May 15, 2011

Ishe & Hezekiah Project: Album Snippets

The long awaited Ishe & Hezekiah Project presents roughly 10 minutes of snippets from the forthcoming album. With less than 3 weeks away from its release, June 1, my anxiety has slightly been put to ease after hearing this preview. As mentioned in my previous post about the soulful duo, "Can We" & "Paradise" are gems to listen out for, but "So Official" & "Pressure" are sure to capture your ear and move your soul. Put your dollars to the side in support of this album. Good music always makes the day go better. 



1. So Official
2. Go Get It
3. Stand Guard
4. Dope Game
5. Paradise
6. Opportunity
7. EZ Your Mind
8. Can We
9. Pressure ft. Range Da Messenger
10. Hold On
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