February 5, 2011

Jinx - U ft. Monica Delgado

The south may be known for the dirty and cruck sound, but there are natives that don't get into it. Miami bred now Tampa resident, producer/emcee Jinx is one who doesn't. Aside from knowing dude personally, I truley appreciate his style which is very remeniscent of many from the Golden era. Conscious rhymes, lyrics and dope beats is Jinx's M.O. With "U," this high energy joint forces you to do just what the hook calls you to do "Lose It." The first time I heard it was last Saturday when he and Monica performed it live @ Crowbar. When the beat dropped, I couldn't resist a strong head nod. I'd been holding on to his mixtape, The Pursuit of... (Which "U" doens't appear) for a min now and finally got around to it this past week. Comprised of 18 joints ft. production from Jinx, Funkghost and Mike Mass and apperances by Dynasty, Ms Bronx and Ron Marks, it's a well composed album worthy of your listening pleasure.  

Jinx - U ft Monica Delgado

Jinx - Catch Your Breath ft Ron Marks
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