 4 albums deep since then, plus production for his joint venture with Lauren Santiago and a remix for Vikter Duplaix. Whew! Continue to support good music. His latest album, Study Guide with Question is available now. Enjoy the video below and the creamy vocals of Clara Hill on "Endlessly."

Clara Hill - Endlessly (Freddie Joachim rmx)