November 10, 2013

WSLE Soundscape Radio: ReConnecting

Instead of giving you the long story about why this podcast didn't drop when it was scheduled to - how 'bout I just give you the music and you take it from there. Enjoy!

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The Stuyvesants – Mind Traveling
Sango – Affection ft. JMSN
Oddisee – Yeezus Was A Mortal Man
Fatima – Technology
OC & Apollo Brown – Angels Sing
Gregory Porter – Free
Zara McFarlane – Mama Done
The Internet – You Don’t Even Know ft. Tay Walker
Dynasty – Body Heat ft – Hometown Hero
Sola Rosa – Promises ft OliverDay Soul (Tall Black Guy rmx)
Kenautis Smith & Black Spade – Greatest of All
Thundercat – Tron
The Foreign Exchange – Better
Sandra St. Victor – Spirit Talk
Jinx – Stay Strong ft Ron Marks
Hawk House – Round We Go
Moonchild – Gone
Bashiri Asad - Broken

October 8, 2013

Classic Beatz - Rumors of Royalty

Remember my dude, Classic Beatz! Yeah, I know - it's been over 2 years since I interviewed him, but since then, he's been on his grind connecting with some great musicians to bring his latest album, Rumors of Royalty to the people, and I, as one of his trusted confidants, have been made privy to the album before its release date scheduled for October 28thClassic describes Rumors of Royalty as the end of a trilogy which focuses more on his Southern Black American roots, rather than his African roots.

"The project is a mix of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and house music. These are all the influences I've experienced growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida. If I had to sum up the album in a couple of words, I would say Pan-African Black American music!"

While I write and tune in to it, I can hear all of the influences, but most tracks move along the funkier jazz progressive sound which make for a delightful listen. The first single, "The Boom Bap" featuring emcees Fresh Daily and Black Spade allow the melodic yet hard core vibe of Classic's production to be the perfect backdrop to paint their lyrical niceness. Pre-orders of the album are available now! Support it!

October 4, 2013

WSLE Soundscape Radio is Coming Back!

Six years ago, I fervently set out to create a movement I deemed necessary for my community and the city of Tampa where I live. Producing a platform for health and wellness - together with showcasing various independent musicians was the overall mission. The Vision took form as Soul Lessons Entertainment (SLE). With more passion than know how, my attempts to garner support for this Vision served to be challenging. Over the subsequent years, I experienced more setbacks than successes with life getting in the way - bringing what seemed like a barrage of letdowns and disappointments. I finally called it quits! Even though I still had the desire in my heart, I didn’t take the actions to pursue it in spite of all the obstacles, which is one of the most important factors when seeing your dreams through: DETERMINATION! 

Today, I have a more defined purpose of what SLE represents moving forward. I know there will be challenges, they are inevitable and must be overcome to realize the mission of the movement I envisioned for all these years. So get ready for what’s about to come! Allow me to reacquaint you with WSLE Soundscape Radio, SLE’s podcast. It’ll be a year come October 18th since my last one, but we’ll return with a collection of new and old vibes for your listening pleasure. 

Mr. Wells

October 18, 2012

WSLE Soundscape Radio: Diversified

No matter what, I going to keep my promise of being consistent. Didn't get to mix this out fully the way I normally do, but it still sounds good! Sorry no download link this time, but enjoy it all the same still. Don't forget to like the page on Facebook: Soul Lessons Entertainment and follow me on Twitter @mysoullessons and share the vibe with a friend.


1. Skyzoo – Drew & Derwin
2. Rapper Big Pooh – For Members Only
3. Vel The Wonder – Lizzy Love
4. AlexisDavis – The Lift Off
5. Kris Mars - Night Falls
6. Staycen X Koen - Never Too Late
7. Breezy LoveJoy – Sadie
8. Lucille Ghatti – The Super Villain #2
9. Radio Galaxy – Feel Trip
10. Nicholas Ryan Gant – Liberty
11. Substantial - Neighborhood Watch (feat. Acem of Gods'Illa)
12. TingTryer - .38
13. Funkommunity – The Light
14. BMB aka WayneTweed - Amore
15. Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio ft Yasiin Bey (Pete Rock rmx)
16. Missoles - Under the Sun ft. Erik Rico (LAID S.O.U.L. rmx)
17. Gwen Bunn – Epitome

September 29, 2012

WSLE Soundscape Radio - The Movement Continues

Mr. Wells is back! Yeeeah! Let's pick up where I left off 1yr & 3 months ago with that good music for your mind, body and soul. A call to action has been served, so please respond accordingly. The turning of a new is about to unfold.

