October 14, 2010

Cutlass Reid - Synthesizer (Freestyle) Video

A few months back I received an email regarding an emcee from Norfolk, Virginia named Cutlass Reid. I'd never heard of him, so I was cautious considering some of the nonsense I regularly get. So I decided to click the link to the video and what  showcased was an honest reenactment of scenes from the classic movie Friday while Cutlass spat fire hunger darts to show his commitment to this rap ish. I was impressed! Unfortunately, I failed to post the video then and had forgotten about dude, but thankfully I was reminded of him two days ago with another email for his new video. Check this quick gem Cutlass kicks over Outkast's "Synthesizer." Sun does not disappoint! His "One Day At A Time" mixtape is in the finishing stages, so keep watch for my dude.

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