October 18, 2012

WSLE Soundscape Radio: Diversified

No matter what, I going to keep my promise of being consistent. Didn't get to mix this out fully the way I normally do, but it still sounds good! Sorry no download link this time, but enjoy it all the same still. Don't forget to like the page on Facebook: Soul Lessons Entertainment and follow me on Twitter @mysoullessons and share the vibe with a friend.


1. Skyzoo – Drew & Derwin
2. Rapper Big Pooh – For Members Only
3. Vel The Wonder – Lizzy Love
4. AlexisDavis – The Lift Off
5. Kris Mars - Night Falls
6. Staycen X Koen - Never Too Late
7. Breezy LoveJoy – Sadie
8. Lucille Ghatti – The Super Villain #2
9. Radio Galaxy – Feel Trip
10. Nicholas Ryan Gant – Liberty
11. Substantial - Neighborhood Watch (feat. Acem of Gods'Illa)
12. TingTryer - .38
13. Funkommunity – The Light
14. BMB aka WayneTweed - Amore
15. Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio ft Yasiin Bey (Pete Rock rmx)
16. Missoles - Under the Sun ft. Erik Rico (LAID S.O.U.L. rmx)
17. Gwen Bunn – Epitome

September 29, 2012

WSLE Soundscape Radio - The Movement Continues

Mr. Wells is back! Yeeeah! Let's pick up where I left off 1yr & 3 months ago with that good music for your mind, body and soul. A call to action has been served, so please respond accordingly. The turning of a new is about to unfold.

Spinnerty – Just Listen ft. John Robinson
Tall Black Guy - Who is He
Teri Tobin – Love Me
LaToiya Williams – This Love is Sweet
Diggs Duke – Patiently We Bloom
Mo Kolours – Temi
Paul White – The Punch Drummer
YG’z – Groove on (Pete Rock rmx)
Zhane – Request Line (rmx ft Queen Latifah)
Commentary/LL Cool J - Pink Cookies… (Easy Moe Bee rmx instrumental)
Sango – Sempre
Rochelle Jordan – Could’ve Been
Ana Tijoux - El Rey Solo (Feat. Curumin)
Proh Mic – Cosmic Beauty
Georgia Ann Muldrow - Kali Yuga
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Little Girl (Dakota’s Song)
Teresa Jenee - Tahitian Vanilla
I-Ced – Soldier Ready To Go Home
Skyzoo – The Ellis Wilson Painting

Download here

Twitter: @mysoullessons 
Facebook: Soul Lessons Entertainment

June 5, 2012

K15 - Note To Self #2

New music from one of London's finest producers, K15 - a short but chill groove entitled "Note to Self #2..." This follows his release of the very dope Theme Music For A Pariah EP, which if you haven't heard, I suggest you take a minute out to do so. "Note to Self #2..." is available for free download beginning today for a very limited time, so if you enjoy, make sure to head on over to his Soundcloud page to cop it and also hear more of his work.

K15 - Note to Self #2

May 18, 2012

Nicholas Ryan Gant - Promises (Quickview)

So many times since my absence from blogging, I'd thought of returning just to let my visitors know what I've been vibing to. Loads of great releases from singles to EPs & LPs, free releases and paid for gems that I've been inundated with, and all have truly been taking me a minute to get through. Finally after six weeks, I return with a notable mention - a rising underground voice that rightfully deserves his spotlight. Known as Ghetto_Falsetto via twitter, Arizona native, now New York resident, Nicholas Ryan Gant steps out on a good foot with his debut, Promises (5-22-12). Filled with that electro soul/hip hop fused sound that I've come to really appreciate, NRG wraps his soft crooning pipes around every key, bassline synth and drumbeat that surrounds him. NRG takes on relationships setting the sex filled tales aside and gives focus to one of past loves (New Day), change (Whirlwind), trust (Good Thing), freedom (Liberty) and of course promises (Promises). 

Leading off the album "Disclosure" kicks with a nice dub type vibe which sets the mood for NRG's introspective narrative, admitting to the world his flawed ways which in turn is damaging to his own self, but God has mercy on him despite that. "Good Thing" "Memory" and "Over Us/Convo With Queen Godis" with its house inspired groove all get the body moving, and NRG laces them all showcasing his controlled ranges which never slip considering the fact he sings in his upper register quite a bit throughout the album. 

