November 15, 2010

Coultrain - While She Was Sleeping

Last week when this project dropped, it was capped at 100 downloads. Well, fortunately for those who missed like myself, Coultrain put it up himself to allow for more, new and old to get aquainted or reaquainted with his music. If you're a true fan of Coultrain, then this will serve as a refresher to what you already know. But if you're new, then you're in for a musical blessing. DJ Limelight puts together a short but nice collection of Coultrain's work from features with Hawthore Headhunters, Daru Jones, his debut "The Adventures of Seymour Liberty" and joints from his most recent work, "GodMustBeABoogieman." I encourage all new ears to behold this man. He is without a doubt, one to watch for years to come. Press play and let the adventure begin. 

Coultrain & DJ Limelight - While She Was Sleeping






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