October 20, 2011

Naira - inkDREAMING ft. Young Scolla & D Julien (Video)

A few months back I was sent an email introducing me to Atlanta based recording artist, Naira. I don't remember exactly what the joint was, but I don't remember being moved by it. However, this go round Naira grabs my attention with this video for her latest single "inkDREAMING" ft Young Scolla & D. Julien. "inkDREAMING" comes off the See Me, See Trouble album which I'm gonna have to give a listen to now. "inkDREAMING" is what she calls the process of being lost in the pages of your mind and the ink with which you write the story of your life in song. I'm feeling the way the three convey their stories on this joint.  Make sure to check out the album for yourself. 
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