July 28, 2011


Problems with my hosting site had me inactive for a min, but I'm somewhat up, so let's get back into it.  A lot of talk has gone around the web regarding the Jay Z & Kanye West track, "Otis" since it dropped last week. Personally, I thought the joint was to opulent for a man of thin pockets, but nonetheless the beat was ill. Well, another super group I assume thought just the same about the sample used and decided to give it their own spin. Giving it a soulful vocal and eliminating the swaged out rhymes, the ISHE + HEZEKIAH PROJECT redefines what the machine produces and lives up to what true artists are about. #Nownownow press play and enjoy the vibe.    


July 20, 2011

Roy Ayers Project: Who is Roy Ayers (Music by Tall Black Guy)

I'd heard about the Roy Ayers Project some time ago, but wasn't really certain as to what it was about. Well, today I'm a bit more clear. From the looks of the video, the project will be a documentary aimed at celebrating the works and influences of great jazz/soul musician, Roy Ayers. From as early as I can remember his classic, "Sunshine" has been one of his greatest works to get sampled and reworked by a number of artists: Brand Nubian, Masta Ace, Mary J Blige, Common, Trendz of Culture and more. What's so great about this video is director and producer Haylow Overby
 recognizes the talents of my dude Tall Black Guy. That's his vibe providing the backdrop! Big ups to TBG for reaching new levels every time.

July 17, 2011

Temika Moore - Let it Go (Tall Black Guy rmx)

Those who follow me, already know I'm a big fan of Tall Black Guy Productions, so it goes without question to post something new of his whenever he drops. This time around, TBG puts his signature bass heavy - uptempo ladened groove to work over the vibe of Philly native and current DC resident, Temika Moore. This is my first time ever hearing of Temika, and I'm thankful for the put on. Temika has the vocals of a strong jazz vocalist who's able to command your attention as she delivers each note of the song. Peep the remix below, then check the original here.

July 12, 2011

D.Focis - Herman Gardens

I recently just heard of artist/producer, D.Focis, but he is not at all a stranger to the rap game. Hailing from Detroit, D.Focis is that lyrical dude you want to keep your ears tune to. He built up a name being a producer out in Tokyo, Japan where he held residency from 00'-07'. Upon returning to the states in 07' he continued to produce working with artists Bobby Creekwater, Donnis and Nappy Roots. Now ready to shine as an emcee - on his forthcoming The Herman Gardens Project, like many before, he chooses an assortment of J Dilla tracks as his soundtrack, but unlike others, he excels showing a true gift for putting words together in the most clearest and depictive way. I viewed all his videos today, and next to "Ugly Inside" this joint I really felt. Peep it for self, and stay connected. #TheHermanGardensProject coming soon.

Zo! - ...Just Visiting Three

It was just last week upon receipt of my Dear Friends: An Evening w/The Foreign Exchange CD/DVD where I watched Phonte speak about this project, and today in my inbox there it was.  Zo! dropped his third installment of the ...Just Visiting series, and if you've followed from the beginning, you already know what to expect - pure musical bliss. Everyone's commenting about "Marzipan," which is no doubt a gem, but I really appreciate the jazzy vibe interpretation of  "Let it Go" in comparison to the funked out original by Pages. Give it a listen, then get yours here

Zo! - Let it Go ft Nicholas Ryan Gant


01. Black Cow feat. Phonte and Sy Smith
02. Let It Go feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
03. Driving feat. Sy Smith
04. Marzipan feat. Eric Roberson and Phonte
05. Everything She Wants feat. Phonte
06. Same Ole Love feat. Jeanne Jolly
07. Playing Your Game, Baby feat. Anthony David

July 8, 2011

WSLE Soundscape Radio: The Sound of Music

No interview this episode, but it's been 3 weeks without a show, so here's to those who need their fix for good music. Enjoy & share!

