May 13, 2011

Tall Black Guy - Therapy Chop Sessions EP

Now that Blogger's back up from whatever they were going through, let's get into some music. On the last episode of WSLE Soundscape Radio, super producer Tall Black Guy mentioned that he was working on some graphics for an EP he'd be putting out. Well, here it is! The Therapy Chop Sessions EP is a collection of 6 instrumentals combining hip hop, soul and jazz fusion style beats perfect for ridin' or just lounging. Inspired by The Beat Inn music collective, TBG is just revealing a sample of what's to come. For me, it was a toss up between the track below and "Enter (rain)" as my favorite, so peep "Blak & Mild" then head on over to his site, support his craft and establish your own favorite.

Tall Black Guy - Blak & Mild
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