February 24, 2010

KeishaLeisha - Lay With Me

While I've been preparing for my upcoming event, I've not been able to peep who's new coming onto the scene as much as before. But staying connected with the right people sure has its benefits. So thanks to the good folks over at Usoulmag, I was put on to the warm soul sounds of KeishaLeisha. Hailing from Sauga City, Canada, these 25 year old twin sisters add to the wealth of talented independent/underground artists worldwide. Upon first listen to the featured song, it took me back to Floetry's "Getting Late". Not a bad comparison, but after checking out their myspace, I heard something more. Subtract the English accents and the spoken word, and you've got yourself a harmony that's tailored perfectly and sung with such uniformed passion. Peep the short but exquisite "My Life" with it's straight forward lyrics, then "Hold On" which the twins croon lovely over 9th Wonder's remix of Jay Z's "Fallen" off the American Wonder album. To be quite honest, all the tracks on their myspace are dope! I'm really excited about this group and the sound their bringing. Keep an eye out for them. But in case you forget, I'll be here to remind you. Support the artists.


KeishaLeisha - Lay With Me (produced by Slakah The Beatchild)
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