August 6, 2010

Timeless Music: Marcelle & The Truth

I was chatting to upcoming R&B/Soul singer, Aniesia Williams via Facebook today. She told me about her forthcoming album, due out early 2011 and her working with Marcell & The Truth on the project. During our conversation, I didn't know who M&TT was, but after visiting his site and coming upon this interview, I soon remembered that I'd heard of M&TT and sure enough he is the TRUTH!

My introduction to M&TT came via my dude Soundnexx. It was his Ebony Souluette Mixx where I'd first heard Marcell and mistaken him for another soul singer, Lathum who'd been off the seen since 02'.

Marcell's soothing baritone is sure to win any soul music lover over. He's the voice of the grown man amongst a sea of youthful entertainers. A modern day Bill Withers, Freddie Jackson and Luther Vandross - touching on the thoughts of what's  meaningful and relative in order to add a sense of realness to everyday lives. I have yet to purchase both his debut, Hopes Too High and sophomore effort, Symbols (which received 5/5 stars courtesy Creative Loafing of ATL), but if the featured track below moves you as it does me, then spend your ten bones on this talented brother and spread the word amongst music lovers like yourself.

Marcell & The Truth - You Saved Me






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