November 17, 2011

Proh Mic - Rhythm for Days

I spoke about Proh Mic in my post connected with the Hawthorne Headhunters, so it's only right I give shine to the man himself as he too has his album out in stores. Rhythm for Days is the official debut by emcee/producer Proh Mic. The West Seattle, Wa native has been putting in work for a few years now, and it's unfortunate that so many, myself included has just come to know of him. Right around late 2010 was when I got introduced to his vibe. Catch A Pisces, Cheesecake and Prohmita are three free albums I got put on to courtesy of BIFTK. Rawsome is another, which I don't have, but right now it's all about Rhythm For Days.

Released on Oct 25th via All Natural Inc, RFD took me on a musical journey back to the 80's while still finding current ground with original production, stellar song composition and a cast of superb indie talent. "Mothership" sets the tone of the album beginning with what sounds like an emergency bell, but is more of an activation sequence preparing listeners for the cosmic journey ahead. The multi-faceted Georgia Ann Muldrow is the first of several guest appearances. She sings a tale of lost knowledge ranging from black love, raising our children and cultivating our foods on "I Remember." Coultrain drops in on the funky club banger "Hit The Floor" The first of Proh Mics 80's renditions is "Don't Stop The Music" and "I Can't Wait" is the second - both easily placed me back in Brooklyn, NY jammin' on the block with my boom-box.

"Sleep In Girl" ft Tone Trezure, I'd have to say is my fave for now. Despite hearing it some time prior to the album's release, something about that deep bass-line groove and Trezure's distinctive voice will have me on repeat a few times. "Easy Luvin'" ft  Paolo Jean is another winner with its soulful-samba feel.

Outside of handling the production, Proh also contributes his share of lyrics throughout, but shines so bright on "Optimistic." Really feelin' the positive outlook he has on this track, and to add more to keep one salivating, Proh closes out the track with this is Busta Rhymes sample that's just fire! He told me via twitter, he believes there's an extended version on the physical cd. Well, I'm gonna have to order one in due time.

As this is not a review, but merely a quick glance into a really dope album from a very talented brotha, I say to you, check this album out and support it. I read on one of my acquaintances FB page that it's our responsibility as music seekers and lovers to promote and share the news of really incredible artists when we come to know about them. I'm doing me part, now you do yours. Proh Mic - Rhythm For Days is available now via itunes , amazon, and for the physical which includes a separate instrumentals disc, you can get that here.

Proh Mic - Whatcha Gonna Do ft Jessica Neal

Proh Mic - Don't Stop The Music

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