September 30, 2011


Choreographers, Tannos & Choice laid the inspiration for ISHE + HEZEKIAH's latest video "Hold On"with their very own creative dance video over SBTRKT'S joint of the same name. What a clever way to give exposure to two uniquely expressive art forms which compliments each other perfectly.

The track itself was remixed by the super-talented Georgia Anne Muldrow who beefs up the drums and gives it a more afro-beat type of feel. Down below is the original for you to hear the difference. If you have yet to cop or even hear the ISHE + HEZEKIAH PROJECT, peep it and support it here.


Kinny - 2546 Nice

Over the past two years, I've become more familiar with the independent UK label, Tru-Thoughts. With names like Natural Self, Wild Cookie, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Bellaruche and a host of others, I can attest to their niche for cultivating a diverse plate of great music. Now in operation for twelve years, they continue their formula of keeping the music first and the business second, which in turn creates a successful label and a place where artists can be themselves. With that said, I introduce to you, Canadian born vocalist, Kinny. A classically trained opera singer, Kinny found her true passion when lured in by the natural and free feeling vibes of jazz, reggae and soul. There's no doubt she made the right decision, cause after hearing her deep soulful voice cruising throughout your eardrums, there's no denying her gift. "2546 Nice" comes from her 09' debut album, Idle Forest of Chit Chat. Groove to the bouncy, bluesy and spacey vibe of Kinny.  

September 28, 2011

Tokyo Dawn Records Presents: Vindahl - Serendipity

Tokyo Dawn Records drops their latest project, Serendipity: an indie, electronic, disco & pop oriented sounds produced primarily by Ronni Vindahl. Due to numerous postponements, this has been a labor of over four years for Vindahl.  Serendipity combines the bold sounds Vindahl has created with lyrical insights from his work in philosophy and art galleries. I personally didn't feel this release as much as previous works from TDR as well as the work Vindahl has done with Boom Clap Bachelors, but you may feel different, so peep two of my personal favorites below, then head on over to the site to hear for self.

Ronni Vindahl - Head over Heels ft Coco of Quadron

Ronni Vindahl - Down

September 22, 2011

Columbia Nights - Stormy Weather

Earlier today, I held a very heavy heart due to the unjust murder of Troy Davis. I wasn't going to post anything because of this, but an email of a new twitter follow changed my mind. @Columbia_Nights is now following you (@mysoullessons). Consisting of co-producers and former bandmates John E Daise and Hayling Price (Philly) along with vocalist Sarai Abdul-Malik (D.C), Columbia Nights came together over their love for vinyl, laughter and Thai iced tea.

Completely new to me, which is always great, their cover of Little Dragon's - Stormy Weather is an equally blissful and serene rendition of the original. With Sarai's voice able to stand on it's own in comparison to LD's, Yukimi Nagano, she sounds so welcoming over the electro-souled out production of John and Hayling.

Based in Washington, D.C, the trio has taken almost two years, studying and perfecting their craft to prepare the world for their forthcoming debut. I for sure will be checking for them! Make sure you get on board too. Young black souls sharing their gift of music is always a beautiful thing, and being friends at that only makes it more genuine. Thank you Columbia Nights for reaching out. 

Columbia Nights - Stormy Weather

September 20, 2011

Justo - It's Our Year (Video)

Spotted on my twitter timeline courtesy of one of my favorite producers, Pete Rock - I'm thankful for getting put on to another dope emcee out of my hometown, Brooklyn, NY. Justo definitely knows what this rap game is all about and he breaks it down quite ill on his boom bap single, "It's Our Year". Produced by Vic Black of The Gang Starr Foundation, the track is reminiscent of that late 80's style of hip hop with lyrics to back. Kind of reminds me of Special Ed's - "Think About it." Deeming this to be a great start for the young Brooklynite emcee, I expect to hear nothing but heat coming from Justo. 

September 16, 2011

Mr. J.Medeiros - Saudade: Album Review

Your average hip hopper, most times will only expect but so much change from an artist and the sound that he/she has created. Now if the change is too drastic that project could start a number of conversations about how it was "whack" or "it was on some other ish" or "I don't know what the hell he/she was on when he/she made that." I'm guilty of having said this here and there and sometimes very prematurely. But sometimes I just can't get into it. So given what I just prefaced, you may be thinking "he's about to go in on this album." Your thoughts are absolutely wrong. 

The title: Saudade - it is of Portuguese origin, and although there is no true english translation it can be defined as a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for something or someone that one loves and which is apart. It often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return. 

