August 31, 2010

Tall Black Guy Vs. Michael Jackson

Just happened to spot this on my FB page, so without a doubt it gets a post. If you don't know who Tall Black Guy Productions is start here, then continue on to the Sonic Music - 80's Babies project, ft. Dee Jackson on the rhyme and several other guest appearances. You'll soon come to find out that dude is ill with the beats.

Didn't give this a full listen, just skimmed through it real quick - but from what I've heard, it goes! Boom Bap and Soul heavy. Get ready to rock a neck-brace following listening. Keep in the loop of more greatness to come by fanning him on FB, and  get your free dl of his latest project for free here. Peep a sample below. Big ups to Chaka B.

<a href="">04PimpMoFo(Beat It) by Tall Black Guy Productions</a>

Darien Brockington - Rain (Official Video)

As promised, the release of Darien Brokington's video for his smash new single "Rain." Nicely shot by Muata' Ali, the video displays a genuine sultriness between Darien and his lady amidst lots of colors within a warm cozy home setting. The Cold Case Files is available now on itunes.   

August 28, 2010

SLE Soundscape Radio! Episode 8


They say controversy sells, and maybe this is what the speaker at who I take shots at was aiming to do - sell his name, sell his establishment or just show his ass.

Peregoyo - Caranito (Natural Self rmx)
Coultrain - Blieve Nothing
Chief - Jazz Unconditional ft. John Robinson
MeLo-X - XXL ft. Chris Turner
Esperanzah - Now
Dutch - Just Before The Rain
Jah-I-Witness - I-Preciate (Thank You)
Slum Village - Don’t Fight The Feeling ft. Dwele
Tha Connection - Take It Higher
Commentary backed by Alchemist - The Forest
Rick Sanchez interview w/Pastor Terry Jones
Commentary backed by Ohmega Watts - Eyes & Ears ft. Jneiro Jarel
DonnT - Look at What You Started
J’nay - Where Do We Go
Dezaray Dawn - Hide Away - BusCrates 16-bit Ensemble Remix
Kuddy Roc - Time ft. Siaira
Teedra Moses - R U 4 Real
Andreya Triana - Far Closer
Emmanuel - Whole ft. Michelle Escoffery

Click here to download

August 25, 2010

Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong

The debut album by UK's latest soul sensation, Andreya Triana is now available. I got my copy last night via her label - Ninjatune's site. Since then, I've been absorbing the short but sweet melodic sounds of the album. And although short, Andreya packs it with her haunting soulful tone backed by her talented producer, Bonobo. My introduction came via the ill "Tea Leaf Dancer" by Flying Lotus, but I didn't really didn't take note until I heard the single "Lost Where I Belong." She had me open from that day forward. Now it's your turn to get wrapped up in her vibe. Peep the gems below. "Draw The Stars" is being giving away via itunes for a limited time, so go for yours. I encourage all to support the album in it's entirety. It's worth your hard earned money. All the best to Andreya. Thank you for your gift of music.

Andreya Triana - Draw The Stars

Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong

August 19, 2010

Vibe of The Day: Alison Carney

Released in April of 2008, The EP by Washington, DC native Alison Carney gets mad love by me today. To be quite honest, I don't remember exactly when I jumped on the record, but following my last Episode of WSLE Soundscape Radio I had to give the joint a proper spin. The 5 song EP is straight bananas! Alison's soft angelic tone wraps around beautiful melodies, warm rhythms and a head nodder that ignites a memorable mood and time within the listener. Alison is definitely an artist to place on your "one to watch" list. Peep the mellow and slight acoustic vibe of "More Than" below. Then check her latest single featured beneath that, "Japanese Candy" (2010) which has Alison rocking a funky electro, soul hop kind of vibe. Support good music, and stay tuned for more from this incredible young lady.

