August 31, 2011

Torae - Do The Math

I'm sure just as I have, you've sat and pondered the what ifs and the where woulds about different situations and persons we've come to know. And in doing so, we usually come to an inconclusive answer. Well, Coney Island, emcee Torae puts his what ifs and where woulds to paper on "Do The Math" and comes up with some pretty interesting outcomes. Produced by the Large Professor, this is the first single from his official debut "For The Record" dropping on 11-1-11. The track list features  production from the likes of DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Marco Polo, !llmind, Pete Rock, Diamond D, Buckwild, Nottz, Large Professor, Fatin (and Torae as well). Wheeew! Sounds like this joint is gonna be bananas! Enjoy!

Torae - Do The Math

August 30, 2011

DTMD - You

I first heard PG County duo, DTMD right around March of last year. The Basics EP kicked things off for me. The 6 song ep was a great introduction to a group who took me back to that feel good time in hip hop. In addition, I found their name quite interesting as it bares in similarity to that of well known 80's super-duo EPMD. Consisting of producer, Dunc and emcee, ToineMello Music Group continues to feed the interstreets and souls of music lovers worldwide with this revisited joint from DTMD. "You" comes from The Basics Ep and will also feature on their debut upcoming album Makin' Dollas set to drop on Sept 20th. The track is a smooth soulful gem where Toine gets loose and simply lets cats know to do whatever it is you do, as long as it's you. Nuff said! Get your download of the track plus a bonus gem entitled "Keep On" ft yU

DTMD - You

Darling Lure - Whistle While You Work

The 2nd leak from the forthcoming Darling Lure album, "Whistle While you Work" is a tale portraying the respective lives of two men on their journey to work and who are trying to move stress-free throughout all the negatives that arise within the day. Darling Lure will be dropping Sept. 13th on All Natural Inc

Darling Lure - Whistle While You Work

August 29, 2011

Kensaye: Amy Winehouse- Rehab ( Kensaye rmx)

London based producer Kensaye Russell hit me with an email introducing me to his fly remix of the mega hit "Rehab" from fallen great, Amy Winehouse. I can't begin to describe how dope this remix is! Kenysae describes it as soulful weirdness, and I second that. A few soft keys set the mood, then Kensaye flips it and goes full speed into a blissful body grooving vibe. Be sure to look him up as he is also part of a group, K.I Project . I believe he's going to be a producer you're going to hear much more from in the near future.  

Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Kensaye rmx) 

August 28, 2011

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Owed to Mama Ricki (Preview)

LA native, singer/songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist, Georgia Anne Muldrow is constantly pushing her creative juices and putting out work that shows every new dimension of the woman she is. G.A.M this time around gets us ready for a dose of her funked out bluesy, deep soul vibe on her forthcoming album "Owed to Mama Ricki" - an album inspired by and dedicated to her amazing mother, singer/songwriter/author and more Rickie Byars Beckwith. Based on the samples I've previewed via Animated Cartunes,  G.A.M has another gem to add to her vast catalogue. Peep the tribal funk snippet of "All is All" below. The lead single, "More & More" ft Bilal should drop in its entirety sometime next month. Be sure to take advantage of the pre-sale cost of only $6.99 (plus $4.99 S&H) before the album drops 11-1-11. 

Georgia Anne Muldrow - All in All

August 25, 2011

Illus - Old Friends (DJ Johnny Juice rmx) (Video)

Can't say that I know much at all about emcee/illustrator & producer, Illus, but through this video, I've come to know of another emcee who is putting out honest music worthy of checking for. Building on the foundations of what made hip hop such an original genre, Illus reminisces about the days when the music was fun and good rhymes and good times were shared amongst friends. I truly enjoyed this video and credit all involved in the concept. Also gotta give it up to Paul Dateh on the hook. Dude has soul! Illus has a new album out entitled For Adam in addition to last years Feel Good Music. I encourage those of you who are fans of 80's hip hop to check dude out. You can start with the Feel Good Remixes produced by DJ Johnny Juice.

