March 30, 2010

Aul Purpis - You Go To My Head

Blaak The 9th Man & Aul Purpis of 84 along with FATNICE (not shown) are bringing The Hip Hop Sound of Philadelphia to the masses. New to me, this super group of soulful brothers brought great delight to my ears upon first listen to their music. Classic hip hop inspired by the soul of James Brown and an era of great music, movies, literature and all things soul. The featured track "You Go To My Head" has Aul Purpis and Baby Blak cleverly delivering their odes to natures  high reaching green herb. Blaak provides the melodic backdrop, and Tanzania Lateef soothes the track with soft coos throughout. If you're a fan of the golden years of hip hop, then you won't be disappointed. 84 got that flavor! I'll definitely be on watch for these cats. Support dope indie music! Props to BB.

Aul Purpis - You Go To My Head ft. Baby Blak and Tanzania

March 22, 2010

Dezaray Dawn - Brand New

For the house heads out there, Dezaray Dawn drops a new single from her upcoming LP The Dawning dropping late spring. With its afro-beat drum intro "Brand New” takes me back to my Orlando years (early 90's) when house music was big in the club, and everyone was sweating it out on the dance floor freakin' some of the illest moves. Written by Dezaray and produced by Lil Dave of IllVibe Collective, this joint is sure to have your body swaying. For a limited time, you can download the track here, and if you don't have her debut EP Chameleon, please give it a spin and support her organic groove.

Dezaray Dawn - Brand New






March 16, 2010

Yahzarah - Why Doncha Call Me No More

Beware fella's, a woman scorned is nothing to play with. But to wish the pain on your daughter, now that's just foul. The long awaited single from DC's Yahzarah is finally here and she gets busy! From The Ballad of Purple St. James dropping on May 4th; the vibe on this cut is so 80's to me, which shows a step in a new direction from her previous works. Produced by Nicolay and Phonte of The Foreign Exchange fame along with a cast of talented musicians on drums (Lil' John Roberts), bass (Zo!) and electric guitar (Chris Boerner) this is the perfect track to reintroduce the world to the new FE signee. Download the joint for free, and prepare to feel a boost of energy from the moment you press play.    

FE Music/Yahzarah

Yahzarah - Why Doncha Call Me No More

Ivan Ice & Emay - Sounds Like

Emay shot me an email a few weeks back introducing himself and his upcoming project Sounds Like. I'd been very busy, so I'm really behind, but I gave it a listen just last week and for the most part was impressed with it. Part producer, part mc, Emay's flow is confident and a perfect fit for the cosmic layered boom bap production of Ivan Ice. Sometimes Emay comes across a bit complex and scientific in his subject matter, but overall his rhyme style is very straight forward making him easy to follow. Emay takes his craft seriously showing clear signs of his appreciation for the art of emceeing while Ivan recreates and pushes the sounds of the golden era throughout the project. Real hip-hop heads will respect this one! Check out the single entitled Ze Drums, which was produced by dutch producer Ivan Ice and co-produced by Emay, then peep my favorite Used to Sound Like. Support the free download of the EP here, and be on watch for more dope sounds from these two.

Ivan Ice & Emay - Ze Drums ft. C4

Ivan Ice & Emay - Used to Sound Like, Now

March 1, 2010

Peter Hadar - Full Time Lover (Official Video)

Back in January, we got the 1st single off Peter Hadar's upcoming album Taking off Victoria. Now here's the official video! Nice glamed out photo shoot concept. Peter keeps it vintage in appeal. Make sure to support the single if you haven't yet. Check for it here in addition to his other works.