Delivering thirteen tracks with only one to my dislike, NRG closes his gem outing with a superb track so vastly different from all the rest. "You Are" is a jazz lovers dream, backed by a beautifully played piano and NRG's caressing tone seems to set the stage for an EP or just a string of other works to come in a different direction. Upon first listen traditional R&B/Soul music fans may not get what NRG has crafted with his choice of production, but for those of us who follow the sound, Promises is a love story descriptive of all its wins and fails which in a whole doesn't fail. You can stream "Memory" and "Over Us/Convo With Queen Godis" with it's house inspired style here, and if that's not convincing enough with respect for the artist, I've provided snippets of two others. "Thought of You" which sounds like Pete Rock may have produced it and the beautiful "You Are." Thank you Nicholas for gifting me. You will get supported. I encourage you all to do the same.       

Nicholas Ryan Gant - Thought of You ft. Marion Ross (snippet)

Nicholas Ryan Gant - You Are (Snippet)

April 2, 2012

Columbia Nights - Feel

Finally, some new music from Record Breakin' Music (RBM) via DC trio, Columbia Nights. Paying homage to legendary jazz/soul artist George Duke, the two man - one woman collective give a more subdued version of "Feel". Lead vocalist, Sarai Abdul-Malik sings with a warm and sexy tone that wraps around tender keys and a deep moving bass-line which does the original its just due. Readying fans for their debut EP: Dawn, which is scheduled for a May release, you can rest assured they won't disappoint. 

Columbia Nights - Feel

March 21, 2012

Mr. J. Medeiros - Pale Blue Dot (Video)

Here's the video for Mr. J. Medeiros' exceptional song, "Pale Blue Dot.Definitely one of my favorite  tracks of 2012 thus far. I encourage you to spread the news about this song and video as this is a "word of mouth campaign." Positive content needs to be supported even more so than the barrage of b.s that remains to prevails via tv and radio.  

Sleepy Brown - We Run The Night

It's been like six years since the release of Mr. Brown by Atlanta's, Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize. Can't tell you how surprised I was to  hear something new from him given it was almost a year ago that I heard the smoothed out gem, "You're My Lady" not to mention, Mr. Brown was such a dope album. "We Run The Night" is straight up funky! A chill vibe that's infectious and soul stirring. Enjoy this and make sure to keep an eye out for his forthcoming album, Sex, Drugs and Soul - if that's still the title. 

March 14, 2012

K15 - Theme Music For A Pariah

Last week, K15 shot me the promo to his new Ep, "Theme Music For A Pariah." I would've had this up sooner, but I'd gotten thrown off with my children and several emails that had inundated my box since then. To be fair though, I gave it a good listen several times over the weekend and the project is a beat-head's thrill. From the mellow start of the title track it quickly takes off on some electronic/hip hop move ya body groove and keeps it going 'til the end. Loaded with some haunting and spacey sounds, intricate key workings and of course the drums for that knock, "Them Music For A Pariah" establishes K15's work as a producer to keep your eye on (if you're not already aware.) The digital format will release March 26th via the kind folks over at WotNot music. Until then, you can preview clips of the EP there.  Enjoy!

K15 - Beat Intoxication

March 13, 2012

Indigenous Soundwaves - Native Sun

First things first, shouts out to my dude, producer, Kensaye Russell for introducing me to this sensational duo. Indigenous Soundwaves consist of thought provoking emcee, Mohammed Yahya and the angelic soul of  singer/songwriter, Sarina Leah. The London based duo joined forces in 2010, melding Hip Hop and African rhythms with the aim of promoting a positive message of Universal Peace, Equality, Social Justice and Environmental Change. 

As individuals, I'm familiar with Sarina's voice via her work with producer, Eric Lau and Mohammed's - his Luvolution project as part of Blind Alphabetz. Together the two have assembled an album so soulfully harmonizing - rich in conscious content that perfectly blends Sarina's delightful vocals with a combination of Mohommed's english inflection and his native South East African tongue. "Gallery of Dreams" is my favorite at the moment, but don't sleep on "Senses" produced by Kensaye provided he introduced me. Albums like this I want to have on disc, so I'm going to hold off on the digital 'til then. Take a listen below and please do support.  