Maimouna Youssef - I Got A Man

The first time I heard of singer/songwriter/emcee & poet, Maimouna Youssef was on the pulsating heat rock “Don’t Feel Right” from The legendary Roots crew. Fast forward five years and the last time I heard from her was right around the beginning of the year on a single she did called "I See You." She dropped an EP back in March called Black Magic Woman that I slept on. Now when you put all this together Mumu Fresh as she is also known prepares us for her debut, The Blooming due in late September 2011. Leading off the album with a mellow groove entitled "I Got A Man" Maimouna sings her sorrows of how torn she is between her man and the good friend she has that knows her so well . Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, this is very relatable song for a lot of females and even guys who have gone Half Crazy about a relationship. 

Maimouna Youssef - I Got A Man

August 24, 2011

Phonte - Not Here Anymore ft eLZHi

When Phonte announced at the beginning of the month that his much anticipated solo debut Charity Starts At Home will be dropping on September 27, mixed reactions where felt. Core fans (hip hop heads) said they don't want to hear the singing Phonte and others like myself, who appreciate his versatility expect a combination of both. Well to please both audiences, and smear a shit stain on the lips who said he went soft, Mr. Coleman "took it back to when he be in the park and rhymes 'til he couldn't see in the dark" over a fresh 9th Wonder vibe with his first single, "Not Here Anymore." He brings along the syllable sensei, Elzhi who always rips to close out this gem. And for those who were looking for Drake to complete the trio formed on Think Good Thoughts, you can only guess what the story was there. Would've been interesting to hear, but Phonte relies on merit and not on a big name feature. Either way, enjoy this banger and make sure to support Charity Starts At Home on 9/27. 

Phonte - Not Here Anymore ft eLZHi

August 23, 2011

Paul White - Trust ft. Guilty Simpson

With so much dope music releasing , it's almost to the point I have to give up a couple of meals to support everyone I'm diggin'. I'm already losing weight from stress; can't afford to give up another pound due to the music I love. The new Paul White album, Rapping With Paul White just dropped over the weekend, and it's a very interesting listen. The London based producer definitely has a sound that's unlike others. There are obvious Dilla influences when it comes to that spacey vibe, but Paul keeps his beats and overall production unique with no aim to replicate. Featuring vocals from Detroit emcees, Guilty Simpson, Marv Won and  Danny Boy in addition to Homeboy Sandman and a few others, Rapping With Paul White will capture the ears of the more eclectic listener.  Check out below one of the gems Paul has so graciously offered up for free.

Paul White - Trust ft. Guilty Simpson

Oddisee - Still Doing It ft yU

Since his move to Brooklyn, NY last year October, Washington, DC native - emcee/producer, Oddisee spent his summer being very productive.  Inspired by the city and it's many parks as well as the classic Blackbirds original, Oddisee was reminded of his hometown park, Rock Creek Park and the many memories shared there. The 10 track album is a collection of instrumentals all with a story to tell, and from the songs I've streamed thus far, it's a must cop! Really feeling "Scenic Route to You". Peep below the only vocal track featuring his DC brethren yU. Love how he incorporated the Bob James - Nautilus sample.   

Oddisee - Still Doing It ft. yU

August 22, 2011

Ahmed Sirour: Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Ahmed Cold Remix)

Now that school's back in session, time is limited, so not much will be expressed in my posts. This is a real cool remix of the famed song, Eleanor Rigby (a.k.a, All The Lonely People) by The Beatles courtesy of Brooklyn's rising producer, Ahmed Sirour. Ahmed tones out the classical sounds of the violin and other strings instruments in the original and provides a grooving tempo over some soft conga drums. Make sure to download your copy and be sure to check out more works from Ahmed on his bandcamp page. 

Ahmed Sirour: Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Ahmed's Cold Remix)

August 20, 2011

Eric Roberson ft. Chubb Rock - Summertime Anthem (Video)

The first single to release from Eric Roberson's forthcoming 8th album, Mr. Nice Guy - "Summertime Anthem" gets the video treatment. Eric takes the concept straight from Spike Lee's classic, Do The Right Thing and features Chubb Rock as Radio Raheem dropping a quick 16 to add to the feel good joint. Looks like the crew had lots of fun! And if one gem wasn't enough, Erro followed up with the 2nd single, "Picture Perfect" ft Phonte. Mr. Nice Guy drops sometime in September and thus far sounds like it's going to be another win for the #1IndieHustler.  

