December 31, 2010

SLE Presents: Soundscape Radio! Episode 15

Culmination! 2010

I've truly enjoyed all of what 2010 had to offer with respect to the music and friends that I've made via Facebook and Twitter. This final episode for 2010 could've been a lot longer, but I had to draw the line at 2 hours. So many artists I didn't get to include, but that doesn't mean I thought less of their music. As with any playlist, it's all a matter of opinion on what's hot and what's not, so don't get mad, just vibe where you feel it. Peace and blessings! Mr. Wells. 2011, let's go!

Soulful - New Years (instrumental)
Kay Suzuki - Move On ft. Dutchy
Maddslinky - Further Away ft. Tawiah
Bonobo - Eyesdown ft. Andreya Triana
Bonobo - Eyesdown ft. Andreya Triana (Floating Points rmx)
J-Live - Calculations ft. Oddy Gato
Freeway & Jakeone - Freekin' The Beat Ft. Latoiya Williams
Kanye West - The Joy ft. Jay Z & Pete Rock (produced by Pete Rock)
DTMD - Fantastic
Teebs - Why Like This
Alex B - Hot Chop
Lewis McCallum - First Date ft. Fran Kora
Jesse Boykins III - B4 The Night is Thru (
Georgia Ann Muldrow & Declaime - Mind Traveling
Black Spade - Untitled ft Coultrain
Carmen Rodgers - It’s Me
Jose James - Love Conversation ft Jordana Lovely
Geno Young - Gladys
Avery Sunshine - Ugly Part of Me
Corinne Bailey Rae - Is This Love
Full Crate & Mar - She Was Fly (rmx ft. Eric Roberson)
The Roots - Dear God 2.0 ft. Monsters of Folk
Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Hope ft Rahel
Janelle Monae - Neon Valley Street
The Beatmaking Housewife - Messenger of the Sun ft. Xei
Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - My Love ft. Poodie The Byz
Notzz - No Money Down (feat. Terese Cook)
80’s Babies - Frequency ft. Kazi the Blak & Allegra Dolores
The Beast & Nneena Freelon - Freedom

Get it here.

December 17, 2010

Label Love Vol. 2

Back with another great combination of artists and producers - Label Love Vol. 2 fills your ears with cosmic vibes, electric soul and future sounds. Get hip to new tunes from Bilal, Full Crate, Miles Bonny and other favorites of mine. If you didn't get Vol. 1 make sure to check that out too as well. Peep the short but exquisite "Tomorrow" by Jono McCleery and the mezmorizing "Painted Stars Refix" by Jed & Lucia, both new comers to me, but I'll be checking for more from them. Get your copy of Label Love Vol. 2 here.

Jono McCleery - Tomorrow






Jed & Lucia - Painted Stars Refix






December 16, 2010

Allegra Dolores & Race (of The Primeridian) - The Return of Here and Now

Fresh off of twitter - new Allegra Dolores & Race (of The Primeridian) bless us with some super sonic, early roller skate boogie type ish over one of my  favorite new producer's track - Tall Black Guy

Allegra Dolores & Race (of The Primeridian) - The Return of Here and Now






December 13, 2010

SLE Presents: Soundscape Radio! Episode 14

I'd been working on this for the past 2 weeks, but just couldn't get it done. But the wait is over and Mr. Wells returns with another banger to hold you over 'til the final ep for 2010. Make sure to keep tuned in.


AFTA1 - Become Still
Ben Jamin” - The Stash
Letherette - In July Focus
Jazz Liberatorz - Blue Avenue
Letherette - Blad (snippet)
The Stuyvesants - Seldom Seen (snippet)
Vanilla - Sunshine Static
grooveman Spot - Take Back
DJ Center - Strings
Alex B - Waste
Hubert Daviz - Space Journey (snippet)
Krystal Klear - Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawk rmx)
Cleo - Smile To Me
Innoshpere - Gotta Be Me (rmx) ft. Thaione Davis
Kevin Michael - We All Want The Same Thing (Acoustic) ft. Akin Dasan
Tekitha - Bittersweet
Aloe Blacc - Bailar (rmx)
Basic Vocab - There You Are (feat. Donwill & E. Nelson)
La Melodia - Love Game ft Suzi Analog
Dwilt Sharpp - I Need You Close (feat. Lorett Fleur)
Naked Music - Love Only One
Giles Peterson Presents Havana - Think Twice (Marc Mac Remix feat. Danay & Carina)

