September 22, 2011

Columbia Nights - Stormy Weather

Earlier today, I held a very heavy heart due to the unjust murder of Troy Davis. I wasn't going to post anything because of this, but an email of a new twitter follow changed my mind. @Columbia_Nights is now following you (@mysoullessons). Consisting of co-producers and former bandmates John E Daise and Hayling Price (Philly) along with vocalist Sarai Abdul-Malik (D.C), Columbia Nights came together over their love for vinyl, laughter and Thai iced tea.

Completely new to me, which is always great, their cover of Little Dragon's - Stormy Weather is an equally blissful and serene rendition of the original. With Sarai's voice able to stand on it's own in comparison to LD's, Yukimi Nagano, she sounds so welcoming over the electro-souled out production of John and Hayling.

Based in Washington, D.C, the trio has taken almost two years, studying and perfecting their craft to prepare the world for their forthcoming debut. I for sure will be checking for them! Make sure you get on board too. Young black souls sharing their gift of music is always a beautiful thing, and being friends at that only makes it more genuine. Thank you Columbia Nights for reaching out. 

Columbia Nights - Stormy Weather
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