July 6, 2011

Shameka Dwight - Gotta Go (Official Video)

Sometimes a click on an unknown link can lead you to something absolutely worth your while. Well, that's exactly what happened to me last night as I was reading down my twitter timeline. As one who is  always in search of new music, I was pleasantly surprised to tune my eardrums in to the beautiful sounds of southern songbird, Shameka Dwight. From the onset of her beginning note, it's quickly made clear that Shameka is a star in the making. At only 25 years old, with a voice and song that is sure to draw even the hardest cat in to her fold, in addition to the fact that she plays piano and guitar, Shameka brings a welcomed sound and heartfelt lyrics to the world of music.  She currently has two singles out, "Gotta Go" and "Start Again," which this tune was the first I'd heard from her and made me an instant fan. Peep the track below, support her work and be on the look out for her debut album, Lovelations due out this Fall.  

Shameka Dwight - Start Again
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