October 26, 2010

Tamara Wellons - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Video)

I get a little upset when I now come across an artist whose been doing their thing  years prior the current. With that said, allow me to introduce Tamara Wellons. She is one dope singer! House singer to be specific, but not limited to the genre. The Ivor, Virginia native is an exciting vocalist who is surely deserving of every success to come her path. Making her debut in 2003 with Introducing... and following her sophomore release, Life Is (2008), the singer, wife and mother of 3 has been working diligently to put out a new project entitled Songs For Janie which is inspired by Zora Neal Hurston's - “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”  

As many may know, the toughest of obstacles for an independent artist is attaining financing for their projects. Knowing this, Tamara is kindly reaching out to us for support to bring the project to fruition. Every little bit helps so please contribute via here. Until then, peep an exclusive behind the scenes look at Tamara Wellons compelling cover of Nirvana's - Smells Like Teen Spirit in the video above. Enjoy it, and get to know more about Tamara Wellons via her sites. 

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