August 13, 2010

The Bilal - Moovmnt Interview (Video)

I had the pleasure back in late 01' to have seen the man known as Bilal in concert at a venue in ATL. Dude had the crowd going when he sang "Sometimes," and I knew outside of his incredible debut, First Born Second being the smash that it was and still is, dude was about to set a blaze in the music industry. Since that time, Bilal has gone through a serious phase in his life and he discusses it with the crew over at Moovmnt. The interview is a little over 18 mins, but it's very compelling and moving, and you get a personal feeling about this zany yet intriguing character an artist. His new album, Airtight's Revenge is due out next month on the 14, and is available now for pre-order via Amazon. Respect and all the best to Bilal. 
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