Click here to download

December 8, 2010

Jesse Boykins III - Before The Night is Through

A summer night out at Santos during in NYC was the first time I'd heard this infectious vibe by Jesse Boykins III. Along with friends, JBIII shared footage of the night, and "B4 the Night is Thru" felt just right playing in the background. I'd been waiting on this joint to come to fruition and now it's here for you to partake in. Look out for the new album, Love Apparatus dropping 2011.

Jesse Boykins III - B4 the Night is Thru

December 7, 2010

The Late Bloomers - Never Don't Grow

Came across this joint today while surfing the web. Don't know anthing about the crew consisting of ReallyNathan, N⊗N-ST⊗P & Ahhzel, better known as The Late Bloomers. However, this track goes! The vibe is mellow artsy, and the flow of ReallyNathan and Ahhzel fit it perfectly. Be on watch for their upcoming debut EP entitled Three Shades Brown scheduled for release on January 16th, 2010. 

December 1, 2010

Iman Williams - Stupid Human Tricks

Yesterday, unexepectedly, Alabama native, Iman Williams released her long awaited album Stupid Human Tricks. The last time I chatted with Iman via twitter, she wasn't quite sure when the album would release - label issues was one of the circumstances I remeber holding up the release. Well, obviously things worked out for the good, and the album is well worth the wait. Stupid Human Tricks is a fusion of spacey, soul, funked-out hip hop beats in conjunction with Iman's melodic tone and harmonies carressing them. I'm definitely going to support Iman's project and I recommend you give it a listen and support it as well. 

November 22, 2010

SLE Presents: Soundscape Radio! Episode 13

Trying to get back in to the swing of things. Had a lot of problems with creating this episode, but it came out dope - the only way I know how. Great new music from some relatively new artists in addition to the more familiar names that's buzzing in mine and soon, your ears. Enjoy!

No Talk, Just Listen!

Allison Carney - Japanese Candy
Fayth Hope - Truly, Deeply, Madly
Nikko Grey - Nail Polish
DTMD - Champion
Black Milk - Real Hip Hop ft Royce Da 5’9 & Elzhi
Novel - Momma Said
Nikki NTU - Pelican Fly
Project Place - Chillin’
Cee-Lo - Bodies
Dwele - Dodgin’ Your Phone ft. David Banner
Floating Points Ensemble - Post Suite ft. Fatima
Saturn Never Sleeps - Stuck In You [Instrumental]
Tomson Ft. Paul Randolph - Joy Vibration (Aqua Bassino Remix)
MDCL ft. Sy Smith - Truth (vocal)
Direct Soul - I Need Your Love
Grillade - Dream Of You

Click here to download

November 19, 2010

Yung B Da Producer - AcKnoWleGe iT

Whenever I receive an email asking me to post music/video to the blog, I'm not always quick to jump on it, especially when I get one with the title of "Yung..." in the subject line. Any rapper/emcee with a name beginning with Young/Yung, usually hits the trash bin with the quickness. Somehow this one didn't make it there, and I'm thankful for that. Hailing from New Jersey, 21 year old emcee/producer, Yung Da Producer is hip-hop remeniscent of the "Golden Era." As an emcee, Yung's flow and content kinda reminds me of a young Nas, and as a producer, influences from Buckwild, Large Pro Pete Rock and The Beatminerz can be heard. “Acknowledge It” is the first single from his upcoming debut project entitled “The Last Poet.” Press play on the joint below and let it bang. Hit up his myspace to check out more. 

