April 14, 2010

Castle - Out There EP

Greensboro, NC representative, Castle shot me an email last month introducing his music to me. I've listened to the project twice now, and I'm pleased with the brotha's efforts. Both emcee and producer, Castle compiled the 7 song Out There EP and presented Hip Hop with a quality piece of work. As explained by Castle himself, "This is a short project I have been put off completing for the past three years. After getting my hands on a new mic, I figured I would try my hand at completing it again, this being the result." Well, the new mic did justice! Castle's baritone laced lyrical content blends perfectly with his sonic sound. He rhymes on "So Tired," "Your money can't be healthy if your life is so ill. And I'm sick to my stomach with this hand that fate deals." Simple, but valuably true! With the over abundance of b.s broadcasting via mainstream radio and the internet as well, it's good to know that there is talent in the game embodying the beginnings of the art form and keeping it alive. Peep one of my favorites below, then go download the project here. Sorry I took so long, but respect & success to you Castle!


Castle - Feelin' Good
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