Eric Roberson ft Phonte - Picture Perfect

August 18, 2011

Miss Laidlaw - With You

It was just monday after listening to Reggie B's, The Traveler that I thought about UK based producer Miss Laidlaw aka The Beatmaking Housewife. I'll be quite honest, I know very little about her. The first time I recall hearing her name was via the stunning "Messenger of the Sun" ft Xei. Since then, I picked up another incredible joint she produced featuring Reggie B called "Your Ways" and now a cool gem she posted to her soundcloud page almost two weeks ago. Peep it below along with "Your Ways" and let's hope for some more dope music from her in the near future.

Miss Laid Law - Your Ways ft Reggie B

August 17, 2011

J-Live - A Day in The Life

Gearing up for his 5th studio release, S.P.T.A dropping September, 27, NY's own J-Live delivers his rendition of the 92' banger from Diamond D's - Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop: A Day in The Life ft. Lord Jamar and Sadat X. J-live sticks to the original vibe, but adds his own triple threat presence to each verse and pays the song a solid reawakening. If you're not up on the original, peep it here. Also, check out his latest mixtape: The Live Identity the first of a 3 part series.   

J-Live - A Day in The Life (Brand Nubian Cover)

August 10, 2011

Darling Lure - Melodic Healing

The long awaited album by Darling Lure (Primeridian and Tall Black Guy) is just weeks away from a release (Sept. 13th). This is big news people! Setting the bar very high with the trunk rattling gem titled "Melodic Healing," a personal favorite of mine Darling Lure is without a doubt going to continue to bring the heat as we prepare to exit this Summer. Dropping on All Natural Inc,  the 13 track set is filled with TBG's signature bass filled production and the insightful rhymes of Simeon (also on the horns) Viltz & Race. Make sure to mark your calendar - Sept 13th, and keep watch for more. Oh, wait 'til you hear "Let's Go" and "Change The Meridian." Shout outs to Shev Rock on vocals.

Darling Lure - Melodic Healing

August 7, 2011

Tracy Cruz - Love's Galaxy (Video)

Neo-Soul vocalist, Tracy Cruz easily won me over back in 09' when I first heard her jam "Emotional Love". The vibe was so infectious, I couldn't resist a strong head bob and a sway in my body as I sang along with the chorus. Well, it's been almost 3 years since I last heard from the Cali based songbird and now she's back with another groovy gem "Love's Galaxy" from her sophomore project Universoul Symphony. Tracy is sure to win her fans over with this new cosmic-soul vibe in which she talks about a place where lovers can meet and just be free of all the stress and frustrations in their lives. Thank you Tracy for letting me know. Enjoy this and support the album. 

August 5, 2011

Reggie B - The Celeste (Video)

Look up the word "Celeste" and you'll come upon a number of persons names, food brands, musical instruments and films, but none that fits the description of the heavenly potion the enticing vixen uses to catch her prey in Reggie B's new video, The Celeste. As BBD once said, "Never trust a big butt and a smile." Unfortunately, some dudes still fall sucker to a cute face and a thick shape ultimately to end up in a world of trouble. But then you have the exceptions like Reggie B who recognizes game and flips the script in his favor. Gotta love the mischievous grin he puts on at the end. His album The Traveler is available here, here & here.

August 4, 2011

Black Violin - Triumph (Video)

Kev Marcus and Wil B may not be the typical cats you often see playing the violin, but let it be known, that look is forever changed. Better known as Black Violin, the Florida natives have been blessing crowds all over the world with their incredible violin mastery since the early 2000's. So sad that this is my first time ever hearing their name. A mistype in YouTube brought me to the duo's recent video, Triumph, and from the moment the cinematic sounds of scurrying strings played through my speakers, I was hook. Kev and Wil take the violin - which most acquaint with classical music and combine a daunting array of musical styles and influences to produce one hell of a signature sound. With influences ranging from Shostakovich and Bach to Nas and Jay-Z, they break all the rules, blending the classical with the modern to create something audibly and visually compelling. Black Violin revokes the labels regularly placed on artists and their music and effortlessly go in on their craft as you will witness in the video. Get to know them a little more here. 

August 1, 2011

Roy Ayers Interview with Out Da Box TV

With the Roy Ayers Project building up awareness around the net, Out Da Box TV brings us a very special episode with the music legend himself, Roy Ayers. ODBTV caught up with the 70 years young, Mr. Ayers while in N.Y and talked about a number of topics, most important - the sampling of his music by hip hop and R&B acts, commercialism of music, and his latest album "King of The Vibes."