March 8, 2012

Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro - I'll Keep My Light In My Window

Her rousing rendition of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" brought the soul of UK songstress, Alice Russell to my attention. Sometime around the end of summer in 2009 is when I heard it via the Radio One network. Like most persons who hadn't seen her prior to hearing her, I thought she was a black woman. Nevertheless, with pipes that can belt out pretty much any soul classic of the late 60's, 70's & 80's, she surely holds her own. It's a wonder howAlice didn't get the same acclaim as fellow UK songbirg, Adele

Her debut, 09s' Pot of Goldin my opinion was a great album! Eleven tracks inspired by the sounds of Motown and legends like Aretha Franklin and Curtis Mayfield flow all throughout the album. Now after nearly three years, she's back - joining forces with producer,  Quantic (who I've come to know only last year). Look Around The Corner is the forthcoming album schedule for an April 3rd release, and judging from the symphonic sound of the first single by the same name and now the amazing second single "Ill Keep My Light In My Window," fans will not be disappointed. Keep tuned in; 2012 is going to be another great year for music. 

March 7, 2012

GreenTea - After The Laughter ft Oddisee

It's been a minute since I heard something new from D.C native GreenTea. The soulful flavor of 08's "Crazy Feeling" with its mellowed bass-line and GreenTea's stutter style flow began my introduction to the stirring vocals of another dope artist to check for. In early 2010 she dropped "Beautiful Weirdo Mixtape" then later, "The Crazy 8's, Dosage II: Remixes," (both of which I slept on) just to tide fans over 'til the release of her forthcoming album, Dosage III: The Time To B.E. I'd read via twitter last night of the newness to drop and as promised, here it is! "After the Laughter" ft. Oddisee places GreenTea over a party vibe reminiscent of 90's hip hop/r&b delivering a message of redemption to all those who clowned and spoke against her. Having shed some pounds over the past year, she's armed with a new sleek & toned build, but lost nothing where the voice is concerned, GreenTea's got something in store for us this year.

March 6, 2012

THEESatisfaction - Enchantruss

Is it the fact that these ladies simply are being who they are instead of being see through why I gets down to their sound? Or is it just that they're dope! Dope they are indeed. Just a couple of months ago, I'd come to know of the Seattle, Wa duo known as THEESatisfaction. Comprised of Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White, the two caught my attention one night while listening to the Giles Peterson show. Can't recall the name of the song, but the hypnotic production and echoing harmonies froze me for just a min - long enough to allow their sound to penetrate my eardrums and add them to my list of artist to watch for. Their latest single to drop is "Enchantruss," another captivating experience in sound and lyrics that showcases the eccentric creativity these ladies posses. Dropping March, 27th on Sub Pop Records, their debut, awE naturalE is one you don't want to sleep on. 

March 1, 2012

Mr. J. Medeiros - Pale Blue Dot ft Giannina Ashe

Respect to The Find MagazineMr. J. Medeiros for putting this one out. What an amazing song! "Pale Blue Dot" produced by Stro perfectly blends the soulful harmonies of Giannina Ashe with a tinge of electronic and alternative sounds while still capturing the essence of boom bap hip hop. Lyrically, Mr. J. Medeiros delivers a compelling message, taking aim at the extremists, religious fanatics and the wretched industry ceos who hold positions of power and influence over the minds of the youth. Take a listen, and if you're a vinyl collector, make sure to cop yours here. Enjoy! 

February 22, 2012

Adad - Slippin

Last week, on the way out to get some Indian cuisine, this joint came bumping through the speakers.  Slippin produced by Dibiase is the first single from All Natural Inc emcee, ADaD's  upcoming mixtape "P.S. I'm Next."Schedule to drop next month, and sponsored by All Natural Inc, RubyHornet, & KevinNottingham -  based on forward and thought provoking verses like this: "Until I realize what's important, and it ain't a pair of brand new jordans, or the handbag you've been sportin' - the insanity the youth absorbing, it's the bullshit you endorsing...) backed by hard hitting beats to match - one can only embrace this brother for being a speaker of truth. 

Adad - Slippin (produced by Dibiase)

February 14, 2012

Laid Back Presents: SD & Jus One Sexy Beast Vol. 6

Over two years now I've been waiting and just the other day I found the latest installment of the Sexy Beast series by Djs SD and Jus One. Sexy Beast Vol. 6 is back with the that ill dosage of new and old Nu-Soul, Hip Hop and Soul gems that make for pleasurable listening. This was just what I needed. These guys inspire me! Sorry, they didn't upload the mix for streaming, but ya man Mr. Wells gotcha covered. Respect to Laid Back, SD and Jus One for some great mixes.

