June 17, 2011

WSLE Soundscape Radio: Miles Bonny - More Than Music

Me and the multi-talented, Miles Bonny talk about his upcoming debut album on Melting Pot Music, Lumberjack Soul dropping June 24, 2011. The Kansas City representative shares with me his views about his music, his family, vegetarianism, and his strong passion for social activism. This interview really goes in and shows the depth of Miles' character, so tune in now, become aware and vibe out to his soulful sounds.


Miles Bonny - Bucktown V2.0
Pete Rock & 9th Wonder (instrumental)
Diamond District - Streets Won’t Let Me Chill (instrumental)
Miles Bonny - Words (I Love You)
Spectac & Amiri - My God (instrumental)
DJ Premier (instrumental)
Sinitus Tempo - Shing02 Luv Sic pt. 5 (remix instrumental)
Miles Bonny - Learning To Fly
Sinitus Tempo - Shing02 Luv Sic pt. 5 (remix instrumental)
Fisto & Soul Square - Erreur De Casting (instrumental)
Willie Evans Jr. - BlackBlack (NoTakeBack) (instrumental)
Jay Dee - Love (A thing of the past) (instrumental)
Reggie B & Miles Bonny - Summertime Fun
The Velvet Gentlemen - Brighter (instrumental)
5017 (instrumental)
Vanilla - 27 Whisper (instrumental)
Flying Lotus - Melt (instrumental)
Concept - Determination (instrumental)
Masterclass - A Time (instrumental)
74Miles Away ft Miles Bonny & Ahu - Same Dream Again
Raekwon - Ice Water (instrumental)

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