Now judging from the sound & sentiments throughout Saudade, I'd have to say, Colorado native, Mr.J.Medeiros, the man/artist behind it all is yearning and/or has lost his connection with a number of facets within his life, or the experiences he speaks about have been related to him or witnessed first hand. I'm inclined to say a little of both but less of the latter.  Statements like "I lost touch/I cause much and never meant to" from "Fear & Safety"speaks volumes to conditions and what effects our decisions consciously and unconsciously can have. 

On tracks like "Nothing Without Providence" Medeiros spits, "Now I have got a voice, and it's a voice you're hearing now/leaving you the only choice to adhere or turn it out/to the message that I'm speaking and the providence I'm after, but I am not a leader, I'm a rapper." Considering the role fans have placed artist in, this is a powerful statement he makes. Despite record execs and higher ups looking at him as  just a rapper, Medeiros is clearly a messenger speaking on relevant issues in hopes of leading people to seek God and to stand for self.

Throughout Saudade, Medeiros fits in various styles of production to express the different emotions he conveys. Hip hop is the foundation but there's jazz, a little pop & electronic, ambient and some straight up head banging rock which surprised me on the track "Stand Down." No comment there, but what I will say is Medeiros put a lot of thought into how he wanted this project to come together. 

Let it be understood though, this album - regardless of what is heard sonically, listeners will have to sit  still and remain quiet to really understand the intricately woven words delivered by the at times quick rap flow of J.Medeiros. I'm a bit perplexed at times. Thank you for the lyrics!    

In the end, Saudade is a defining moment in the career of Mr.J.Medeiros. And as his second solo project via his De Medeiros LLC. he moves forward without limitations in creating honest music that needs to at least be heard more than once. 

Special thanks to Mr.J.Medeiros who gifted me his project some time ago and also for the lyrics

Mr.J.Medeiros - Serious ft Stro

Mr.J.Medeiros - So ft Kyle Gregory

September 14, 2011

Darling Lure (The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy) - Album Review

In the 95' hip hop classic, "Survival of the Fittest" by Mobb Deep, Prodigy leads off by stating "There's a war going on outside/no man is safe from..." and although he was talking about life in the streets, these words couldn't be any truer when looking at the war being fought within the music industry. Entertainers of all facets are faced with the evils that exits throughout, and sadly to those on the outside who admire the glitz and glamour - it's not so very appealing. And since so many of the popular ones are leaders along with radio and media programming praying on the minds of children and adults alike, there grows a cultish like community that seems sometimes unavoidable and impenetrable.

Having said that, there are forces of good putting in work to set a new standard and give the world something of substance. In steps the three man collective known as Darling Lure. Now if you're a fan of this blog or frequent from time to time, you'll find quit a few posts about producer, Tall Black Guy. The architect behind the soundscapes of Eighties Babies, BlacKeys/Circle of BlacKeys a plethora of instrumental projects and remixes, and now the mastermind behind the boards contributing to the illustrative verbal paintings of emcees Race & Simeon Viltz of The Primeridian.

Yesterday (9-13-11) marked the release of their self-titled debut album, Darling Lure - an assorted gem filled collection of 13 tracks addressing good times, spirituality, Chicago life, attack of the "real", domestic relations and much more. Joined by a few Chicago comrades and other respected artists from cities beyond, Darling Lure presents a cohesive project with the perfect balance of hypnotic beats and substantial rhymes to have the album in heavy rotation.

Since yesterday up 'til now, I haven't listened to anything else (w/the exception of some meditation music). I did that primarily to be able to review the album without bias. Now don't expect a breakdown of each song cause opinions will surely vary. But let me just start with the "Intro in The Mornin'" which opens the album with a highly interesting thought. Over what I think was inspired by the beat of Anthony David's, "Let me in," (maybe not), Tall Black Guy inserts two audio clips from a pastor and another speaker who both reveal a particular practice seriously plaguing pop culture - backwards and encoded messages that find way into the listeners subconscious causing them to believe or act out in ways not typical of ones normal behavior. Sounds strange? Well, it can also be very disturbing when you hear or see these messages played out for self. This intro sets the tone which in turn leads Race and Simeon to confront these practices without apology.

On tracks like "Change The Meridian" Race fires off on these candy land rappers who rhyme of false lifestyles stating: "Shell toes the only time you seen shells bro/and hell no these dudes and criminal or poppin' pistols the only time they pop lead/they was young poppin' pencils." No need to say names; just pick any one of your favorites and the sentiment fits. "Hang on" speaks to people of all life's and encourages them to hold on to those valuable lessons learned amidst the ignorance and wicked forever surrounding them.

