August 31, 2010

Tall Black Guy Vs. Michael Jackson

Just happened to spot this on my FB page, so without a doubt it gets a post. If you don't know who Tall Black Guy Productions is start here, then continue on to the Sonic Music - 80's Babies project, ft. Dee Jackson on the rhyme and several other guest appearances. You'll soon come to find out that dude is ill with the beats.

Didn't give this a full listen, just skimmed through it real quick - but from what I've heard, it goes! Boom Bap and Soul heavy. Get ready to rock a neck-brace following listening. Keep in the loop of more greatness to come by fanning him on FB, and  get your free dl of his latest project for free here. Peep a sample below. Big ups to Chaka B.

<a href="">04PimpMoFo(Beat It) by Tall Black Guy Productions</a>
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