Alison Carney - More Than

Alison Carney - Japanese Candy

August 14, 2010

New Coultrain: *GodMustBeABoogieMan*

The long awaited "GodMustBeABoogieMan" by the gifted poet, singer and songwriter Coultrain is finally here! If you've been checking this blog in addition to others on the web, you should know who Coultrain is by now. Dude is by far one of the greatest artists of modern times and is soon to become a well sought out name in this business. Don't compare him to anyone! Coultrain sits in his own lane and commits to making music that is inviting, warm and expressive of life, culture and love. Get your taste of the new mixtape "GodMustBeABoogieMan" via the link below. It's a 3 part experience, and the one below is laced with a summery vibe that takes me back to my days of Italian ices, banana seat bikes and fire hydrants spraying the block down in Brooklyn, N.Y. GetReadyToExperienceGreatness!     

Coultrain - ARoofTopExperience






August 13, 2010

The Bilal - Moovmnt Interview (Video)

I had the pleasure back in late 01' to have seen the man known as Bilal in concert at a venue in ATL. Dude had the crowd going when he sang "Sometimes," and I knew outside of his incredible debut, First Born Second being the smash that it was and still is, dude was about to set a blaze in the music industry. Since that time, Bilal has gone through a serious phase in his life and he discusses it with the crew over at Moovmnt. The interview is a little over 18 mins, but it's very compelling and moving, and you get a personal feeling about this zany yet intriguing character an artist. His new album, Airtight's Revenge is due out next month on the 14, and is available now for pre-order via Amazon. Respect and all the best to Bilal. 

SLE Soundscape Radio! Episode 7

Make You Move

Blessing Tampa, Fl and the rest of the world with the sounds of wonderful music.

Byron & Onra - The Return
Jaspects - Play On
David Banner ft Big Remo - Strange
The Clonious - Oily Glue
14KT ft. AB - Less Than Enough
Stacy Epps - Addicted
Zo! ft. Carlitta Durand - Nights Over Egypt
Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket - Field
Alison Carney - Free
DJ Day & Miles Bonny - Learnin’ To Fly
grooveman Spot - Ponsonby Beat Down
Brand New Heavies ft Phonte - Sex God (DJ Spinna rmx)
Roddy Rodd ft. Phonte & Carlitta Durand - This Time Around
Bruno Mars - Our First Time
Brian Temba ft Sharlene Hector - Where This is Going
Daru Jones & Kissey Asplund - Sweetest Day
Commentary backed by/The Aqua League - The Setup
Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus rmx)
Mark Ronson ft Ghostface - Lose it

Click here to download.

August 12, 2010

Darien Brockington - Rain (Video Shoot)

Here's a sneak peak using photo stills of the upcoming video for Darien Brockington's newest single "Rain." Courtesy of Jas of JAS Photo. Looks like DBrock and the cast had a good time. No date on the video's release date, but rest assured, I'll post it when it premiers. Support the song, support The Cold Case Files. Support good music!

Darien Brockington - Rain






August 6, 2010

Timeless Music: Marcelle & The Truth

I was chatting to upcoming R&B/Soul singer, Aniesia Williams via Facebook today. She told me about her forthcoming album, due out early 2011 and her working with Marcell & The Truth on the project. During our conversation, I didn't know who M&TT was, but after visiting his site and coming upon this interview, I soon remembered that I'd heard of M&TT and sure enough he is the TRUTH!

My introduction to M&TT came via my dude Soundnexx. It was his Ebony Souluette Mixx where I'd first heard Marcell and mistaken him for another soul singer, Lathum who'd been off the seen since 02'.

Marcell's soothing baritone is sure to win any soul music lover over. He's the voice of the grown man amongst a sea of youthful entertainers. A modern day Bill Withers, Freddie Jackson and Luther Vandross - touching on the thoughts of what's  meaningful and relative in order to add a sense of realness to everyday lives. I have yet to purchase both his debut, Hopes Too High and sophomore effort, Symbols (which received 5/5 stars courtesy Creative Loafing of ATL), but if the featured track below moves you as it does me, then spend your ten bones on this talented brother and spread the word amongst music lovers like yourself.

