May 31, 2011

SomeOthaShip 2011 Compilation

Spearheaded by the talents of Georgia Ann Muldrow & Dudley Perkins, the two proudly present in support of their new website, the SomeOthaShip 2011 Compilation. With a roster boasting 12 varied artists, SOS is set to bring consciousness combined with funk, jazz and soul to the forefront. I rocked this album 3 times in the whip to give it a proper listen before I decided to speak on it, and the results, minus a few misses - are worthy pieces of artistry that exemplify the work of a team that's deeply in tune with the sound they create and put forth into the world. It's without a doubt in my opinion that SOS will be one of the leading labels of modern day funk along with being bearers of truth bringing light to the dark. Peep two of my favorites below then rush on over and get your free dl of the project. 

Riff Raff - Tell 'Em

Shana Jenson Muldrow - Just For You

May 21, 2011

ISHE & HEZEKIAH: Modern Day Visionaries

After several hours of editing to deliver this episode to you, I'm relieved to say - it's here! Joining me on this episode are the super talents of Cali native, Ishe and Illadelph representative, Hezekiah. Continuing their grind in support of their forthcoming album dropping on June 1st, The Ishe & Hezekiah Project, we Skype it up and get into details about the album, the label - 3crates, industry cliques, the blogs and much more. Tune in now and get acquainted!


Bilal - Robots ft. Hezekiah & Ishe (Chuck Treece)
Batsauce - Spread Your Wings ft. Wynton Kelly Stevenson
Ishe & Hezekiah - Stand Guard
Hi-Tek - Fortified Live (Instrumental)
The Audible Doctor - Life Can Be Pain (instrumental)
Ishe - 2Nite
The Aqua League - Aplayer’s Two-Step, Just One More
Fisto & Soul Square - One Life (instrumental)
AFTA-1 - Rain
Johnny Popcorn - Can I Live
MVMNT - Smoke Break
Nu1ce - 2207 is the # of the Room (instrumental)
Alchemist - On The Run
DJ Premier - JJ Beat (instrumental)
Keziah - Black Collar
J Dilla - Say It (instrumental)
Illmind - Inside (instrumental)

Click here to download

May 18, 2011

WSLE Soundscape Radio: ClassicBeatz - America's African Pride

Tune in and let the african rhythms of Brooklyn based producer, pianist, songwriter and all around great musician ClassicBeatz take you on a journey. Listen as he shares with the world his his feelings about the state of music, his influences and most important, his pilgrimage to Uganda. Enjoy!


Nicholas Kopernicus - Grand Central ft. Sixteenstone
Quantic - Time is The Enemy (instrumental)
ClassicBeatz - Middle Passage
sTERRYo - Sun Soaked 
Nicholas Kopernicus - Candle Dreams
Bonobo - El Toro (instrumental)
Fisto & Soul Square - Friend Request (instrumental)
ClassicBeatz - Homecoming
The Bamboos - Up On The Hill
Yesterdays New Quintet - Thinking of You
Roddy Rod - Taken by 7
Tall Black Guy - Blind Man (I Can’t Help It)
Nicholas Kopernicus - Natural High
Click here to download

Tamika Love Jones - All it Was ft Rayshun Lamarr

Straight up and down, I love this song! Regardless of the message, the emotions are truly felt via the powerful vocals of Tamika Love Jones and Rayshun Lamarr. This is not my first time hearing of the Washington DC, native. I've unfortunately been sleeping on her for a few months now. Her first single "Damn, Damn, Damn" with it's catchy hook, organic guitar riff and poetic vibe easily drew comparisons to Jill Scott, but don't get it twisted, Tamika can surely hold her own. Having worked with Chucky Thompson, Faith Evans, Tanya Blount and Mya just to name a few, Tamika is well on her way to achieving the success she most certainly deserves.  With that said, enjoy the video, peep the album and support it when you can. I mos definitely will.   

