June 27, 2011

Because of Lily - Peace so Sweet

About a month ago, I saw one of my FB connects post about this group. I did a quick check on them back then but didn't really give the vibe a good spin until today. Yo, this is a beautiful group with some equally beautiful music. Unfortunately, I can't begin to tell you much about them as their bio on their site is in French. However, their music (what's featured) is in english. Consisting of members Crystal Night and Nyr Raymond, Because of Lily as they describe themselves - are a group of friends making simple music and having a good time. This is made clearly evident after viewing a performance video on their FB page. Because of Lily shows that sometimes all you need is a guitar, good vocals and a great friendship to deliver honest, whole and genuine music. Keep your eyes and ears open for this group. Hopefully, we'll get some music to purchase from them in the coming months.    

Because of Lily - Peace so Sweet

Tokyo Dawn Records Presents - The Heart Vol 2.

Prepare your ears for the new Tokyo Dawn Records release! Dropping July 29th, The Heart Vol 2 (CD) introduces listeners again to a host of great creative musical talent. The 16 song playlist features tunes from forthcoming TDR albums by Colonel Red, Vindahl and Portformat alongside a few unreleased and previously released tracks by Reggie B, Hazel and my dude, Classicbeatz. I had it playing while getting dinner ready, and it was the perfect vibe to accompany me as I prepare to close out my night. Check out 2 of many favorites from the project then head on over to Tokyo Dawn Records and support the digital version available now.  

Erik Rico & Marc Mac - Just Love
Reggie B - It Gets Better

June 17, 2011

WSLE Soundscape Radio: Miles Bonny - More Than Music

Me and the multi-talented, Miles Bonny talk about his upcoming debut album on Melting Pot Music, Lumberjack Soul dropping June 24, 2011. The Kansas City representative shares with me his views about his music, his family, vegetarianism, and his strong passion for social activism. This interview really goes in and shows the depth of Miles' character, so tune in now, become aware and vibe out to his soulful sounds.


Miles Bonny - Bucktown V2.0
Pete Rock & 9th Wonder (instrumental)
Diamond District - Streets Won’t Let Me Chill (instrumental)
Miles Bonny - Words (I Love You)
Spectac & Amiri - My God (instrumental)
DJ Premier (instrumental)
Sinitus Tempo - Shing02 Luv Sic pt. 5 (remix instrumental)
Miles Bonny - Learning To Fly
Sinitus Tempo - Shing02 Luv Sic pt. 5 (remix instrumental)
Fisto & Soul Square - Erreur De Casting (instrumental)
Willie Evans Jr. - BlackBlack (NoTakeBack) (instrumental)
Jay Dee - Love (A thing of the past) (instrumental)
Reggie B & Miles Bonny - Summertime Fun
The Velvet Gentlemen - Brighter (instrumental)
5017 (instrumental)
Vanilla - 27 Whisper (instrumental)
Flying Lotus - Melt (instrumental)
Concept - Determination (instrumental)
Masterclass - A Time (instrumental)
74Miles Away ft Miles Bonny & Ahu - Same Dream Again
Raekwon - Ice Water (instrumental)

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June 14, 2011

Tall Black Guy - Hollyweird 2.0

Fresh off his recently released Therapy Chop Sessions EP, my dude Tall Black Guy serves up another beat heavy project, Hollyweird 2. As I write this, I'm streaming the project and yo, it's just what I expected - Bangers! Although I've heard a couple of these joints already (2 lol!), TBG truthfully has yet to disappoint me. DL your copy of Hollyweird 2.0 and if you don't have Hollyweird, be sure to peep that as well. Check the featured gem below, then partake in the delightfulness known as Hollyweird.    

Tall Black Guy - Golden Sun (Tribute to Blackalicious)

June 3, 2011

ClassicBeatz - Ntale's Groove (The Remixes)

Last Friday, my dude ClassicBeatz dropped his latest project - a remix of four tracks from the awesome, Ntale's Groove. Classic and I spoke about the remix project during an episode of WSLE Soundscape Radio. He mentioned how the 4 producers, Barbera (Brazil), Mister Critical (Belgium), Strand (Brussels) & Jay Hats (Netherlands) all did an excellent job with creating a new sound for the tracks they remixed. I have to say, I agree. I like them all, but my favorite has to be Jay Hats remix of The Nigerian High Life. The drum and bass vibe he creates really stands out  and gives the track the opportunity to rock in the club. The album is a free download, so head on over to Classics bandcamp and get yours. 

ClassicBeatz - The Nigerian High Life (Jay Hats rmx ft Rone)

June 2, 2011

The Electric - So Now You Know (Tall Black Guy rmx)

My peeps, Chaka B sent this over to me several hours earlier, but due to my internet flippin' out, I'm just now getting to post it. Tall Black Guy strikes again (as usual) with a lush chill remix to the already dope vibe from DJ Vadim Presents: The Electric. What a perfect groove for those summer days that's soon to heat up yours and my city. Be sure to check out The Electric's debut, Life is MovingConsisting of Chi-town emcee, Pugs Atomz, UK soul-stress Sabira Jade and Brooklyn's, DJ Vadim the trio serves as messengers depicting every day experiences over well crafted production. I don't have the album, but from what I previewed, it sounds nice!

The Electric - So Now You Know (TBG remix)

The Electric - You're Beautiful

Mara Hruby - The Panties (Video)

I have a confession! I passed on Mara Hruby when I first saw her on bandcamp last year. Can't say why. Just did. But call it fate that I'd eventually take notice. Earlier this year, she found her way into my ear space via her video for Bob Marley's "Is This Love." Covering the massive tune with a soothing angelic vocal combined with an irresistible look - tall, lean and simply sexy, Mara is steadily working her way up the ranks of the romantic movement. Premiering today, she returns with another video from her debut, "From Her Eyes." "The Panties" is a cover of Mos Def's sultry banger of the same name, and in the video directed by Jesse Boykins , we are treated to a playful yet innocent tease of Mara's sensual side. As I watched it, I wish JBIII would've keep a clean focus on Mara, but for the sake of creative expression, I won't complain. Enjoy, and keep your eyes and ears open for more Mara Hruby

June 1, 2011

WSLE Soundscape Radio: ReneeDionn - Daddy's Jazz

With the weekend extended by a day, I got thrown off which caused the delay of getting this show completed and up for your listening pleasure. On this episode, I introduce you to the awesome vibe of Ms. ReneeDion. Renee & I chop it up about her music, her travels, her future work with indie soul king, Eric Roberson and her pleasures and disappointments within the industry. Enjoy!


ReneeDion - Go Easy
Screw - Candoo (instrumental)
ReneeDion - Nothing at All
Stak - 3hak (instrumental)
Vanilla - Keep on Walking (instrumental)
Looping - Keeper of my Soul (instrumental)
ReneeDion - Smile
Memorecks - Deepwaters
ReneeDion - Past Paradise
DJ K.O. - Nuttin (SeeMore instrumental)
B.Lewis - Light Wire (instrumental)
Flako - Chroma (instrumental)
ReneeDion - Catching Feelings
Hustle Simmons - Intro Instrumental
DJ Premier - Dink (instrumental)
Joob - Nebula (instrumental)
Screw - SunSet blv. (instrumental)

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