November 8, 2011

Dirg Gerner - Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima

The artist known as Dirg Gerner remains somewhat of a mystery to me. I first came to know of him back in September of 2010. Tokyo Dawn Records put me on courtesy of their compilation, The Heart. With a voice able to seize your spirit with an ad-lib or the use of just a few words, Dirg Gerner is soon to become one of the Uk's most wanted artist.  His forthcoming project, Preface EP, due out sometime soon will feature the likes of Rahel, Fatima and Olmino, and the sound will draw upon soul, jazz, latin, hip hop and more. Here's the first track - Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima. Opening with an odd pogo spring sound then moving into an eerie vibe, the track takes on a slow bouncy groove allowing Fatima's soulful voice to shine just as well. Keep your ears and eyes open for Dirg Gerner's - Preface Ep.  

Dirg Gerner - Rubies & Diamonds ft. Fatima

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