October 14, 2010

Roddy Rod - Cuba After Market 2

What makes a producer great? The fact that he can stretch his sound and make music that shows his range and appreciation for other types of music. DJ Roddy Rod of the Low Budget Crew has taken the sounds of Cuba and made an interesting fusion of hip hop, dub and electronic latin dance flavors. Had I not known it was Roddy Rod, I would've easily mistaken the vibe for that of a UK producer. I bought this project sound unheard in addition to not having part 1, but I do have 08's Blunt Park Sessions which is straight up hip hop. After a few listens I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this album. Peep two bangers from the project below then head on over to itunes & support the album.

Roddy Rod - Let The Rain Fall ft Nicholas Ryan Gant

Roddy Rod - Semi-Queasy
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