July 12, 2011

Zo! - ...Just Visiting Three

It was just last week upon receipt of my Dear Friends: An Evening w/The Foreign Exchange CD/DVD where I watched Phonte speak about this project, and today in my inbox there it was.  Zo! dropped his third installment of the ...Just Visiting series, and if you've followed from the beginning, you already know what to expect - pure musical bliss. Everyone's commenting about "Marzipan," which is no doubt a gem, but I really appreciate the jazzy vibe interpretation of  "Let it Go" in comparison to the funked out original by Pages. Give it a listen, then get yours here

Zo! - Let it Go ft Nicholas Ryan Gant


01. Black Cow feat. Phonte and Sy Smith
02. Let It Go feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
03. Driving feat. Sy Smith
04. Marzipan feat. Eric Roberson and Phonte
05. Everything She Wants feat. Phonte
06. Same Ole Love feat. Jeanne Jolly
07. Playing Your Game, Baby feat. Anthony David
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