Yung B Da Producer - AcKnoWleGe iT

November 18, 2010

The Bug - Catch a Fire (Video)

Kevin Martin aka The Bug reunites with King Midas Sound vocalist, Hitomi for the new single, "Catch A Fire." Loving the slow dub vibe of this record. It's sort of enchanting. You can get the Infected EP which features 3 other songs via itunes

Velourpistol - Mind Traveling ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime

"Mind Traveling" featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow and Declaime is one of two tracks I was sent yesterday from Brooklyn producer Makalani Nosakhere a.k.a Velourpistol. From the forthcoming "The Vale of Happiness" soundtrack.

"The Vale of Happiness" is my three-part series chronicling a young artist coming into his own in present-day Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Descended from a family of Afro-Dominican immigrants who moved to the neighborhood in the 1950's, our main character struggles to express the growing feelings of helplessness and rage spreading throughout his community in the face of rapid gentrification."


Grillade - Dream of You (Video)

Director, Andrew Juncker and producers, French Press Films brings forth the visuals to one of the best songs I've heard this year. Grillade's - Dream of You tickles your soul and fills you with warm feelings of good times with friends.

November 17, 2010

Opolopo - Voltage Controlled

Tokyo Dawn Records is back with another eclectic project. This time Swedish synth composer Opolopo presents his electro, funk - boogie album, "Voltage Controlled Feelings." The album has a futuristic sound, yet it captures the feeling of the late 70's and early eighties sounds which reminds me of my youthful days back in Brooklyn N.Y. Features include L.A. vocalist Erik Rico, UK acid jazz hit singer Farah, Toronto-based jazz vocalist Sacha Williamson and Stockholm-based oral transmorpher of sounds and words Amalia 'Miz Fuze' Townsend. The project's release date is December 3rd, but you can get a taste of it below as well as the mixtape here.

Opolopo - The Singularity

Opolopo - Bonafide ft Amalia

November 16, 2010

Kil Ripkin - The Quickening

It's been a little while since I last heard from the emcee known as, Kil Ripkin. Just last week I received the email with his new project, "The Quickening," and today I finally got around to giving it a listen. "The Quickening" is 19 tracks deep and deals with a variety of topics from social issues, black relations, self discipline, empowerment and metaphysics. Get a glimpse of what the project features below and get your download here.   

Kil Ripkin - The Flesh






Kil Ripkin - Sounds of Freedom ft. Charles Herron






November 15, 2010

Coultrain - While She Was Sleeping

Last week when this project dropped, it was capped at 100 downloads. Well, fortunately for those who missed like myself, Coultrain put it up himself to allow for more, new and old to get aquainted or reaquainted with his music. If you're a true fan of Coultrain, then this will serve as a refresher to what you already know. But if you're new, then you're in for a musical blessing. DJ Limelight puts together a short but nice collection of Coultrain's work from features with Hawthore Headhunters, Daru Jones, his debut "The Adventures of Seymour Liberty" and joints from his most recent work, "GodMustBeABoogieman." I encourage all new ears to behold this man. He is without a doubt, one to watch for years to come. Press play and let the adventure begin. 

Coultrain & DJ Limelight - While She Was Sleeping






November 9, 2010

Grillade - Dream of You

While crusin' bandcamp over the weekend, I came across a group called Grillade. Prononced [gree-yahd] - the group consisit of Ragen Fykes, Keelay and The Park. Seeing Ragen's name caught my attention, so I went ahead and pressed play, and blaring from my speakers came the soulful, funk of "Dream of You." The tune took me back to an early Brand New Heavies sound - thorough instumentation laced by sultry vocals. Unfortunately, it's only a snippet. Damn! However, after doing my research, I came upon the full track and more info about the band. The 6 member group hails from San Francisco, California, and they're preparing their debut full-length entitled, Fresh Out Of Nowhere. Keelay, the group's producer, keyboardist and percussionist states: “We╩╝re musicians – artists. Grillade is a band that was born in an era where bedroom producers, singers and rappers are a dime a dozen. But we are playing the gigs, we are spending the time in the studio, we are crafting a brand new sound”. And the sound is most worthy to be heard. Peep the gem below and fall in love.

