November 17, 2010

Opolopo - Voltage Controlled

Tokyo Dawn Records is back with another eclectic project. This time Swedish synth composer Opolopo presents his electro, funk - boogie album, "Voltage Controlled Feelings." The album has a futuristic sound, yet it captures the feeling of the late 70's and early eighties sounds which reminds me of my youthful days back in Brooklyn N.Y. Features include L.A. vocalist Erik Rico, UK acid jazz hit singer Farah, Toronto-based jazz vocalist Sacha Williamson and Stockholm-based oral transmorpher of sounds and words Amalia 'Miz Fuze' Townsend. The project's release date is December 3rd, but you can get a taste of it below as well as the mixtape here.

Opolopo - The Singularity

Opolopo - Bonafide ft Amalia
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