Marcell & The Truth - You Saved Me






August 3, 2010

Ski Beatz feat. Curren$y & Smoke DZA – Nothin’ But Us (Video)

New Orleans native, Curren$y hooked up with Ski Beatz and dropped the get high album of 2010, Pilot Talk. Unfrotunately, this joint didn't make the cut, but you won't have to wait much longer to get it. Ski confirmed it to be on is highly anticipated 24 Hour Karate School, dropping September 7th. The verse from Smoke DZA is bugged. "Higher than giraffe p@#*y." LOL!

Zo! - Sunstorm (Review)

Now a full week since the release of Michigan native, Lorenzo Zo! Ferguson's Sunstorm, I've finally decided to drop my two cents amongst the others on the net. For me, the album starts off where Little Brother's - Getback ends. "Greater Than The Sun" ft. Phonte, the opening track on Sunstorm kinda has that feel of "When Everything" also produced by Zo! minus a few bpms. With it's infectious groove and a crooning Phonte on the vocals it's just a real feel good track that sets the mood for the journey into the rest of the album.

Laced with a heavy assortment of elegant keys, synthesizers, guitar riffs, rhythmic drums and a jazzy soundscape, Zo! fills his music with great lyrics, soul & harmony via artists from the Foreign Exchange Camp (Yahzarah, Darien Brockington, Carlita Durand...) along with a few worthy and known outsiders from the indie scene (Lady Alma, Sy Smith, JBIII...).

On "Greatest Weapon of All Time" ft Sy Smith, Zo! brings out the latin flavor near the tail end which subtly changes the uplifting vibe, but makes you want to break out into the samba. Good move.

From the onset of the track "Be Your Man" ft Darien Brockington will instantly take you back to Mtume's - Juicy, but Zo! brings in the keys so quick to flip the funk and create a slow smash for D-Brock's passionate vocals. The electric guitar at the end just elevates the track to another level. Classic!

The title track, "Sunstorm" ft Yahzarah, delivers another heater that's sure to have the ladies hype and the fellas heads nodding up in the club. Yahzarah's honey like refrain cruises perfectly over the ill synths and melodic bass line Zo! composes.

Changing the pace and sound is the lounge type vibe of "If I Could Tell You No" ft Jesse Boykins III. Zo! proves his keys game to be well rounded delivering an easy flowing jazz composition - something I'd expect to hear from the likes of jazz pianist and vocalist, Jose James.

"All is Well With Love" ft Chantae Cann of Jaspects fame is a winner all around. Figuratively speaking, the track seems to illuminate. There's a magical feeling that surrounds the energy on this track. I believe it to be the wind chimes  that weave in and out in addition to the entrancing sounds of Chantae Cann floating throughout like a butterfly.

The magic doesn't end there, but this review does. I love the album overall. However, I would've like at least 2 more songs, 1 with vocals and the other a rousing instrumental with 3 shifts displaying Zo!'s versatility & musicianship. Also, the sequencing of the tracks could've played better had it been structured like a cassette with the uptempo tracks on side A and the mellow to slow on side B, and the Lady Alma track, "Free Your Mind" as a bonus. Still, Sunstorm is a must have for lovers of great music.

My respect goes out to Zo! for accomplishing this project in the manner he did. According to the interview w/Fave of the FFC, the bulk of this project was done via file sharing. How difficult a task that is, I don't know, but he makes it sounds seamless as if the artists where right there in the studio with him. Success & Respect Zo!

UPDATE! Zo! and RCRD LBL has teamed up to give away another banger off the Sunstorm album. "Greater Than The Sun" ft Phonte. Click here for your free dl, and if that doesn't encourage you to purchase the album, then you just FAIL!

Zo! - Be Your Man ft. Darien Brockington

Zo! - All is Well With Love ft Chantae Cann

Dynasty - Epic Dynasty (produced by DJ Premier)

It's been a long time coming for Tampa femcee, Dynasty, but the payoff is coming around nicely. Before hitting up the stage for the Rock Steady For Life concert in Newark N.J, Dynasty stopped by Live from HeadQCourterz to build w/the legendary DJ Premier. For Dy, I'm sure this is the greatest cosign ever. Check out the full show for more joints from Dynasty and other bangers from the real. Peep the smash she laces produced by the man himself. Get 'em Dy!

Dynasty - Epic Dynasty