Halfway through the contents lighten up a bit, bringing us to the stressless narrative, Whistle While You Work - the current fun spirited single from the project. You can peep the video for it here. Wasting no time shifting back to a more serious note, "Trust" ft. ADaD & G.G, with it's creepy like production  touches on predators of innocent women and men who physically and mentally instill fear and harm upon them through various deceitful measures, but also to trust in God and the greatness you envision.

Closing out the album is "Love Hurts," a short tale of how a connection between two was formed right up 'til the time when things go wrong and trust is lost. Sad? Yes, but the jazzy vibe Tall Black Guy produces eases the pain one may feel as they travel down the path of their lost love.

Coming in at right about 50 minutes, I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Darling Lure is a great debut pairing two of the dopest indie emcees with an equally dope producer whose soul purpose is to bring quality and sincerity to a genre and market lead by quantity and deception. Give it a listen and support these brothers.

Darling Lure - Take U There ft Yaw, Iomos Marad & Uncle Imani of The Pharcyde

Darling Lure - Change the Meridian ft Pugs Atomz

September 12, 2011

Daru Jones - Rusic Soul-Hop Records Vol. (Remixes)...

Since the early nineties, remixes of records specifically in hip hop and R&B has become a very popular task. Some of the best producers would work their magic - most times on a joint that's already pretty funky only to make it even funkier. Well, a lot has changed within the music, but the tradition continues on and my dude, drummer/producer, Daru Jones does a pretty good job remixing some of my favorite joints on his Rusic Soul-Hop Records Vol. 1 "A Spirit & Soul​-​Hop Sampler '11 Prelude." Daru takes on artists such as Dwele, Sa-Ra, Bilal, Beyonce, Usher, Ameri and others, placing his creative live production to their vocals creating a sound so very different from the original. This project serves as a prelude to where Daru left of in 09' with Spirit & Soul Hop Sampler, so if you don't have that, you already know what to do. Check out two gems from the project below. I can't even front on how he reworked that Faith joint. Crazy! Sounds like something James Brown would've got up on. You killed it sun! 

Faith Evans - You Gets no Love (Sonny mix)

Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl (Paradise mix)

ReneeDion - The City That Sleeps

If you have yet to catch on to the sure shot sounds of ReneeDion, it's time to wake up and inject your soul with some of her dope music. Six months after dropping her debut EP, The Rhapsody Inn, Renee returns with a sultry induced 8 song mixtape that elevates her vibe another stage forward. Her tone is increasingly alluring on this set and the production by The Liquid Crystal Project compliments her voice perfectly. This is just a teaser before the full length drops early next year, and Renee does a great job with holding your ear and leaving you yearning for more. Peep "Donna" below and make sure to get your free download

ReneeDion - Donna

September 9, 2011

Pete Philly - One

Netherlands producer, emcee, singer and writer, Pete Philly delivers a short but very soulful first single with One. This is the lead single from the album of the same title and it's nothing short of amazing! From the arrangement of the song, the beat-boxing, tribal feel and the tale of unification, leadership, faith and freedom, One scores big! I suggest you give it a couple of spins. Now press play!

September 8, 2011

Balance and Traveling Sound - Won't do (J Dilla tribute)

All Dilla fans should agree -  this right here shows pure respect and love. Los Angeles based band Balance and Traveling Sound does justice with this live rendition of one of many personal favs by J Dilla, Won't Do. This is the first gem off their upcoming album Departure dropping Sept 13th (next Tues). BTW, this is not their first. Peep 09's Travel Guide Vol.1 to get better acquainted. Another one to add to the gotta get list. 

DJ Rahdu - The Diamond Soul XXXperience: Summer's Gone

BamaLoveSoul presents, DJ Rahdu - The Diamond Soul XXXperience: Summer's Gone. Yo, this mix - to put it short is insane! DJ Rahdu creates an impressive playlist taking listeners on a musical odyssey which at the end will only leave you craving for more. Don't waste time reading the list below to see who you know; just press play or click download for your personal keep. 