Grillade - Dream of You






November 3, 2010

Andreya Triana - Draw The Stars (Video)

One of my favorite breakout artists from last year is Andreya Triana. Her jazzy, soulful textured debut "Lost Where I Belong" dropped back in September and it's one album that get nuff burn on the ipod. In the video above, she drops a beautiful acoustic version for the opening track off the album. Her producer Bonobo will be on tour in Tampa, at the Crowbar on Nov. 14th, and I'm hoping she'll be the special guest they mention on the bill. Peep the original of "Draw The Stars" below, and support the album if you have not yet. {PMOI}  

Andreya Triana - Draw The Stars






November 1, 2010

gENSu dEAn - Forever ft. Large Professor

Just a few hours ago, I was introduced to a new joint by producer gENSu dEAn. "Forever" ft Large Professor is classic boom bap hip hop. I'm sure I've heard beats before from the Dallas, Texas representative being that he's produced for David Banner, Royal Flush and ODB, (gotta check my CD collection) but for now I'm really feeling this joint. No name on the forthcoming album, but it's done, so follow him on twitter to stay up for more to come.

gENSu dEAn - Forever ft Large Professor

K15 - On Impulse

UK producer, K15 has been putting his personal spin on some of his favorite artists he admires: Dabyre, Radiohead, Zhane... With his new release 1+1 , he adds Detroit emcee, Phat Kat to the list remixing "Nightmare ft Guilty Simpson" off 2007's Carte Blanche. The vibe K15 spins is a mellow spacey one which shows his ability to contrast the hard body production of the original (produced by Nick Speed). Peep the original production of "On Impulse" which to me is short, but he delivers sort of a sensuous vibe with subtle bell tingles, sprinkles of wind chimes, melodic keys and a nice knock to keep your head bobbing. Get your free download of both tracks here.  

K15 - On Impulse






October 30, 2010

SLE Presents: Soundscape Radio! Episode 12

I apologies for the delay. An emergency took me away from getting the show up, and out to you last week. All is well though, so thanks for your patience and enjoy this episode.

Playing God!

Gregory Isaacs - Conversation
Nikki Grier - I Need Some Help
Jason James & Rodney Hazard - Better As You
1773 - That One (Tall Black Guy rmx)
Amanda Diva - Manchild
Kaana Ellie & The Remedies - Reflections
Miguel Atwood Ferguson - Deliver The Word ft. Aloe Blacc
Boombaptist - Coolout (instrumental)
Letherette - Dance Brace (instrumental)
Talib Kweli - Eat to Live
Daru Jones - The Block pt2 ft. Prophecy
Bellaruche - Bobby
Tekitha - Ghetto Serenade ft RZA
Donell Jones - The Finer Things in Life
Olivier DaySoul - Just a Song
RoddyRod - Let The Rain Fall ft Nicholas Ryan Gant
Benny Tones - On My Way (Feat. Mara Tk)
80’s Babies - Wait a Minute ft Midflex & Famsquadilliana

Click here to download.

October 29, 2010

WrittenHouse - Cigarette Smoke (Video)

I'm a fan of the Philly based crew WrittenHouse. I've featured one of their joints, "Time's Tickin'" on episode 9 of WSLE Soundscape Radio. The above video is their debut from their forthcoming album, While You Were Sleeping. From all what I've heard thus far from the group and knowing their setbacks with having their studio robbed, the album is gonna prove how they've overcome adversity. Follow them on twitter and reverbnation to stay up to date with the group.  

October 27, 2010

La Melodia - Give It Up (Video)

This joint straight knocks! A dope vibe from emcee Melodee and producer INT, together known as La Melodia. They dropped their official video for "Give It Up" some three weeks ago, and the 7 song album, Electronic Love back in early September. I'm just getting put on to them, so here's another project I need to add to my "must cop" list. Stream the album via the link below, and just get ready to bang out!

