July 20, 2010

JD Green - Make It New

Louisville, Kentucky: A new voice in soul music is stirring up. Youthful and rich in tone, JD Green Soul fills your audio space with a sweet classically trained voice that personifies the elements of all things funky, jazzy and soulful. My introduction to JD came via a twitter following sometime last week. I held off for a minute before giving her work a good listen, but today, I am pleased to say my ears have been gently kissed by this graceful singer, poet and musician. Her 16 track debut, Diurnal Movements is a beautiful body of work touching on love, life, fun times and free spiritedness. Peep the gospel infused, soul inspired "Make it New" below. It's just a taste of many great tracks off her album. 

<a href="http://music.jdgreensoul.com/track/make-it-new-equinoxes-2">Make It New (Equinoxes) by JD Green</a>
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