Tamika Love Jones

ReneeDion Takes on Soul Village w/Eric Roberson

I usually don't put up concert footage simply because the audio is often times not received well by the camera that's recording it. However, I made the exception despite a few sound quirks to post one of my newest, favorite female vocalist, ReneeDion. Performing live at SOB's Soul Village - headed by Eric Roberson, Renee validates that soulful jazzy voice of hers which can't be denied on record. Pleasantly poised with her "haircut like Anita Baker" Renee gives the crowd, sensuality, subtlety and strength all in one. I'll be talking w/Renee soon for an episode of WSLE Soundscape Radio, so be sure to tune in when it drops. 

May 17, 2011

Vote for Tall Black Guy - La Revolucion Del Cuerpo (Let's Go rmx)

Fresh of his Therapy Chop Sessions, Tall Black Guy hits us with a dope remix to an already dope track from 09's Giles Peterson Presents - Havana Cultura: New Cuba Sound. I like how TBG changes up the sound completely adding a club house vibe to it. The vibe compliments the spanish vocals perfectly and even if you don't understand, the rhythm can't be denied.  Make sure to vote for him to win. Don't know when the contest ends, just get your vote in now!  Share it with a friend, tell them to vote as well, and peep the original from below.

Giles Peterson - La Revolucion De Cuerpo(Let's Go Tall Black Guy Remix)
Giles Peterson ft. Ogguere - La Revolucion Del Cuerpo

May 15, 2011

Ishe & Hezekiah Project: Album Snippets

The long awaited Ishe & Hezekiah Project presents roughly 10 minutes of snippets from the forthcoming album. With less than 3 weeks away from its release, June 1, my anxiety has slightly been put to ease after hearing this preview. As mentioned in my previous post about the soulful duo, "Can We" & "Paradise" are gems to listen out for, but "So Official" & "Pressure" are sure to capture your ear and move your soul. Put your dollars to the side in support of this album. Good music always makes the day go better. 



1. So Official
2. Go Get It
3. Stand Guard
4. Dope Game
5. Paradise
6. Opportunity
7. EZ Your Mind
8. Can We
9. Pressure ft. Range Da Messenger
10. Hold On

May 13, 2011

WSLE Soundscape Radio: Sonic Pulse

I didn't want to keep you waiting so long for another episode; so here goes this ill mix I put together about a month back but just never got around to it. Enjoy!


Title - Sidechain ft. Delvis
Black Stax - I Love my Life
The Left - The Melody
Tokimonsta - Breath on my Contacts
Benny Tones - Odyssey ft Lisa Preston
Heather Victoria - Never Let You Go
Rapsody - Young, Black w/a Gift ft. Big Daddy Kane
De La Soul - Patti Dooke ft. Guru
Gangstarr - The Militia ft Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx (Pete Rock rmx)
Ronny Jordan - Season For Change ft. Guru
Emanon - She Thinks
ClassicBeatz - Easter
Daru Jones - Cavilier - She Loves Me
9th Wonder - Brooklyn In My Mind ft. Mos Def, Jean Grae & Memphis Bleek
King - Supernatural
Raphael Saadiq - The Answer

Click here to download

Tall Black Guy - Therapy Chop Sessions EP

Now that Blogger's back up from whatever they were going through, let's get into some music. On the last episode of WSLE Soundscape Radio, super producer Tall Black Guy mentioned that he was working on some graphics for an EP he'd be putting out. Well, here it is! The Therapy Chop Sessions EP is a collection of 6 instrumentals combining hip hop, soul and jazz fusion style beats perfect for ridin' or just lounging. Inspired by The Beat Inn music collective, TBG is just revealing a sample of what's to come. For me, it was a toss up between the track below and "Enter (rain)" as my favorite, so peep "Blak & Mild" then head on over to his site, support his craft and establish your own favorite.