Jayanti - Girl From Mars (Video)

Jayanti's sweet vocals and her alluring look puts me in the mind of Teedra Moses and Nadine Charles.  Despite that, I'm feeling this playful yet somewhat sexy joint from the Rotterdam songstress. {RAM}

October 26, 2010

Tamara Wellons - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Video)

I get a little upset when I now come across an artist whose been doing their thing  years prior the current. With that said, allow me to introduce Tamara Wellons. She is one dope singer! House singer to be specific, but not limited to the genre. The Ivor, Virginia native is an exciting vocalist who is surely deserving of every success to come her path. Making her debut in 2003 with Introducing... and following her sophomore release, Life Is (2008), the singer, wife and mother of 3 has been working diligently to put out a new project entitled Songs For Janie which is inspired by Zora Neal Hurston's - “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”  

As many may know, the toughest of obstacles for an independent artist is attaining financing for their projects. Knowing this, Tamara is kindly reaching out to us for support to bring the project to fruition. Every little bit helps so please contribute via here. Until then, peep an exclusive behind the scenes look at Tamara Wellons compelling cover of Nirvana's - Smells Like Teen Spirit in the video above. Enjoy it, and get to know more about Tamara Wellons via her sites.

Dwele - Watch Me

A product of boredom! I'm impressed. W.ANTS, W.ORLD, W.OMEN in stores now.

Beady Belle - Hindsight

Here's what's poppin' in my ears as of recent. Just a few joints I came across while surfing the web today.

October 15, 2010

Olivier Daysoul - Mr. Saint Louis EP

Having made appearances this year on Onra's - Long Distance, Trek Life's - Everything Changed Nothing, and friend and producer, Oddisee's - Odd Spring album, Olivier Daysoul returns strong on the scene with a new sound ready to make his place amongst the greats in soul music. I personally got to know Olivier Daysoul late last year, and thank God for that cause dude's first album was a great start for me. 08's Kilowatt was a very groovy galactic soul record that presented a psychedelic singer on the rise. Now on his new project Mr. Saint Louis EP, Olivier, as said switches up the vibe to a more modern style showing his versatility and songwriting craft. This is just a sample of what he's been working on so stay tuned. Peep the first release from the EP below, then head on over to his bandcamp pg & cop the full EP. The first 1000 downloads will be free, after that it will change to a pay what you want deal.

Olivier Daysoul - Labor






October 14, 2010

Roddy Rod - Cuba After Market 2

What makes a producer great? The fact that he can stretch his sound and make music that shows his range and appreciation for other types of music. DJ Roddy Rod of the Low Budget Crew has taken the sounds of Cuba and made an interesting fusion of hip hop, dub and electronic latin dance flavors. Had I not known it was Roddy Rod, I would've easily mistaken the vibe for that of a UK producer. I bought this project sound unheard in addition to not having part 1, but I do have 08's Blunt Park Sessions which is straight up hip hop. After a few listens I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this album. Peep two bangers from the project below then head on over to itunes & support the album.

Roddy Rod - Let The Rain Fall ft Nicholas Ryan Gant

Roddy Rod - Semi-Queasy

Cutlass Reid - Synthesizer (Freestyle) Video

A few months back I received an email regarding an emcee from Norfolk, Virginia named Cutlass Reid. I'd never heard of him, so I was cautious considering some of the nonsense I regularly get. So I decided to click the link to the video and what  showcased was an honest reenactment of scenes from the classic movie Friday while Cutlass spat fire hunger darts to show his commitment to this rap ish. I was impressed! Unfortunately, I failed to post the video then and had forgotten about dude, but thankfully I was reminded of him two days ago with another email for his new video. Check this quick gem Cutlass kicks over Outkast's "Synthesizer." Sun does not disappoint! His "One Day At A Time" mixtape is in the finishing stages, so keep watch for my dude.

October 12, 2010

We Plug Good Music Presents: A Prelude To The Future

Another project I had sent to my inbox to post is the 25 track compilation A Prelude To The Future from We Plug Good Music.  This record is a worthy addition to any music lovers collection. Not only is it good sonically, but also the lyrics are well penned to match the vibe. Emerging artists from all parts of the world feature on this project and all add their uniqueness to make it the success that is. From producers Ivan Ice & Remot to artists NAIRA & Emay who I've heard of before to new names such as Midian, Bez, Moxie Black and Faro Z - they all bring forth talent that deserves their just due. Hit play on the two below then cop your free download of the album here.