Daj - Fantasy
Bluntspeakers - Kill All Hipsters (instrumental)
Jae Franklin - Is There Any Love
Pete Rock & Camp Lo - Mic Check
Mishal Moore - No Strings
J.Patric - Ballad of The Broken Hearted
Nadirah Shakoor - Touch My Soul
Ishe & Hezekiah - Pressure ft Range the Messenga
George Duke - After Love
The Foreign Exchange - Laughing at Your Plans (Live)
Anais Aida - Say You’ll Go (Cover)
Rapsody - Lampin’
Tall Black Guy - Mini Chops
Kadence - Hypocrisy
Reggie B - It Gets Better
Blitz The Ambassador - Native Sun ft Shad
Selah Sue - Crazy Suffering Style

Click here to download

July 6, 2011

Shameka Dwight - Gotta Go (Official Video)

Sometimes a click on an unknown link can lead you to something absolutely worth your while. Well, that's exactly what happened to me last night as I was reading down my twitter timeline. As one who is  always in search of new music, I was pleasantly surprised to tune my eardrums in to the beautiful sounds of southern songbird, Shameka Dwight. From the onset of her beginning note, it's quickly made clear that Shameka is a star in the making. At only 25 years old, with a voice and song that is sure to draw even the hardest cat in to her fold, in addition to the fact that she plays piano and guitar, Shameka brings a welcomed sound and heartfelt lyrics to the world of music.  She currently has two singles out, "Gotta Go" and "Start Again," which this tune was the first I'd heard from her and made me an instant fan. Peep the track below, support her work and be on the look out for her debut album, Lovelations due out this Fall.  

Shameka Dwight - Start Again

July 1, 2011

Tiny Danza - You Could Have it All (Album Review)

A couple weeks back, I received an email introducing me to a band hailing from Toronto, Ontario - Tiny Danza, a group of 5 musicians who combine live instrumentation with rapping and singing have set out to craft their own sound that fuses electronic and acoustics styles of music. Inspired by a host of current and past artists, Drake, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Arcade Fire... Tiny sonically doesn't fail me. On their debut album, You Could Have it All,  they open up with a subtle keys intro building into a nice drum & guitar tag team. While this joint doesn't set the tone for what's next to come it did keep me tuned in and void of pushing the skip button.

The album kicks into gear with their lead single "Beat Fly," a fast past tune that has lead vocalists, Galen Hogg and Andrew Craig leaving their relationships behind and reaching toward the sky with their music. Galen holds down the rapping, while Andrew delivers the soulful melodies to balance out. Now while Galen, in my opinion isn't the best emcee, he does work fairly well to fit the groups overall sound. I find him at his best on the uptempo party vibes of the project like "Beat Fly" and "The Grind," however, he does rock nicely over the mellow vibes of "Caught by the Game" and "The Illiad" which I'd have to say is my favorite cut off the album and somewhat unfortunately also where the album picks up again for me following "Beat Fly."

Now with every listen, I keep drawing comparisons between Andrew and Chicago based producer singer/songwriter, Ken Ross. Their voices are so very similar, yet Andrew gets my vote for the better singer. Excluding the instrumentation, Andrew is who keeps me in tune to this album. In "The Illiad" I came to appreciate his voice to another level as he pours out and croons about his beautiful girl. His pop-soul styled vocals allow one to just sink into the vibe giving it instant replay value. I can see him stepping away from the group, not completely, just to accomplish a solo album which would showcase his voice and writing skills even further.

Taking nothing away from the core of the group, musicians Matt Russo (guitar), Andrew Santaguida (keys) and Nick Shao (drums) create a varied but flowing soundscape for their leading men. The latin inspired guitar riffs in the beginning of "Shut Ya Mouth," the jazzy horns throughout the interlude, "N-2," and the funk inspired beginnings of "So Much Right Now" gives a glimpse into what the group could produce if they were commissioned to work with other artists/groups in those genres. As a whole, the three show how easy they form with over a decade of working together.  

So how do I feel about this project? Let me simply say, it's worth the support if not just for "The Illiad," "Caught by The Game" and "Beat Fly." Not to mention "Beat Fly" has a unique video and a Rock Band game for Xbox and PS3. I'd say that's a great way to get their music out there. Peep two below, then go check out the rest of the album for yourself.    

Tiny Danza - Beat Fly

Tiny Danza - The Grind