October 20, 2011

Spoken Thought - The Formula (Video)

During my initial viewing of this video by Miami based hip hop group, Spoken Thought, I contemplated  posting it simply because of the visual message. Despite that, the verbal message the group conveys is absolutely spot on with what's currently going on in commercial hip hop music. So many subsets of the music, but none truly original, nor inspiring and all are killing the art form and creating strife amongst each other trying to attain the magic formula for success. It's straight madness, and the video gives a simple yet straight forward portrayal of this.

Consisting of emcees, Joe Turman and Real Cypha, Spoken Thought's debut album, And So It Begins produced exclusively by Tony Galvin (Basic Vocab) was scheduled for a first quarter release, but for whatever reason it was pushed back 'til further notice. From what I heard of it via the sampler, it sounds like my kind of album. Another group that's bringing back the lyrics. 
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