June 2, 2011

Mara Hruby - The Panties (Video)

I have a confession! I passed on Mara Hruby when I first saw her on bandcamp last year. Can't say why. Just did. But call it fate that I'd eventually take notice. Earlier this year, she found her way into my ear space via her video for Bob Marley's "Is This Love." Covering the massive tune with a soothing angelic vocal combined with an irresistible look - tall, lean and simply sexy, Mara is steadily working her way up the ranks of the romantic movement. Premiering today, she returns with another video from her debut, "From Her Eyes." "The Panties" is a cover of Mos Def's sultry banger of the same name, and in the video directed by Jesse Boykins , we are treated to a playful yet innocent tease of Mara's sensual side. As I watched it, I wish JBIII would've keep a clean focus on Mara, but for the sake of creative expression, I won't complain. Enjoy, and keep your eyes and ears open for more Mara Hruby
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