Tall Black Guy - Blak & Mild

May 11, 2011

Just Jay - Living on Borrowed Beats

One third of Chicago's own 1773, Just Jay proudly presents his seven years in the making debut - Living on Borrowed Beats. Consisting of production from Tall Black Guy, 100 Akres, Full Crate, 14KT and more, the album showcases Just Jay's hunger for this hip hop ish and proves himself as a well versed emcee who's able to lyrically deliver. Support his freelease here. Props to The Find.  

Just Jay - Stay With Me ft. Natalie

May 10, 2011

Ishe & Hezekiah Project: 2nd Album Promo (Video)

Had a quick chat last night via FB with Philly based emcee/producer, Hezekiah about his forthcoming project with Cali songstress/lyricist, ISHE. Aptly titled The Ishe & Hezekiah Project - it is scheduled for release on June 1st. Dating back to over a year, the project which started as a 3 song EP changed plans after witnessing the great chemistry between the talented duo. After viewing all of the videos in support of the project, in addition to hearing the first single, "Stand Guard," I can assure you this project will be one to savor and get plenty of spins in the Ody and at the house. Support this one, and listen out for "Can We" & "Paradise." #OfficialBangers.    

Ishe & Hezekiah - Stand Guard





May 8, 2011

Kevin Sinatra ft. Elle Maxwell - Eyes of Medusa (Video)

Came across this video today via Rule4080 and had to give it a post. Va emcee, Kevin Sinatra tells the tale of a cursed girl and his quest to save her from her own demise. Featuring Elle Maxwell over some very dope production by Curtis Tull, I'll certainly be checking for more from this kid.  

May 6, 2011

WSLE Soundscape Radio: Tall Black Guy - Motown's Future Sound

Sit back and chill to the soulful and progressive sounds of one of my favorite producers. Detroit's own, Tall Black Guy makes beats that are sure to keep your head in constant nod mode. Tune in as I pick his brain about his production, his Giles Peterson feature and his future as a producer. Enjoy!


Coultrain - Green (TBG rmx)
1773 - Contentment (instrumental)
Tall Black Guy - Breath & Air
Vanilla - Indigo Pulse (instrumental)
Malice & Mario Sweet - Speed of Light
Asen James - Mr. Soft Touch
Mr. Sobers - Hustle (instrumental)
Innosphere - Run to The Sun
Concept - Time’s Up (instrumental)
Crooklyn Dodgers (instrumental)
RUFIO - Like no Tomorrow (instrumental)
80’s Babies - I Wanna Talk to You
Diamond District - In The Ruff (instrumental)
Teebs - Bound Ball - (instrumental)
Eric Roberson - Tale of Two (Tall Black Guy rmx)
Wild Cookie - Touchy Touchy

Click here to download.

May 3, 2011

Reneedion - Have Mercy on Me (Video)

Reneedion keeps it moving dropping new music & visuals from her forthcoming project, The Bridge. "Have Mercy on Me" is so fitting for the times we are in. With so many out of work, panhandling has become very popular around my way. Still, one can dream and look forward to a brighter day despite their situation. Reneedion sings in somewhat of a haunting tone which melds gospel and the blues of years past into the song. Brilliant combination from such a young talent. Her EP, The Rhapsody in is still available. Make sure to cop yours here or here

May 2, 2011

Dynasty - Epic Dynasty (produced by DJ Premier) Official Video

Okay, I'm a day late. Not really though. I was working, promoting my girl, Dynasty's debut for her DJ Premier produced "Epic Dynasty" official video on the night it dropped (4-30 @ 11:05 pm). Appearing on 2010's, Year Round Records Presents: Get Used To Us, Dynasty is the only female emcee on the project alongside great names like KRS-1, Freddie Foxxx, NYG'z, Joel Ortiz and a host of others. I would say that speaks volumes. Anyway, enjoy the video shot right here in Tampa. Make sure to friend her on facebook and stay tuned in for more.