January 16, 2012

yU - I Believe ft Duff

"Today's a special day in remembrance of a man that resembled the spirit of a leader at a time where many just followed suit & went with the tide. Another example of how powerful the spoken word can be, changing the lives of many by something as simple as a thought; amplified by the tone of his voice. When I'm onstage, sometimes I think of Martin & Malcolm. I think of how they fueled their supporters with inspiration to push forward. I wrote "I Believe" at a time when I myself was going thru a lot, and was trying to fine tune my focus. Somehow after talking to my creator, & Charlie Ross (who lived in Okinawa, Japan at the time), I was given the music & this is what came from it." - yU 

"I Believe" comes from 2011's, The Earn. An album highly worthy of your support. Available here.

yU -  I Believe ft Duff

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