April 13, 2011

Phony Ppl - If This is How Love Feels

The problem with good music is that there's so much of it out in the universe that it's virtually impossible to keep up with it all. I do my best to stay on top, but there comes many of times where I miss out on some incredible joints. Hence, I'm damn near 2 years late finding out about Brooklyn bred Phony Ppl. Consisting of 8 band members - ages ranging from 18-20 (maybe a year younger) come together to compose great songs, with a mixture of melodies and a hip hop flair that's NYC all the way. Hearing them today for the first time, I'm pleased to welcome their sound to my collection. Peep "If This is How Love Feels" below from their 09 free project WTF is Phonyland.

Phony Ppl - If This Is How Love Feels
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