October 13, 2011

Byron the Aquarius - Unreleased Menifesto

Not to many may know about keyboardist/producer, Byron the Aquarius but the Alabama native has been around and doing his thing since a boy. May sound bugged, but dude is only in his early twenties so it's not that hard to imagine. Over the past year I've come to know him having seen post here and there on the net about his production which in turn led me to his collaborative project, The Big Pay Back (2008) with french producer Onra. I've recently connected with Byron via Facebook and he's been putting me up on what's next in store from him. In the works and dropping real soon is The Cosmos Luxury Life LP. Also, Byron recently singed to Mr. Porter Productions (Eminem's producer) so expect to read his name within the liner notes of future projects coming out the D as well as around and abroad. 

To get you familiar with his sound, Byron decided to free up his hard drive and unleash a few beats and collaborative works from over the years for new and old fans to ride to. Enjoy and #T.A.L.K N.O.I.S.E

Byron The Aquarius - Untitled (track 3)

Byron the Aquarious - Untitled (track 6)
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