July 9, 2010

Coultrain -I'll Be Around

To purveyors of good soul music, the name Coultrain shouldn't raise a questionable eye. But for the rest of the world who has yet to catch on to this sensational artist - get ready! We've featured Coultrain several times on the blog (see here), and we're giving him shine again simply because we love his music and we realize that people are still sleeping. His 2008 debut "The Adventures of Seymour Liberty" (now available) introduced a sound reminiscent of the classics. When R&B had soul and not filled with the current crock of pop overload. Here's a gem from 2001 sent to me via his manager. Pay attention to Coultrain's voice - its youthful tone which leads us up to the strength his exhibits nearly a decade later.

Coultrain - I'll Be Around






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