December 30, 2011

Bashiri Asad - Running On Empty/ I Am 1

Over the past year plus some, I've become more acquainted with the warm and soulful sounds of Indianapolis native Bashiri Asad. The upbeat defining single, "I Am 1" brought him to my attention and caused me to seek out more. Since that time, I bought a few singles from his previous (I Am 1) and current project (The Space Between), but fell behind on posting anything about him. So let me say this, the brother is definitely one you need to have added to your collection. Bashiri reminds me of a young Luther Vandross! That's an automatic win for me. But Bashiri has great storytelling and song composition of his own that's well worth giving him your ear. I suggest you head on over to his bandcamp right now and idulge in some great soul music from an artist who's making moves toward becoming one of your favorites. 

Bashiri Asad - Running On Empty

Bashiri Asad - I Am 1

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