October 4, 2013

WSLE Soundscape Radio is Coming Back!

Six years ago, I fervently set out to create a movement I deemed necessary for my community and the city of Tampa where I live. Producing a platform for health and wellness - together with showcasing various independent musicians was the overall mission. The Vision took form as Soul Lessons Entertainment (SLE). With more passion than know how, my attempts to garner support for this Vision served to be challenging. Over the subsequent years, I experienced more setbacks than successes with life getting in the way - bringing what seemed like a barrage of letdowns and disappointments. I finally called it quits! Even though I still had the desire in my heart, I didn’t take the actions to pursue it in spite of all the obstacles, which is one of the most important factors when seeing your dreams through: DETERMINATION! 

Today, I have a more defined purpose of what SLE represents moving forward. I know there will be challenges, they are inevitable and must be overcome to realize the mission of the movement I envisioned for all these years. So get ready for what’s about to come! Allow me to reacquaint you with WSLE Soundscape Radio, SLE’s podcast. It’ll be a year come October 18th since my last one, but we’ll return with a collection of new and old vibes for your listening pleasure. 

Mr. Wells

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