March 8, 2011

Adraboo and Action Jackson are Fly Moon Royalty

This just in! Sportn’ Life Records recently signed a new act: Fly Moon Royalty. Consisting of Action Jackson and vocalist, Adraboo, the Seattle duo enters the game with a sound that contends with the likes of J Davey, Heavy and Gnarles BarkleyFly Moon Royalty show appreciation for an assortment of music with their self-titled 10-track LP. It's a modern day soulful, upbeat album with a unique combination of electro, hip hop, alternative vibes and a bit of the post punk era thrown in for good measure. The album is a free download, but for a very limited time, so check the sound and jump on it if you like. Peep two gems from the project below. Get it here.

Fly Moon Royalty - Android Love

Fly Moon Royalty - Do What You Say
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