March 13, 2012

Indigenous Soundwaves - Native Sun

First things first, shouts out to my dude, producer, Kensaye Russell for introducing me to this sensational duo. Indigenous Soundwaves consist of thought provoking emcee, Mohammed Yahya and the angelic soul of  singer/songwriter, Sarina Leah. The London based duo joined forces in 2010, melding Hip Hop and African rhythms with the aim of promoting a positive message of Universal Peace, Equality, Social Justice and Environmental Change. 

As individuals, I'm familiar with Sarina's voice via her work with producer, Eric Lau and Mohammed's - his Luvolution project as part of Blind Alphabetz. Together the two have assembled an album so soulfully harmonizing - rich in conscious content that perfectly blends Sarina's delightful vocals with a combination of Mohommed's english inflection and his native South East African tongue. "Gallery of Dreams" is my favorite at the moment, but don't sleep on "Senses" produced by Kensaye provided he introduced me. Albums like this I want to have on disc, so I'm going to hold off on the digital 'til then. Take a listen below and please do support.  

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