SD and Jus One - Sexy Beast Vol. 6 

February 9, 2012

Robert Glasper - Move Love ft King (TBG rmx)

The date is drawing near (February 28th) for the release of the highly anticipated Black Radio by the Robert Glasper Experiment. I've heard about five tracks thus far and each one has confirmed for me how great this album is going to be once I get to experience the full disc. Currently, Robert Glasper and indabamusic are conducting a remix contest for the lead single "Move Love" ft King. I've heard several up to date - very dope ones at that, but the newest comes from non other than my dude, Tall Black Guy. With this remix, TBG blends elements of his singnature sound (bass heavy) along with some broken beat styled drums and some special effects to the vocals all perfectly arranged and executed easily bringing this remix to the forefront of the competition. I'm not quite sure how the winner will be selected; I didn't see anything regarding a voting process on the site. Whatever the case be, I wish all the best to TBG because I believe in his ability to create something magical. Listen below, and enjoy! 

Robert Glasper - Move Love ft King (TBG rmx)

February 3, 2012

Yung B Da Producer - BaCk At iT

New Jersey native, Yung B Da Producer continues to churn out joint after joint all leading up to his  debut release, The Last Poet. His latest "BaCk At iT", a self-produced gem places Yung B behind the mic - straight spittin'. He drops a few jewels throughout, but pay close attention to the last few bars where he speaks on 1 of hip hops biggest stars. Some may say it's all talk - even jealousy at the highest, but too much talk has some validity to it and I'm a true believer of that. Continue to speak the truth and bless your listeners sun. 

Yung B Da Producer - BaCk At iT

February 2, 2012

Esperanza Spalding - Black Gold ft Algebra Blesset (Video)

A quick stroll through twitter and look what greatness I came across. "Black Gold" is the first single and official video from the 2011 Best New Artist Grammy Winner, Esperanza Spalding. Featuring Atlanta native, Algebra Blesset "Black Gold" explores the rich history of African culture and black pride. The two compliment each others voice so well, and as the first single this is a great look for Algebra as well. I love how the video begins, reminds me of how I am when talking to my two youngest. This is definitely an exciting time for Esperanza and for the many new fans she's welcomed since the Grammys. I'm looking forward to the upcoming album, Radio Music Society due out March 20th. I'd heard Q-tip produced the album, then I heard he did produce some tracks, but will they make it is another question. Let's hope they do. Either way, support it when it drops.

January 31, 2012

Bilal - Free (Tall Black Guy rmx)

New music from Tall Black Guy is always a good thing. This time around, the super producer lays down a very different and interesting sound than what I've come to know from him. Slowing down the tempo and grudging out the sound - Bilal's "Free" gets a very alternative rework that both Bilal and producer, Nottz would be very proud of. This is just a taste of some new freshness to come, so keep watch for more. TBG is just getting warmed up for 2012. 

Bilal - Free (TBG rmx)

January 16, 2012

yU - I Believe ft Duff

"Today's a special day in remembrance of a man that resembled the spirit of a leader at a time where many just followed suit & went with the tide. Another example of how powerful the spoken word can be, changing the lives of many by something as simple as a thought; amplified by the tone of his voice. When I'm onstage, sometimes I think of Martin & Malcolm. I think of how they fueled their supporters with inspiration to push forward. I wrote "I Believe" at a time when I myself was going thru a lot, and was trying to fine tune my focus. Somehow after talking to my creator, & Charlie Ross (who lived in Okinawa, Japan at the time), I was given the music & this is what came from it." - yU 

"I Believe" comes from 2011's, The Earn. An album highly worthy of your support. Available here.

yU -  I Believe ft Duff

January 7, 2012

Robert Glasper Experiment - Ah Yeah ft Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michele

I heard this yesterday via Kev Beadle's podcast and was instantly blown away. "Ah Yeah" is the first official single from pianist/producer, Robert Glasper's fifth album, Black Radio scheduled for a February 28th release. Featuring Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele on vocals, this has only intensified the desire to purchase this album. Having heard two previous singles and peeping the track-list, I can go on early to say Black Radio probably will be album of the year for 2012. Pre-orders available now via amazon and itunes

January 3, 2012

Tall Black Guy - Love To The World

A new year without some new tunes is straight up wack! That's why producer Tall Black Guy's management made sure to hit me with one from his latest batch. As always, TBG cooks up another soulful dish for us to vibe out to. Rhythmic drums, lush keys, that signature bass line and a few ad-libs keeps the head in constant nod mode. This one's available come 1-24-12 on 7" LP, so if you're a vinyl collector or dj add this is one to your crates. Support it here.  

 Tall Black Guy - Love To The World