Intro, Erykah Badu – Telephone (Freddie Joachim Remix) The Planty Herbs & Moods - Harlem Swag Royce Da 5’9 w/Geeman aka Grand Ear– Funk in the Hole, Boom! Funky DL – Son of a Brown Bomber Dotmatic – One Like Yoooo Boom Baptist – Left and Right (interlude remix) Charlie Peters – Searching for James River Ekundayo – D and Jello Bobby Blunt – My Life in the Sunshine Ishe & Hezekiah – Paradise K-Murdock - Breakadawn The Notorious B.I.G. – Kick in (terlude) the Door (Drewbyrd biggie Starr’s Remix) Question w/ The Notorious B.I.G. – First Juicy Notice AbJo/Raashan Ahmad – In Love with LeftCoastCruisin’ Applejac – Today feat Tonya Dyson Colonel Red – I Will Be There Tony Ozier – Back to the Mitten Quantic – Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang (Dre en Cumbia) Dr. Dre – the Next Episode Pt 2 feat Snoop Dogg (Daru Away Mix) Stac – All or Nothing (Kidkanevil Remix) Headnodic – Truth feat Destani Wolf & the Jazz Mafia horns Blu – K E E P U S H I N N Dennis Coffey – All Your Goodies Are Gone feat Mayer Hawthorne (Shigeto Remix) Rahsaan Patterson w/Richard Pryor – God Toro y Moi – Still Sound (Toby Tobias Moving Sound Remix) ELQ – Tron’d Out Floyd the Locsmif – Filthy and Horny Mathias Stubo – Don’t Look Down Little Dragon – Summertearz Eric Roberson – Summertime 2 (Salah Ananse Remix) Lazy Disco – More Tigers (Mirror People Remix) Afrolicious – Thursday Night Kinda Swing The Rurals – On My Way

September 7, 2011

DJ Needles - JazzyPhatNappy No.8

Dj Needles put together a nice little mix consisting of gems from over the past few years up to current vibes that I'm a big fan of. Featuring cuts from Jesse Boykins III, DTMD, Hawthorne Headhunters, Monica Blaire, Eric Roberson, Teresa Jenee, KING and more!!! Also known as Nodzilla, you can peep some of his remixes of some of your favorite joints via his soundcloud. Sorry no stream, but trust me you'll enjoy it. Click here for the free, and if you're on twitter, follow him to keep track of what's next to come.

September 6, 2011

J Bels Roxwell - Things Hoped For

What a surprise this is! J Bels Roxwell of 90's hip hop group YAGGFU FRONT returns to the scene  with a mellow soulful track from his forthcoming untitled EP. Things Hoped For produced by Moka Only is the first single in which J Bels expresses a spiritual journey - opening in letter form to his former group mates Spins and Damage. This is a huge example of progression in J Bels career and I look forward to hearing what he plans to share through his new music.   


Martian Luther - Extra Terrestrial Brother Vol 1

I took a chance and became a fan of Soul/Rock star Martin Luther back in late 04 when he dropped his album Rebel Soul Music. Circuit City had it for like 6 or 7 dollars at the time, so it wasn't a huge loss had I not liked it. Needless to say, the album captivated me with it's eclectic fusion of soul, rock and funk and embodied in those musical vibes were his views on love, politics, social commentary and his hometown, San Francisco, California. Since then, Martin has toured the world, released a live album, Live at Arlene's Grocery, performed on The Monique Show and has been working on his long awaited Love is The Hero album. To hold us over, Martin has released a collection of songs (16) he'd been sitting on from God knows when and from what I've listened to thus far, it's another solid work that needs to be heard. Featuring songs with 2Pac, George Clinton and Stic Man of Dead Prez, if you've never heard of Martin Luther, do as I did and take a chance. Listen and see what an incredible artist you've been missing out on.

Martian Luther - Fear or Faith Demo

Oddisee - Much Mattered ft Olivier Daysoul

What really matters in your life? Are you living to please others, spending your very last to stay in the spotlight, or are you clearly above all that? Oddisee drops his sentiments over a track that in truth wasn't meant for the Rock Creek Park album, but after looking back into his hard drive - having already completed nine songs for the project, he realized this was indeed meant for the album. Here is the vocal version featuring longtime collaborator Olivier Daysoul. Enjoy!

Oddisee - Mattered Much ft Olivier Daysoul

September 4, 2011

Kevin Sinatra - In my Soul (Video)

Va emcee, Kevin Sinatra drops his latest video for the first single, "In my Soul" off his unnamed forthcoming album. Kevin flows spirituality, self belief and black progression without coming off preachy throughout this joint, and in the video directed by Wesley Rose, he chronicles black struggle and achievement - past and present. Well done Wes! Produced by Curtis Tull (dude is ill), these two I feel will bring something very promising to hip hop when Kevin's debut drops. 

September 2, 2011

Jose James - Park Bench People ft AllSaints Basement Sessions (Video)

Minneapolis-born jazz singer and composer, José James is again taking on a new direction with his music. From his 08' traditional jazz debut The Dreamer to his more experimental sophomore project BlackMagic (2010), Jose doesn't seem to stick to any format. This video clearly illustrates what he is capable of and fans can only expect the smooth baritone crooner to deliver another record of varied appeal to the market. Currently, his latest single, Trouble is only available overseas. Not sure when it will hit the states, but when it does, make sure to support. Also, here's another gem entitled "Vicadin" he shared via his soundcloud page.