Waje - To The Top (pro. by Remot)

Ossie - Ungrateful (feat. Chloe Fiducia)

October 11, 2010

SWEDE:ART - Emotional Colors Remixes

I totally forgot I had this to post. New Tokyo Dawn Records project, SWEDE:ART - Emotional Colors Remixes is 14 interesting remixes to Swede:art's highly successful boombap album 'Emotional Colors'. Most of the artists and producers on here are new to me with the exception of B. Bravo, Pursuit Grooves, Black Spade and Devonwho, but the project is a good mix of electronic grooves, ambient vibes, house and hip hop flavor. The CD of the project releases on Oct 21st, but the mp3 format is available now for purchase via here. Check out two of my favs below.

Embrace The Chill ft. Pursuit Grooves & Comfort Fit (Matt Flores rmx)

Linguistics ft. Stray - Sam lRl rmx

October 9, 2010

Simeon of The Primeridian - Dance 4 Ever ft Shev Rock...Tall Black Guy rmx (Video)

Tall Black Guy is one of my favorite upcoming producers that understands the craft  of making good music. Along with some new visuals this remix gives the original a power boost. Like Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's "Summertime," this joint will definitely get the summertime spin for years to come.  

Cuisine Done Wright ft Deborah Bond

On October, 17th beginning at 8pm, be sure to tune in to as The Fabulous Aniesia & Chef Mark Wright bring you into their world of food and soul music. This premier edition will feature musical guest Deborah Bond out of Washington, D.C. Eli's Cheescake out of Chicago will be the feature to get your taste buds stewing, DJ Sikwidityo will be on the 1's and 2's keeping, and Deborah will be talking about her new project in addition to providing some soulful, funk filled tunes. For more details about the show check here.

SLE Presents: Soundscape Radio! Episode 11

Mr. Wells continues to bring you that good vibe on this episode. Filling your ears with the sounds of great new music and past gems.

Root Soul - On & On ft Shea Soul
Twin Cities - Raincloud ft Shea Soul
Teedra Moses - Caught Up
Phantom Lover - Subtle ft Jesse Boykins III
TeLuv - Forplay
Midian - Heartbeat
Benny Tones - Nevermind ft. Mara TK
Sinitus Tempo - Prosperity (instrumental)
9th Wonder - Shots ft Sean Price & Big Dho
Yo La Tengo - Here To Fall (Pete Rock rmx)
Soweto Kinch - Escape ft Eska
Choklate - Sun’s Out Choklate - Overdose
J.S.O.U.L - Tell Me. ft Carol Riddick
Ntjam Rosie - In Need

Click here to download

October 7, 2010

Gregory Porter - Illusions (Video)

Via my inbox comes an amazing new discovery from jazz/soul pianist and vocalist Gregory Porter. This smooth crooning baritone from Brooklyn N.Y is no newcomer to the world of music. A well studied artist of the late Nat King Cole, Gregory has performed on stages from the US to Russia and on national television shows such as “Late Night with David Letterman,” “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” and “The Today Show.” He's been said to be our next great jazz singer by, and after listening to the above track "Illusions" I truly understand why. His latest release Water is available now. I suggest you give it a listen!.  

October 6, 2010

Erik Rico & Marc Mac - Destiny (Video)

I first heard this song about 2 weeks ago and I've been patiently waiting for it to release. Thankfully the duo of Erik Rico and Marc Mac will be dropping their Direct Soul EP on Oct 24, 2010. The tune overall is a refreshing blend of keys, guitar, drum programming and an assortment of other instruments layered by the great vocals of Erik Rico. You can stream the 4 song EP via their bandcamp page for now. But you're going to want to cop this on the 24th, so make sure to mark your calendar. 

Skyzoo & Illmind - Speakers On Blast (Video)

Skyzoo delivers with his crafty lyrics and Illmind bring the 808's just right on the lead track "Speakers On Blast" from their now available Live From The Tape Deck. The Duck Down East Coast Tour featuring Skyzoo, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot, Sean Price and more is set to begin in Tampa on Monday, October 11 @ Club Empire. I'll be in the house mos def. Check here for tour dates in your area.  

