May 28, 2010

Kil Ripkin - Not You (Official Video)

"Peace and Love family! Finally, I Present to you, my long awaited video "Not You" directed by Science Projects, and produced by Eric GThe Balancing Act out Soon." Kil Ripkin 

Choosing to educate rather than floss and talk about females, Kil takes on multiple roles in his new video aimed to inform and guide the black man and woman about who we are and shunning the ignorance placed on us by others and self. Do the knowledge yall. Support hip-hop NOT hip-pop!

May 22, 2010

Avery Sunshine- Next to Blow

The whole world will be talking when the next lady of soul opens her mouth and allows the truth to emit. A native of Chester, Pa now residing in Atlanta, Ga, Avery Sunshine brings the light to your day with her jazzy-soul vocals and talented keyboard skills. She embodies the gift of music and through it expresses the challenges of her life: being a divorcee & single mother of two, yet sings about the joy of loving again and thankful to God for what he has in store for her. A natural performer, songwriter and musician - Avery's voice and style will capture your attention and raise your spirit the way Ledisi's did when she first hit the scene. Listen below to the melodically introspective, but beautifully told "Ugly" from her debut album due out May 25th. Make sure to visit her Reverbnation page for more incredible previews from her album.

May 21, 2010

SLE Presents: Soundscape Radio!

The goal is to introduce artists we promote here on SLE Soundscape to the Central Florida region. Due to the lack of variety provided by mainstream radio, I decided to start my own show. This has taken me some time to put together, but it's done! May you enjoy it and share it with your friends and fam. Support the artists as always.

Episode 1. The Check In

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Child of The Sun
Fatima - Soul Glo
Onra - Long Distance ft. Olivier DaySoul
K-Kruz - Look Honest (rmx) ft. Steve Spacek
Grooveman Spot - Everybody ft. Erik Rico
Approach - Watermark ft. Reggie B.
Bonobo - Stay The Same ft. Andreya Triana
Miles Bonny - Bucktown v2.0
Mark de Clive Lowe - Hope ft. Rahel
Onra - My Mind is Gone ft Olivier DaySoul
Adriana Evans - Suddenly
Jimetta Rose - So Easy
Yahzarah - Last to Leave
Shafiq Husayn Dust & Kisses ft. Noni Limar
Electric Wire Hustle - Walk On ft. Stacy Epps
Mr. Beatnick - Plastic Memory
ISHE - Layed Up

May 20, 2010

Yahzarah - Why Doncha Call Me No More (Official Video)

Yahz drops some vibrant visuals to her 80's inspired lead single. Get ready to feel energized, and if you're a product of the 80's, you'll surely appreciate this blast from the past themed video. Also, if you have yet to  purchase The Ballad of Purple Saint James, don't waist another second. The album is phenomenal and amongst my top 5 for 2010 releases. 

May 7, 2010

Alex B - Getting to Know You

Opinions are powerful and can sway consumers one way or the other. Most of the time critics, bloggers and musical peers alike give bias views or simply exaggerate or underrate a project due to lack of knowledge or an affinity with the artist. Well, after reading a few reviews regarding Alex B's new LP, Moments I took it upon myself to give it a fair listen. The Colorado based producer injects a flurry of electro grooves, sonic break beats and boom bap that's strong on the LA scene into Moments. Fans of Flying Lotus & Amede and the Soundsmith will easily appreciate Alex B's work. I personally dig the LP as it is an escape from my regular soul or hip hop listening. Drums that bang and tangled chords come together to provide a progressive future sound which makes Moments a well crafted album. If my opinion doesn't lead you to feel any kind of way, let the featured track below speak for itself. Support the project for a small fee via amazon.

Alex B - Getting to Know You
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