November 11, 2011

Dynasty - Forgive (Video)

Queens-bred femcee Dynasty drops a truly emotional tale about her absentee father and the trickle down affect it has had on her life as a grown woman today. As a father of four and one who only knew his own through pictures, I feel Dynasty's hurt. At 39 years of age, I often reflect on how lessons in my life would've been delt with differently had my father been there. In the end though, the will to "Forgive" allows the freedom to let go of the pain and live for the joy that is there for us all to gain. "Forgive" comes from Dynasty's latest effort, The Love Ep which is available today. With production from Jinx, Tall Black Guy, O.p. Supa and more, this is the next phase to come from an emcee that remains to thrive despite all diversity. Please be sure to support The Love Ep, and thank you Dy for a beautiful song and Darryl Richardson for a well conceived video!

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