May 31, 2011

SomeOthaShip 2011 Compilation

Spearheaded by the talents of Georgia Ann Muldrow & Dudley Perkins, the two proudly present in support of their new website, the SomeOthaShip 2011 Compilation. With a roster boasting 12 varied artists, SOS is set to bring consciousness combined with funk, jazz and soul to the forefront. I rocked this album 3 times in the whip to give it a proper listen before I decided to speak on it, and the results, minus a few misses - are worthy pieces of artistry that exemplify the work of a team that's deeply in tune with the sound they create and put forth into the world. It's without a doubt in my opinion that SOS will be one of the leading labels of modern day funk along with being bearers of truth bringing light to the dark. Peep two of my favorites below then rush on over and get your free dl of the project. 

Riff Raff - Tell 'Em

Shana Jenson Muldrow - Just For You
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