August 25, 2011

Illus - Old Friends (DJ Johnny Juice rmx) (Video)

Can't say that I know much at all about emcee/illustrator & producer, Illus, but through this video, I've come to know of another emcee who is putting out honest music worthy of checking for. Building on the foundations of what made hip hop such an original genre, Illus reminisces about the days when the music was fun and good rhymes and good times were shared amongst friends. I truly enjoyed this video and credit all involved in the concept. Also gotta give it up to Paul Dateh on the hook. Dude has soul! Illus has a new album out entitled For Adam in addition to last years Feel Good Music. I encourage those of you who are fans of 80's hip hop to check dude out. You can start with the Feel Good Remixes produced by DJ Johnny Juice.
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