Spinnerty – Just Listen ft. John Robinson
Tall Black Guy - Who is He
Teri Tobin – Love Me
LaToiya Williams – This Love is Sweet
Diggs Duke – Patiently We Bloom
Mo Kolours – Temi
Paul White – The Punch Drummer
YG’z – Groove on (Pete Rock rmx)
Zhane – Request Line (rmx ft Queen Latifah)
Commentary/LL Cool J - Pink Cookies… (Easy Moe Bee rmx instrumental)
Sango – Sempre
Rochelle Jordan – Could’ve Been
Ana Tijoux - El Rey Solo (Feat. Curumin)
Proh Mic – Cosmic Beauty
Georgia Ann Muldrow - Kali Yuga
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Little Girl (Dakota’s Song)
Teresa Jenee - Tahitian Vanilla
I-Ced – Soldier Ready To Go Home
Skyzoo – The Ellis Wilson Painting

Download here

Twitter: @mysoullessons 
Facebook: Soul Lessons Entertainment

June 5, 2012

K15 - Note To Self #2

New music from one of London's finest producers, K15 - a short but chill groove entitled "Note to Self #2..." This follows his release of the very dope Theme Music For A Pariah EP, which if you haven't heard, I suggest you take a minute out to do so. "Note to Self #2..." is available for free download beginning today for a very limited time, so if you enjoy, make sure to head on over to his Soundcloud page to cop it and also hear more of his work.

K15 - Note to Self #2

May 18, 2012

Nicholas Ryan Gant - Promises (Quickview)

So many times since my absence from blogging, I'd thought of returning just to let my visitors know what I've been vibing to. Loads of great releases from singles to EPs & LPs, free releases and paid for gems that I've been inundated with, and all have truly been taking me a minute to get through. Finally after six weeks, I return with a notable mention - a rising underground voice that rightfully deserves his spotlight. Known as Ghetto_Falsetto via twitter, Arizona native, now New York resident, Nicholas Ryan Gant steps out on a good foot with his debut, Promises (5-22-12). Filled with that electro soul/hip hop fused sound that I've come to really appreciate, NRG wraps his soft crooning pipes around every key, bassline synth and drumbeat that surrounds him. NRG takes on relationships setting the sex filled tales aside and gives focus to one of past loves (New Day), change (Whirlwind), trust (Good Thing), freedom (Liberty) and of course promises (Promises). 

Leading off the album "Disclosure" kicks with a nice dub type vibe which sets the mood for NRG's introspective narrative, admitting to the world his flawed ways which in turn is damaging to his own self, but God has mercy on him despite that. "Good Thing" "Memory" and "Over Us/Convo With Queen Godis" with its house inspired groove all get the body moving, and NRG laces them all showcasing his controlled ranges which never slip considering the fact he sings in his upper register quite a bit throughout the album. 

Delivering thirteen tracks with only one to my dislike, NRG closes his gem outing with a superb track so vastly different from all the rest. "You Are" is a jazz lovers dream, backed by a beautifully played piano and NRG's caressing tone seems to set the stage for an EP or just a string of other works to come in a different direction. Upon first listen traditional R&B/Soul music fans may not get what NRG has crafted with his choice of production, but for those of us who follow the sound, Promises is a love story descriptive of all its wins and fails which in a whole doesn't fail. You can stream "Memory" and "Over Us/Convo With Queen Godis" with it's house inspired style here, and if that's not convincing enough with respect for the artist, I've provided snippets of two others. "Thought of You" which sounds like Pete Rock may have produced it and the beautiful "You Are." Thank you Nicholas for gifting me. You will get supported. I encourage you all to do the same.       

Nicholas Ryan Gant - Thought of You ft. Marion Ross (snippet)

Nicholas Ryan Gant - You Are (Snippet)