October 19, 2011

Sarah White - Space Madness

Right around the latter part of 08', my knowledge of Minneapolis native, Sarah White was formed. The ill remix of "Fade" by J Todd got me hip to her vibe very quickly. I eventually copped the album, Hiding Blind - which was good, but a lot different from the single. Even still, the album displayed the work of an artist who's not afraid to experiment with a plethora of sounds. 

Three years later, Miss. White is back with her latest, Space Madness - a more cohesive style project that blends entrancing soul and electronic vibes which showcase Miss. White's vocal and songwriting abilities to a greater degree. With features from up and coming soul crooner, Nicholas Ryan Gant and Cecilia Stalin and production from Rico Simon Mendez (a.k.a. DJ Don Cuco), PoLo (PapaJazz), Teddy G and additional productions from Hadyn, Space Madness could be the record that gets her the attention she deserves. And to anyone not yet  familiar with her work, I believe Space Madness serves as a great introduction.    

Sarah White Sarah White - Limitless

Sarah White - Warrior ft Cecilia Stalin

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