Nikki Grier - I Need Some Help

She's a pretty face no doubt, but she also has a sensuously dope voice too. Most may not know of Nikki Grier on the strength of her own, but had you heard this joint, then you're likely to remember her. Since her introduction back in 06' to Dr. Dre she's gone on to work with and write or co-write tracks for 50 Cent, Eminem, Ginuwine, Busta Rhymes and a host of others. She's currently gearing up to release her Soulgasm Vol. 6 which launched back in September. For the next 12 weeks, she'll be putting out one song every two weeks. Below is the latest, "I Need Some Help." Make sure to check her out on FB and Twitter to keep abreast. 

Nikki Grier - I Need Some Help






October 4, 2010

Michah James - Lightskinned (Video)

Came across this cat today just surfing around the web. Checked out his video, which I thought was pretty funny and it took me back to the early nineties when there was fun and originality in videos. I don't know much about Michah James, aside from he represents LA and his mixtape, Agoraphobia has some pretty dope joints on it and dudes flow is ill too. Looking at him, you wouldn't think that, but as they say "Don't judge a book by its cover." Give the joint "Dreams" below a listen, then head on over to his bandcamp page and cop the album at no charge.

Michah James - Dreams ft. Bobby & Free Speech






September 30, 2010

JimiJames - Bang Bang

Let me just say this, I'm crazy about JimiJames. She just exudes sex appeal to the 10th power. Not feeling the white lipstick, but Jimi still keeps me eyes lock to her. Oh yeah, the electro bop of this joint is ill too. Make sure to check her myspace for more of her work. Props: BIFTK

September 25, 2010

SLE Presents: Soundscape Radio! Episode 10

Carrying on tradition with some of my favorites and new found emcees who rep this hip hop music to the fullest.t Don't Stop

And it Don't Stop

Amanda Diva - Brand New
Commentary backed by Batsauce - Hard Earned
Dynasty - Original ft LAWS
Sadat X - Turn It Up ft Pete Rock
Iman Williams - My Flow
Hadee - Magnificent ft Augustine & Primeridian
Boog Brown - The Essence (Oddisee rmx)
Black Milk - Over Again ft Monica Blaire
Eternia & Moss - The BBQ ft. Rah Digga & Rage
Finale & Invincible - The Waiting Game
Rah Digga - Straight Spittin’ IV
Currency - Audio Dope
Pete Rock & Smif N Wesson - Prevail ft Raekwon
Killah Priest - Shadows
Black Spade - The Cool Out feat El Prez & Vandalyzm
Proh Mic - Material Girl
Rita J - The Address
DJ Spinna - Still Golden ft. Tiye Phoenix
Jason James & Rodney Hazard - Better as You

Click here to download

September 21, 2010

Aloe Blacc - You Make Me Smile

I've been hearing about the forthcoming sophomore album by Aloe Blacc for some time now, and finally the wait is over. Good Things produced by Truth+Soul will be released worldwide on September 28th. In the, review, writer Otis Hart states: "It's a laid-back collection of vintage sounds and modern emotions that's sure to rank among the best albums of 2010, and based on what I've heard I don't disagree. Check out the last single to drop prior to next weeks release date, and if you want to hear more check here.  Also, to see if he'll be performing in a venue near you, check his tour dates here

Aloe Blacc - You Make Me Smile






Avery Sunshine - All In My Head (Video)

My NY homie told me he got a chance to see Avery Sunshine play S.O.B's last week and said she tore the spot down. I didn't doubt him one bit as I was the one who put him on to her. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Sunshine and she's a amazing woman filled with good spirits. In her official video for "All In My Head" Ms. Sunshine looks fantastic, but don't mistake her beauty because around the 3:30 mark of this video, you will see a woman ready to put the smack down on her suspected cheating man played by soul singer Anthony David.  Her debut is still available via itunes, amazon and her website